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Movies have been a great inspiration to me growing up from a small town. Wanting to just relax take my time to up the plastic from a DVD box. I remember a time where my dad would go rent VHS tapes from Hollywood Video. Just seeing those selections of movie genres would just simply make my weekend. Introducing me to genres such as: horror, drama, romantic, and thriller. Not to mention from time to time romantic comedies. Films have brought so much to my world that I choose to make trailer reactions, and sometimes movies reviews. Everyone wants to read a story or see a story adapted to film. That is the main reason that I choose to have my channel which is to connect with people. Talk about the trailers or films that I truly enjoy no matter what film genre.

Why not do something that you enjoy because we only get one life to live. To me film is my life, and so far its been such an enjoyment that I will continue on my journey. This is the whole meaning to what I want to do...

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