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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Switzerland based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoSwitzerland DaddyGamer Fred5,370Hughie's Dad Discovers His New Powers | The Boys S4:E50:52
8 hours agoSwitzerland SeroxPlayz3,700Medieval Dynasty 🏹 CO-OP E142: Nur noch Videos im Dezember14:48
9 hours agoSwitzerland C𝔸𝕄𝔼H𝔸𝕂𝕀𝕃𝕃2,310REMNANT 2 | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 | Boss Fight Verdorbener Verwüster [FULL GAME] PS5 2K13:11
9 hours agoSwitzerland Sin's Gaming Channel587Tired of X4? Let's Play... X3: Farnham's Legacy in 2024 (Part 1)!47:49
10 hours agoSwitzerland Kriensnet7,090OldtimAIR Flugparade Stanserhorn 20.07.20241:00:00
10 hours agoSwitzerland SUP€R*H€ROS 1,100RESIDENT EVIL 2 | C'EST L'HEURE DU DÎNER35:29
10 hours agoSwitzerland KeysJore1,370,000Nobody Wants To Die Gameplay German #05 - Reise in die Vergangenheit32:41
11 hours agoSwitzerland OMEGA406,000Speedmaster Moonwatch – Space-tested Resilience | OMEGA0:32
11 hours agoSwitzerland Mitsu Noh Games 133,000Taming de la Chance ! - ARK : Supreme #431:30
11 hours agoSwitzerland MikelTheSaiyan5,640KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE HD [#008] | Das Erwachen31:16
12 hours agoSwitzerland GAMES.CH5,880F1 Manager 2024 - Test: Mit eigenen Teams an die Pole-Position?8:33
13 hours agoSwitzerland Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou93,400Melodic Instr. Rock YOU! 🤘🎸1:00
14 hours agoSwitzerland Neax 24 Studio1,490The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on Original N6421:04
15 hours agoSwitzerland Professor Brain53Let's Play The Last Spell #097 Der "Last Spell"1:13:50
15 hours agoSwitzerland pytagus14,600Je me suis posé en ghost sur la verrière du 890 Jump et on se fait un petit coucou 😛0:33
18 hours agoSwitzerland Goonikon2,870👹 Let`s play Dota Underlords Top Meta Build Mage!35:16
18 hours agoSwitzerland UEFA4,510,000EURO 2024 Skill Showcase | Kvaratskhelia, Yamal, Bellingham...1:27
1 day agoSwitzerland Fritz Flitz48330m+ soft headshot1:49
1 day agoSwitzerland Mitsuownes146,000TEKKEN 8 (2024) Official Heihachi Mishima DLC REVEAL TRAILER!3:07
1 day agoSwitzerland Kingdom-Time73#gaming #eldenring mon premier boss vaincu sur le DLC facile0:27
1 day agoSwitzerland Taigersteel271Unision 2024 CMV 🔥 - Cinematic Cosplay Music Video1:53
1 day agoSwitzerland Playerz Only7,280Zocken sollte immer Priorität haben 😏 #gaming #shorts #gamer #meme #memes #gamingmemes #zocken0:05
1 day agoSwitzerland Chef Loukerio876Forza Horizon - Épisode 01 FR - Bienvenue au Festival Horizon !0:00
1 day agoSwitzerland Amir Aryas5,030دوبله سمی خدای جنگ ( پارت یک)😂🔥0:29
1 day agoSwitzerland Noob Jam430Soup Spectacular Episode | Ooblets | Part 3432:21
1 day agoSwitzerland MaDG iCiAn25Coop sur Don't Starve Together (feat. Shizzle Crouh') #23:23:35
1 day agoSwitzerland Boom Logo Effects31,800Pale Colors intro logo effects #logoeffect #introeffect #soundvariations0:49
1 day agoSwitzerland Nexxoss Gaming LP13,700Archaon der Feigling! 💎 Chaoskrieger Vilitch #04 💎 Let's Play Total War: Warhammer 31:16:40
1 day agoSwitzerland ThesaurusPG239,000200 IQ plays under water 💀0:27
1 day agoSwitzerland Tejino Gaming177⭐[Événement] Passe du temps avec une villageoise de Motonui - Disney Dreamlight Valley #disney0:23
1 day agoSwitzerland WartechnonLP50The First Descant teil 816:54
1 day agoSwitzerland Basel Brothers232Pro Club | EA FC 2459:59
1 day agoSwitzerland Heisenberch zockt25,000Transport Fever 2 S12/#12: Korrekturen bei der Food-Linie und Mitfahrt mit der ÖBB 1020 + Milchwagen34:21
1 day agoSwitzerland Under_Grunder252The Last Worker - Part 2: Die erste Schicht21:43
1 day agoSwitzerland MICRO.17,000Debut FOU en CHAMPIONS LEAGUE !| OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS #44🔵🔴⚪️ [FC24]24:17
1 day agoSwitzerland SoosKratoS5,730Comment voir le numéro de série de sa Xbox Series X? #tuto #tutoriel #aide #guide #xboxseriesx1:09
1 day agoSwitzerland shurkou TFT220,000I pushed Set 12's new Augment to the limit & hit a rare Easter Egg Cash Out. I had 18 active Traits.34:36
1 day agoSwitzerland SirGraf5,880More passion, more energy0:18
1 day agoSwitzerland Meianjū451Beginning Again #0 | Black Desert Online8:09:28
1 day agoSwitzerland Inconnu149Warzone avec le poto TounsiZER1:47:34
1 day agoSwitzerland Northgate1,670"Spass" mit Geisterflammendrachen - 307 - Elden Ring - blind - Deutsch / German32:27
2 days agoSwitzerland Sirup Music324,000Croatia Squad - Back To Life (White Sheep Remix)2:50
2 days agoSwitzerland Pru6,470Farm Together 2 Booster erklärt #03 Tipps & Tricks8:41
2 days agoSwitzerland Kuroblade2388My Hero One s Justice 2 Folge 12 Shurken Story24:59
2 days agoSwitzerland Jeffery Ilombe421Painting Sora (Kingdom Hearts)3:20
2 days agoSwitzerland Jonny Giger720,000IMPOSSIBLE TRICKS OF PAUL RODRIGUEZ15:40
2 days agoSwitzerland Daxank249Casually... Dragon's Dogma 2 #13 What do you want Grigori?!1:27:56
2 days agoSwitzerland Failgames2,090How to get a FREE MCLAREN!! (Sort of...) #shorts0:50
2 days agoSwitzerland scoobyta05109WARZONE S41:23:44
2 days agoSwitzerland DracheCharuLP1,610Let’s Play Paper Mario Die Legende vom Äonentor [German] #25 - Spannende Kämpfe!21:17
2 days agoSwitzerland YOGY-KNT721bonnes vacances à tous 🤟0:41
2 days agoSwitzerland Drifting Sands5,9605 players bug - DRG10:50
2 days agoSwitzerland Yannex21,100MEILLEUR CONCEPT DE L'ANNÉE ?! | Découverte RPG | Pocket Universe par SapphiroN51:39
2 days agoSwitzerland Sarah Chiha2,080🌻🌻🌻0:15
2 days agoSwitzerland V FACE523#honda #beautifulview #nolimit #nevergiveup #motorcycle #supersport #wsbk #youtubevideo #cinematic1:00
3 days agoSwitzerland L3xA304Washed Top 500 Support Player tries Juno for the first time! - Overwatch11:29
3 days agoSwitzerland fastlanegaming139,000NICE New Cars & Sounds in Forza Horizon 5 | Update 36 Cars & DLC16:01
3 days agoSwitzerland Don Mysterion Gaming Experience1,070Scharfe Lektionen - Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Mission Walkthrough)6:25
3 days agoSwitzerland Top Gaming Videos29,100Vidéos éducatifs pour les jeunes | Apprendre l'ABC, les couleurs, les chiffres avec Lucas & amis5:51
3 days agoSwitzerland AsuDragon616Bons débuts en BSM Trophy24:57
3 days agoSwitzerland phoenix12912,050[Let's Play] - Les Cochons de Guerre (Hogs of War) - FR - PlayStation12:20
3 days agoSwitzerland Cloud Me Up3,700F1 2024 / Der Herzriss1:00
3 days agoSwitzerland ZOQQER168,000ULTIMAE Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Tuning - FORZA HORIZON 529:04
3 days agoSwitzerland AC Sunny591Monster Hunter Stories Folge 1 Der Angriff des Nargacuga's!33:22
3 days agoSwitzerland Swiss001750,000Should You BUY The NEW a380 for X-Plane?8:47
3 days agoSwitzerland Sarasara 007604Rheinfall Schaffhausen mit dem Boot0:39
3 days agoSwitzerland Dadow11,500DayZ - Des AVENTURES sur SERVEUR OFFICIEL31:05
3 days agoSwitzerland Dr. Filippo Ongaro582,000Benvenuto sul mio canale! Ti racconto cosa ci troverai e perché dovresti iscriverti.0:57
3 days agoSwitzerland DonRicco44144Coral Island S2 E42 der Teleport in die Stadt...🧭🧭...20:22
3 days agoSwitzerland Zookey1,100Mega-Sumpex 💦👊 | Pokemon Radical Red Randomizer Nuzlocke2:18:36
3 days agoSwitzerland ROLEX1,940,000A playful performance0:15
3 days agoSwitzerland Pilot Blog1,240,000Pilot Blog | Boeing is Guilty for Boeing-737 MAX crashes but tries to buy off in the court17:51
3 days agoSwitzerland shurkou schurke15,500Guy in Twitch Chat REALLY wanted me to try Gambler's Blade Ezreal. I'm glad he did.25:03
3 days agoSwitzerland Staiy256,000Der Abschaum YouTube Deutschlands39:39
3 days agoSwitzerland All mean players3,180Microsoft down all around the world. meanwhile users without Microsoft updates0:33
3 days agoSwitzerland RILE76Lethal Company 💀 001 - Das Dream Team 😱1:23:34
3 days agoSwitzerland Pix'Perience22,800Jamir en Live - The Boss VS Fakir2:14:26
3 days agoSwitzerland Guild Cheramor192#AvenColony - колонизируем всё (#01)2:12:04
3 days agoSwitzerland Pain Mantis1,280Best Controller | OMGN10:22
3 days agoSwitzerland MZ 8010,300#LS22 für Profis Teil 94 Ballen zu Ballen ballen #VidhosticMaps #FarmingSimulator22 #MZ8021:55
3 days agoSwitzerland Digitec13,500Spoilerfabrik #12: «The Acolyte», Folge 8 – Das blutende Lichtschwert1:06:30
4 days agoSwitzerland GamingBSG1,580Princess Kenny Theme #shorts #southpark #theme0:55
4 days agoSwitzerland Viel Spass260Assassin's Creed III #Ep.4 (La squadra al completo)32:48
4 days agoSwitzerland herbert JV362C'est dans la boîte ! Eliminate Down (MD) réédition retro-bit10:05
4 days agoSwitzerland Headshakah475Lets Play Call of Duty Mobilb poppoo 🔥 D/E/World2:17:04
4 days agoSwitzerland Dan Linden17,100RESIDENT EVIL Remake: HD Remaster (2002/2015) (Let's Play) - EP4/52:09:08
4 days agoSwitzerland ikeenna8,180UNMATCHED PLAYBOI CARTI AURA: OPEN AIR FRAUENFELD TAG 222:07
4 days agoSwitzerland Dibi11,700(FREE) Zola x Hamza Type Beat - "Fracture" (prod. dibi)2:56
4 days agoSwitzerland Twitching's VHS Store259You are NOT ready for this Chill Stream! | KATAMARI DAMACY | GER/ENG |3:47:08
4 days agoSwitzerland DanaePlays2,820Carawen, the Altmer Sharpshooter (Reborn 04)1:02:40
4 days agoSwitzerland Game Boy Sephi19,000Paper Mario die Legende vom Äonen Tor2:12:04
4 days agoSwitzerland Nathan Graham2,710Ghostflame Torch - Elden Ring0:06
4 days agoSwitzerland SquChan Ch.194,000Filian gets to sit in SantaSqu's lap1:00
4 days agoSwitzerland GeekGaming.CH9,100Denizen - FR - First Look | Simulation de vie qui a du potentiel :D20:34
4 days agoSwitzerland Kaorru349Papermario la porte du millénaire : Chapitre 31:25:23
4 days agoSwitzerland Gustav Mannfred2,100EVE Online Ship and Skill Progression For The Abyss (T0 - T6) - Up to 1.2 bil/h32:43
4 days agoSwitzerland Farming Simulator1,570,000FS23: Free Content Update #4 Now Available!1:06
4 days agoSwitzerland Auf die Couch!83,700Zurück mit Pokemon 151! 😁 Pokemon 151 JP Display Unboxing 😄37:47
4 days agoSwitzerland Sephiron117,000TEAM GALAKTIK IST ZURÜCK!🤕Pokemon Luminescent Platinum Nuzlocke27:11