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Hello, My name is Alex. I am the main up-loader of safety boost. This channel if you are wondering is about team work, kindness and actually none of those. I just honestly like to make content for you guys and play anything that might make a good video. Sure I can be an idiot and 90% of the time I am, but hopefully you will enjoy the idiot in me like a true person. We play any games we feel like and we listen to you on what games to play next. Welcome to safety boost everyone.

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Minecraft Realistic Mansion Tour
This is just a one off video. I was in a mood to build a mansion the other day so i did. There will not be a tutorial Subscribe over on our stream...
2018-07-11 4:39:02 PM ● 9,447 views ● 1:56 93.20% liked
Minecraft (2011)
I'm Back!!
Meta 4Gaming Twitch: Meta4Gaming Youtube:
2018-06-09 7:49:22 AM ● 5,836 views ● 2:30 95.06% liked
Teen Titans Go | Official Movie Trailer
The animated film will feature the voice cast of the series, including Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Scott Menville as Robin, Khary Payton as Cyborg,...
2018-01-10 11:16:19 AM ● 3,774 views ● 1:24 35.96% liked
Well here it is!!
Thank you all for supporting this channel. If you like my content please go watch and subscribe to my other channel. Createin:
2017-10-29 5:21:55 PM ● 4,794 views ● 2:46 89.47% liked
Branch off Buildings!! Emerald Shores Episode 3
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2017-09-18 8:34:22 PM ● 6,634 views ● 14:16 98.28% liked
Apartment Interior: Emerald shores City
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2017-09-05 8:55:50 PM ● 6,272 views ● 21:05 97.08% liked
Welcome To "Emerald Shores" City!!
Welcome to a new city!1 This city will be done faster and more in a how to/ tutorial style compared to southlake. We can make bigger buildings...
2017-08-24 10:13:15 PM ● 11,683 views ● 18:55 96.19% liked
City Tour!! Building southlake City Episode 135
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2017-08-23 9:53:27 PM ● 9,250 views ● 18:39 98.56% liked
Minecraft Mini Mansion Tour!!
Like this mansion? which type of house do you want to see next? Subscribe over on our stream account: Second...
2017-08-21 9:11:16 PM ● 28,740 views ● 5:08 94.43% liked
Minecraft (2011)
How to Make Good Roads!! Minecraft City Building Tips
Want to know how to make good roads? Watch this video to find out how i make mine. What should I name my new city? Let me know in the comments...
2017-08-19 8:44:20 AM ● 34,687 views ● 10:21 98.56% liked
Minecraft (2011)