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What's up my Koopa Troop, it's Koops! I do casual let's plays with commentary either by myself or with members of the Koopa Krew. I upload daily and play a wide variety of games ranging from old classics to new Nintendo hits. Enjoy the long-form gameplay and subscribe to join the Koopa Troop! Thanks for all the support!

If you need to contact me send me a tweet @KoopaKungFu or email me through my website http://www.KoopaKungFu.com. I'm open to collaboration and sponsored content.

Videos may contain strong language and/or mature gameplay. Not suitable for all ages.

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Episode 26: Cuphead and Mugman vs. The Devil in "One Hell of a Time"
After journeying through every Inkwell Isle, Koops and Enob have arrived at the Devil's door! The fight for all souls ends here! This is our...
2018-04-02 3:00:02 PM ● 3,177 views ● 1:01:44 99.28% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Episode 6: Non! Zee French Blockhead
Broque Monsieur might want to study his French again, his accent's gotten a little bit... terrible. This is my Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside...
2018-03-30 6:00:03 PM ● 3,113 views ● 21:59 98.48% liked
Episode 25: Cuphead and Mugman vs. King Dice in "All Bets Are Off!"
The mini-bosses have folded, but the casino manager, King Dice, has one last trick up his sleeve! Don't you mess with him! This is our Cuphead...
2018-03-25 6:00:01 PM ● 2,983 views ● 11:42 99.17% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Episode 24: Cuphead and Mugman in "All Bets Are Off!" Part III
The third tripulet of trouble is here to stop Cuphead and Mugman! We gotta keep our grip as we line up a shot for the final space! This is our...
2018-03-22 6:19:55 PM ● 2,700 views ● 19:20 99.17% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Episode 23: Cuphead and Mugman in "All Bets Are Off!" Part II
More mini-bosses stand in our way! Let's take our chances and put on a show that'll knock 'em over! This is our Cuphead "Don't Deal with...
2018-03-20 3:10:49 PM ● 2,495 views ● 12:03 100.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Episode 22: Cuphead and Mugman in "All Bets Are Off!" Part I
Koops and Enob venture into Inkwell Hell, where they are stopped by King Dice and his gambling goons! Are we feeling lucky? This is our Cuphead...
2018-03-18 6:03:03 PM ● 3,306 views ● 22:32 99.30% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Episode 21: Cuphead and Mugman vs. Phantom Express in "Railroad Wrath"
This is our Cuphead "Don't Deal with the Devil" co-op let's play on the Xbox One! Karate chop that LIKE button and till next time,...
2018-03-09 3:00:00 PM ● 3,775 views ● 25:30 99.11% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Episode 20: Cuphead and Mugman vs. Sally Stageplay in "Dramatic Fanatic"
It's time to set the stage for another boss fight, and this one's quite the act! Will it be curtains for Koops and Enob? This is our Cuphead...
2018-03-08 3:00:02 PM ● 2,975 views ● 26:05 99.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Episode 4: Bowser's Crazy Night at Peach's Castle!
Be careful who you get your lucky shrooms from! Bowser is regretting his choice of dealer. This is my Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story...
2018-03-05 6:00:00 PM ● 4,636 views ● 18:15 98.81% liked
Episode 19: Cuphead and Mugman vs. Cala Maria in "Hi Seas Hi-Jinx!"
We're flying over troubled waters as Cala Maria and her sea creature crew try to fend off two mugs after her heart and soul. This is our Cuphead...
2018-03-05 3:00:01 PM ● 3,242 views ● 17:30 100.00% liked
Cuphead (2017)