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I am a former Game Tester for Sony Online Entertainment, a former Game Master for the Everquest series and recruiter for the entire video game industry on the West Coast in the United States. I have worked directly with Rockstar, Midway, Nexon, NHN, Sony, Sony Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and more. My experience in the game industry is only heightened by my passion for video games in general. I hope you enjoy my content and learn something along the way! ~JT

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Sony DREADS This MAJOR Playstation PS Classic Mini Situation...
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2018-12-13 6:27:06 PM ● 671 views ● 11:24 95.83% liked
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Soulja Boy's Soulja Console 'SouljaGame' Is GENIUS...
Soulja Boy's latest business venture into the game industry may have initially come across to many as insanity, but taking a deeper look at this...
2018-12-12 12:24:07 PM ● 553 views ● 8:38 77.55% liked
This Tiny Change To Nintendo Switch DRM Policy Just Exposed Leadership's New Direction
This has been a long time coming but with the new leadership at the helm of Nintendo Japan, MAJOR policy changes have been coming in rapidly,...
2018-12-11 11:37:40 AM ● 166 views ● 6:15 100.00% liked
THIS Is Why Indie Games ROCK: The Messenger DLC 2019 Expansion is... FREE!?
The Messenger on Nintendo Switch just delivered some epic news. Brand new DLC with 3 new stages, end bosses and storyline... for FREE! Coming...
2018-12-10 8:27:53 PM ● 218 views ● 3:59 97.56% liked
We Need to STOP YouTube Rewind | Smash JT YouTube Rewind 2018 Reaction
YouTube has completely lost touch with reality. YouTube Rewind 2018's sole purpose was clearly made to drive that point home. - Support Smash...
2018-12-10 12:00:21 PM ● 295 views ● 16:08 83.78% liked
Is the Playstation Classic REALLY THAT BAD!? | PS Mini Review
Enough of the hate, ignorant comments, and bandwagon jumpers. It's time for Smash JT to give a fair, unbiased look at the Playstation Classic...
2018-12-07 3:49:07 PM ● 524 views ● 15:01 85.92% liked
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The 'Soulja Boy' Console is REAL.. and HYSTERICAL!
Nintendo lawyers in 3.... 2... 1.... The Soulja Boy Console is real. It breaks every law ever made. It is a fantastic piece of video game history....
2018-12-07 9:07:05 AM ● 318 views ● 5:59 86.84% liked
The 2018 Game Awards Were... BORING? (But Here's Why That's Actually Ok...)
Geoff Keighley puts a tremendous amount of effort into the Video Game Awards each year. Between the plentiful advertisements, Fortnite references,...
2018-12-07 1:50:12 AM ● 220 views ● 7:46 88.00% liked
CATASTROPHIC! GameStop Just Signaled MAJOR Retro Video Game Crash...
Gamestop just held their most recent earnings call and the outlook is not pretty. Digging deep into their comments and sales issues, it is evident...
2018-12-02 12:03:39 PM ● 586 views ● 8:44 89.55% liked
Sega Should Make THIS Dreamcast Mini Classic Edition RIGHT NOW!
The Mini Console CRAZE is at an all time high, but Sega's beloved final console of the Dreamcast is nowhere to be found. Many believe it is due...
2018-11-30 12:04:22 PM ● 608 views ● 8:29 98.28% liked