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I am a former Game Tester for Sony Online Entertainment, a former Game Master for the Everquest series and recruiter for the entire video game industry on the West Coast in the United States. I have worked directly with Rockstar, Midway, Nexon, NHN, Sony, Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and more. My experience in the game industry is only heightened by my passion for video games in general. I hope you enjoy my content and learn something along the way! ~JT

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Living with a Hernia - Channel update - This video will be deleted!
Quick channel update.
2017-11-19 9:30:01 AM ● 179 views ● 3:20 100.00% liked
Reviewing the Reviewers! Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWBF2)
Smash takes a stroll through the Metacritic User scores that currently are tallying a total average score of 0.9 - LITERALLY less than a 1 overall...
2017-11-16 1:15:03 PM ● 289 views ● 9:53 97.73% liked
Star Wars Battlefront II
Current State of AAA Gaming
AAA Publishers caught red handed in lies and deceit. How shall we repay them? We block our ears, scream, and buy their games, of course.
2017-11-14 4:50:05 PM ● 283 views ● 3:53 98.21% liked
Are There TOO MANY Different Low-Production Run Games!?
Limited Run Games blazed a new path in a nearly non-existent industry. Now other companies are seeing their success as an opportunity to grab...
2017-11-13 3:00:33 PM ● 389 views ● 8:14 93.94% liked
PlayStation 4
NES Music Quiz! How well do you know them!?
I like to have some fun on the weekends with videos. In this inaugural episode of "Wacky Weekend", Smash tries his hand at answering...
2017-11-11 5:48:48 PM ● 170 views ● 5:28 97.22% liked
NES Classic Supply is a MYSTERY!
The mystery of where more NES Classics are appearing for sale in the wild is picking up speed. Today announced via a tweet that they...
2017-11-09 2:12:01 PM ● 501 views ● 4:36 94.74% liked
Miniature 1/6 Scale Arcade Cabinet of Centipede!? Authentic, Detailed, and Functioning!
Something to talk about and entertain visitors at my house! An official (and functional) reproduction of the arcade hit "Centipede"...
2017-11-08 2:03:43 PM ● 478 views ● 3:51 95.65% liked
Seedi Console Developer Interview - The FAILED 90's CD-Based Clone System
Smash JT Exclusive Seedi Console Developer Interview! I sit down with the creators of the Seedi console and discuss what went wrong with the...
2017-11-07 1:43:13 PM ● 1,034 views ● 12:59 93.33% liked
Get PAID To Play!? Playstation Trophy Rewards are now LIVE!
Sony has introduced an incredible new reward for trophy hunters! Currently, you must opt in to this program via Playstation rewards and link...
2017-11-06 12:12:21 PM ● 1,336 views ● 4:58 86.27% liked
Let's Play
The 5 Best NES Game Genie Codes of All Time!
If you grew up in the 80's and 90's, you're most likely familiar with one of the most popular cheating devices ever created for video games....
2017-11-04 3:09:29 PM ● 359 views ● 7:36 100.00% liked