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I am a former Game Tester for Sony Online Entertainment, a former Game Master for the Everquest series and recruiter for the entire video game industry on the West Coast in the United States. I have worked directly with Rockstar, Midway, Nexon, NHN, Sony, Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and more. My experience in the game industry is only heightened by my passion for video games in general. I hope you enjoy my content and learn something along the way! ~JT

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I Was Wrong! Secret of Mana Remake is Actually... GOOD!?
I'm swallowing a bit of pride. Secret of Mana Remake isn't as bad as I first accused it of being. This isn't a full on apology to Square Enix...
2018-02-21 7:00:03 AM ● 337 views ● 4:15 95.24% liked
Secret of Mana
Inherent Value of a Video Games Vs. The $60 Cost
Throughout the history of the video game industry, the $60 price point for games has become somewhat of the norm, especially for AAA titles....
2018-02-20 1:08:43 PM ● 8 views ● 7:54 100.00% liked
Secret of Mana Remake - Oh Dear Square Enix, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?
Secret of Mana Remake for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita is a remake of SoM on the SNES, widely considered one of the greatest RPG's on the platform....
2018-02-16 4:48:30 PM ● 1,112 views ● 8:25 89.71% liked
Secret of Mana
The Flood of Video Games: A Games as a Service Future?
Video game quality and quantity are at an all time high, but how long can this period last, and how can gamers possibly keep up with the rapid,...
2018-02-13 2:28:14 PM ● 471 views ● 4:45 93.75% liked
Shiftlings Enhanced Edition Review - Nintendo Switch
Smash JT Reviews: Shiftlings Enhanced Edition for the Nintendo Switch! A couch co-op where size matters! Shiftlings is a colorful puzzle platformer...
2018-02-12 1:08:36 PM ● 309 views ● 4:50 97.37% liked
The Top 5 Olympic Movie
The 2018 Winter Olympics are here and alongside, the top 5 Olympic Movie of all time! With so many greats to choose from it was hard to narrow...
2018-02-11 10:32:44 PM ● 107 views ● 2:08 85.71% liked
Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Review - Nintendo Switch
Very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics! Smash JT reviews Mercenaries Saga Chronicles for the Nintendo Switch. The definitive collection of the...
2018-02-08 5:00:02 AM ● 2,798 views ● 5:28 94.90% liked
Youtube Screwing Small Creators: Physical Evidence!
Viral videos are a big reason why some channels have been able to grow rapidly in the past. I've encountered a large issue with Youtube's algorithm...
2018-02-06 11:45:16 AM ● 577 views ● 5:42 99.05% liked
Budget Gamer Nintendo Switch - 10 GREAT Games UNDER $10!
10 AWESOME games for Nintendo Switch for UNDER $10. If you own a switch and haven't played these games, you are severely missing out! What are...
2018-02-05 7:00:03 AM ● 564 views ● 6:29 96.10% liked
Nintendo Announces: Switch Virtual Console DEAD!
Fans have been clamoring for a date on when the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console would arrive. Nintendo Announced via a tweet that the Nintendo...
2018-02-01 1:50:41 PM ● 13,441 views ● 7:59 48.48% liked