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this is my main Let's Play channel. I've been doing Let's Plays for a little under 3 years now, and I enjoy doing it. I talk about whatever's on my mind. I play what I want to play but am not afraid to make the odd venture on out. I hope to be a big channel one day

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ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 #6: Swampy Quarry
we continue on through the pro circuit, and these other riders are a bunch of meanies. Maybe if I can get ahead of them, they'll stop kicking...
2018-07-16 2:00:04 PM ● 1 views ● 14:02
Super Mario Strikers #33 - Finale: Super Bowser Cup Part 8
the knockouts of the Super Bowser Cup are under way, and as has happened a couple times before, it seems we will be facing both Mario Bros. in...
2018-07-16 6:00:04 AM ● 6 views ● 18:08
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 #5: Professional Promotion
we move up to the professional level, and that means things will get harder, and the others will try and kick back this time, which means we'll...
2018-07-15 2:00:01 PM ● 7 views ● 12:50 100.00% liked
Super Mario Strikers #32: Super Bowser Cup Part 7
Waluigi has the top spot in the table secured for the knockouts but wants momentum going into said knockouts, but Peach(3rd) and Daisy(6th) aren't...
2018-07-15 6:00:02 AM ● 10 views ● 14:00 100.00% liked
we race through an industrial work area, filled with places to do tricks and potentially face plant, which the same of the latter can be said...
2018-07-14 2:00:01 PM ● 4 views ● 14:20
Waluigi faces off against the last place Super Team, and then Mario, who sits in 2nd on the table. Talk about a 180. Good thing the top spot...
2018-07-14 6:00:08 AM ● 7 views ● 14:50
we ride through the swamps in the career mode to improve our rank, and then later on, we head to the Arcade version to try and brave the swamp...
2018-07-13 2:00:02 PM ● 6 views ● 14:02
Super Mario Strikers #30: Super Bowser Cup Part 5
once more, Waluigi has to deal with Yoshi, who is near the bottom of the table, and then has to deal with Donkey Kong, who sits 3rd. Same level...
2018-07-13 6:00:04 AM ● 1 views ● 15:10
ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 #2: Newbie Things
our career will begin with some great tricks and combos, as well as kicking the other riders off their ATVs. My favorite part of the game to...
2018-07-12 2:00:01 PM ● 6 views ● 14:00
Super Mario Strikers #29: Super Bowser Cup Part 4
Waluigi and Daisy clash in a vital match atop the table, with Daisy trying to make up ground, and then his natural rival, Luigi, who sits 4th...
2018-07-12 6:00:10 AM ● 3 views ● 15:10