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Media Glitch is a video game review show with hosts who are passionate about video games from Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation and Xbox. We play all types of games from FPS to RPGs on all consoles modern and retro We also stream every week and engage with our audience. We also do a live show and a podcast roundtable as well where we discuss all the current topics in the video gaming industry.

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Funny Zelda Skit
Here is a funny legend of Zelda skit we did called "Linktino to the past" See the full video here:
2019-01-14 5:30:01 PM ● 226 views ● 2:57 100.00% liked
Linktino hates your video game
List of the games we review claws of furry Salary Man Escape nimbatus asteroidfight Support us on Patreon :
2019-01-08 5:35:01 PM ● 179 views ● 18:40 97.50% liked
Top 5 Video Games of 2018 with Radical Reggie
top 5 video games of 2018 with Radical Reggie Support us on Patreon : Want to send us mail? Here's the address...
2019-01-03 1:03:27 PM ● 637 views ● 27:49 96.81% liked
The issues with open world games
Support us on Patreon : Want to send us mail? Here's the address MEDIA GLITCH JOEL VALLIE PO BOX 65044 Albuquerque,...
2018-12-31 12:44:11 AM ● 287 views ● 1:36:00 94.29% liked
What is your favorite? With Ming Chen
What is your favorite? With Ming Chen Today we talk with AMCs comic book mens Ming Chen and ask him some serious questions. Support us on Patreon...
2018-12-20 6:26:23 PM ● 133 views ● 5:44 100.00% liked
Surprise package from LotsofGames
Surprise package from LotsofGames check out jimmys channel here: Support us on Patreon :
2018-12-06 5:05:47 PM ● 241 views ● 6:20 100.00% liked
Should I buy call of cthulhu?
Should I buy Call of Cthulhu? Why should you buy Call of Cthulhu Call of Cthulhu is a role-playing survival horror video game developed by Cyanide...
2018-12-04 10:00:07 AM ● 254 views ● 11:37 100.00% liked
Call of Cthulhu
We need to talk and playing some NES Games tonight.
If you would like to donate to help fix the camera here is the link to do so thanks.
2018-12-02 12:16:48 AM ● 332 views ● 2:51:53 100.00% liked
ROAD TO RECOVERY WE GOT MAIL People donated some video games to the series. Support us on Patreon : Want...
2018-11-29 11:58:27 AM ● 214 views ● 10:07 100.00% liked
Streets of Rage 4 Art and Talk
Streets of Rage 4 Art and Talk Sub to HelloNorth here. Support us on Patreon :
2018-11-27 1:10:26 AM ● 774 views ● 14:16 95.00% liked