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About MasterofRoflness

Hello my name is MasterofRoflness and I cover of variety of games that interest me mostly in the Real Time Strategy game genre, such as games from the Total War Series or Planetary Annihilation to name a few. If you are interested in contacting me for business purposes drop me an email at:

Computer Specifications

Core : I7 4700K
Ram : 32 GB
Graphics Card : GTX 980 TI X2
Mouse : Gigabyte M7 THOR
Headphones : G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Microphone : Audio Technica AT 2020
Keyboard : Matias Quiet Pro
Hard drives : 3X 2TB HDD`S
SSD : 250 GB and 120GB

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SLAVS AND ANGLO SAXON RAIDING- Ancestors Legacy Multiplayer 2v2
Ancestors Legacy is a new viking medieval rts game that has players controlling various factions in medieval history. Playing as the vikings...
2018-02-17 1:30:01 PM ● 2,331 views ● 39:54 98.72% liked
New RTS! Similar to Age of Empires! Aztec - Empires Apart Lets Play
Empires Apart is a New RTS similar to Age of Empires with a focus on civilizations from across the medieval era. Like the Aztecs, Chinese, Mongols...
2018-02-16 11:18:27 AM ● 289 views ● 25:35 100.00% liked
Let's Play
AGE OF WAR 3? Battling Aliens Through History - Army of Ages Gameplay
Age of War 3 is here! Or Army of Ages as its called. Battle Aliens through history with different weapons and eras of tech.
2018-02-15 12:24:10 PM ● 151 views ● 19:04 100.00% liked
Super Star Destroyers Vs Mandators - Star Wars Empire at War Alliance
Super Star Destroyers Battle is out in this video. Eclipse Super Star Destroyer, Mandators and other ship thingies. Star Wars Empire at War Alliance...
2018-02-14 1:30:00 PM ● 3,386 views ● 16:42 97.39% liked
MEGA PROTOSS ARMY  - Nexus Wars - Starcraft 2 mod
Nexus Wars has you sending to the enemies nexus. Destroying their buildings and Nexus. Discord:
2018-02-14 11:27:45 AM ● 3,155 views ● 16:39 94.57% liked
LAST ONE STANDING - Hunger Games Mod - Starcraft 2 Mod
Hunger games is here based on the book based on the movies and based on this game Discord:
2018-02-13 2:30:01 PM ● 3,292 views ● 22:11 98.33% liked
Annihilator Super Star Destroyer Destroying Rebel Fleet  - Empire at War Remake
Empire at War Remake is a more pretty beautiful version of Empire at War that makes everything beautiful and amazing and pretty.
2018-02-13 12:22:48 PM ● 6,587 views ● 29:12 93.60% liked
Hades Vs History! Also he has ghost armies Age of War 2 is an old strategy game that has the player going from the stone age to the future age!...
2018-02-12 3:00:01 PM ● 2,862 views ● 18:13 92.71% liked
Annihilator Super Star Destroyer Empire Fleet - STAR WARS Empire at War Alliance Mod 8.0
Annihilator Super Star Destroyer led by a Empire Fleet is the name of the game in this Star Wars Empire at War Alliance Mod gameplay
2018-02-12 1:02:27 PM ● 4,405 views ● 11:37 94.07% liked
MOST EPIC SPACE BATTLE! Warships - Starcraft 2 Mod
Warships is a Starcraft 2 mod which allows you to pilot customizable spaceships in 3v3 battles! Discord:...
2018-02-11 3:00:04 PM ● 6,180 views ● 53:19 94.57% liked