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Feenix Feather is an American content creator on YouTube with around 50.4 thousand subscribers. His content totals approximately 14.98 million views views across over 4.18 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@feenixfeather

All Videos by Feenix Feather

PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-08-30FS22 Mod Spotlight - Freightliners and Trailers !35:32482PreviewFarming Simulator 22
2023-08-29Sons of the Forest - 22 - Going Solar!27:5041Sons of the Forest
2023-08-28FS:911 - Completing Projects!23:15644Farming Simulator 17
2023-08-28FS22 Mod Spotlight - The Interior!14:58649Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-27The Feenix Moment - Ep. 309 - The Hits Keep Coming!13:57140Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-27Building an the Airport Again! ( Construction Simulator l PC )1:57:48329
2023-08-27Building an the Airport! ( Construction Simulator l PC )36:34185
2023-08-26A Summer Full of Work with my COLDEST LIMITLESS Bottle!11:2564
2023-08-26Dying Light - 6 - PJs Saves the Day! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)17:5347Dying Light
2023-08-26Farming Friday! ( Farming Simualtor 22 l PC )2:58:40334Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-26Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )2:5982Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-25Feenix Plays Espresso Tycoon!33:0049Let's PlayEspresso Tycoon
2023-08-24Police Simulator: Right Outside the Station! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)22:0694Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-08-23FS22 Mod Spotlight - All The Rest!40:401,115Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-22Sons of the Forest - 21 - Pickin' Up Sticks Boss!17:3235Sons of the Forest
2023-08-21FS22 Mod Spotlight - Frontier!16:05581Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-21The Feenix Moment - Ep. 308 - So Exhausting!13:15400Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-20On the Open Road! ( American Truck Simulator l PC )29:36163American Truck Simulator
2023-08-20On the Open Road! ( American Truck Simulator l PC )2:04:38306American Truck Simulator
2023-08-20On the Open Road! ( American Truck Simulator l PC )1:1629American Truck Simulator
2023-08-20On the Open Road! ( American Truck Simulator l PC )2:1035American Truck Simulator
2023-08-19Coldest Limitless Unboxing!20:5478
2023-08-19Dying Light - 5 - This Guy Is Crazy! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)33:5759Dying Light
2023-08-19Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:06:48372Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-18Feenix Plays SimRail - The Railway Simulator!29:17183Let's Play
2023-08-17Police Simulator: Riding Shotgun! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)21:3197Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-08-16FS22 Mod Spotlight - A Little Bit of Everything!30:341,540Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-15Sons of the Forest - 20 - Kelvin the Useless Butler!14:5075Sons of the Forest
2023-08-13The Feenix Moment - Ep. 307 - Learn Your Lesson!20:04219Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-13FeeFee The Builder! ( Construction Simulator l PC )2:56:42259
2023-08-12Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:52:31356Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-10Police Simulator: Buggy Border! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)25:1394Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-08-09FS22 Mod Spotlight - Anything With Wheels!31:421,358Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-08Sons of the Forest - 20 - Kelvin's Pajama Party!15:4354Sons of the Forest
2023-08-07Goose Goose Duck - I Suck At Detective! (w/JTBethardsGaming)33:41149Goose Goose Duck
2023-08-06Dying Light - 4 - I Knew They Were Sketch! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)31:2264Dying Light
2023-08-06The Feenix Moment - Ep. 306 - My Last Video Here!14:08446Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-05CS:GO: Carry Me!37:3673Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2023-08-05Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:05:58297Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-04FS:911 - Just A Little Update!21:052,117VlogFarming Simulator 17
2023-08-03OK Bound! ( American Truck Simulator l PC )4:18:11321American Truck Simulator
2023-08-02FS22 Mod Spotlight - Grain Haulers!26:04979Farming Simulator 22
2023-08-01Sons of the Forest - 19 - Winter Building Woes!17:3362Sons of the Forest
2023-07-31FS22 Mod Spotlight - American Falls!23:51599Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-30The Feenix Moment - Ep. 305 - It's FINALLY Happening!17:24575Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-29Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:12:51409Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-27Police Simulator: Flipping Good Time! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)15:32114Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-07-26FS22 Mod Spotlight - Summer of Mods!25:261,078Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-25Sons of the Forest - 18 - Our Personal Defense System!23:1165Sons of the Forest
2023-07-24FS:911 - With Help From You!14:391,427Let's PlayFarming Simulator 17
2023-07-24FS22 Mod Spotlight - Great Western Farms!13:53437Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-23The Feenix Moment - Ep. 304 - Community Help!12:48360Let's PlayFarming Simulator 22
2023-07-23Get Me Outta Here! ( Escape Simulator l PC )2:20:3090Escape Simulator
2023-07-23Get Me Outta Here! ( Escape Simulator l PC )2:0943Escape Simulator
2023-07-23Get Me Outta Here! ( Escape Simulator l PC )0:2740Escape Simulator
2023-07-22Dying Light - 3 - Time to Team Up! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)30:0175Dying Light
2023-07-22Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )2:00:04253Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-21FS:911 - A Returning Department!20:371,125Farming Simulator 17
2023-07-21Police Simulator: Cleaning Up the Streets! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)23:1579Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-07-19FS17 Mod Spotlight - Paxton & Pikeville!26:051,643Farming Simulator 17
2023-07-18Sons of the Forest - 17 - Freezing Our Butts Off!19:1070Sons of the Forest
2023-07-18OutcastCraft - 5 - My Computer Turned On Me!30:5761Minecraft
2023-07-17The Feenix Moment - Ep. 303 - Oh No! I Did It Again!18:11222Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-16Hunting in the Outback! ( theHunter: Call of the Wild l PC )3:13:05237theHunter: Call of the Wild
2023-07-15Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:50:00464Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-14Feenix Plays House Flipper 2! (Part 3)18:13118Let's PlayHouse Flipper
2023-07-14Police Simulator: Holding Up Traffic! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)26:14134Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-07-12FS22 Mod Spotlight - Big Trattors & Wittle Trattors!32:05778Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-11FS22 Mod Spotlight - Big Flats Texas!12:59581Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-10The Feenix Moment - Ep. 302 - Fake Outrage!19:43160Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-09Let Me Out of Here Again! ( Escape Simulator l PC )1:02:58108Escape Simulator
2023-07-09Let Me Out of Here! ( Escape Simulator l PC )1:51:29166Escape Simulator
2023-07-08Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:56:44439Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-07Dyeport Custom Gengar Xbox Controller Review!17:18105Review
2023-07-06Police Simulator: Another Day, Another Handful of Tickets! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)22:16123Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-07-05FS22 Mod Spotlight - Let's Fight Some Fires!29:511,330Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-05Sons of the Forest - 16 - Zombie Bob Sled Team!34:5280Sons of the Forest
2023-07-04OutcastCraft - 4 - Soooo Much Has Changed!40:2084Minecraft
2023-07-02The Feenix Moment - Ep. 301 - Finger Safety!13:22191Farming Simulator 22
2023-07-02Dying Light - 2 -I'm Infected! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)34:0899Dying Light
2023-07-01Farming Friday! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )2:05:42304Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-30Feenix Plays House Flipper 2! (Part 2)27:54127Let's PlayHouse Flipper
2023-06-29Police Simulator: More Tickets! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)22:18143Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-06-29Building the Homestead! ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )1:41:38360Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-28FS22 Mod Spotlight - A Couple of Titans + More!32:541,906Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-27Sons of the Forest - 15 - Stuck in the Gym!30:4362Sons of the Forest
2023-06-26OutcastCraft - 3 - Keeping the Chickens In Line!48:06141Minecraft
2023-06-25The Feenix Moment - Ep. 300 - It Was Great!17:31329Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-25LET ME OUT! ( Escape Simulator l PC )2:39:56189Escape Simulator
2023-06-24Dying Light - 1 - Parkour Sim! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)31:44158Dying Light
2023-06-24Farming Friday ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:53:26508Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-23Feenix Plays House Flipper 2! (Part 1)24:21155Let's PlayHouse Flipper
2023-06-22Police Simulator: We're Mobile Now! (w/CATZ PAJAMAZZ)32:29140Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
2023-06-22FS22 Mod Spotlight - Trucks & Trailers!24:191,190PreviewFarming Simulator 22
2023-06-20Sons of the Forest - 14 - Meeting the Parents!20:1349Sons of the Forest
2023-06-19OutcastCraft - 2 - Diamonds!26:2067Minecraft
2023-06-18The Feenix Moment - Ep. 299 - Happy Farter's Day!13:19126Farming Simulator 19
2023-06-17Farming Friday ( Farming Simulator 22 l PC )3:40:31414Farming Simulator 22
2023-06-16Feenix Plays Pool Cleaning Simulator!17:04347Let's PlayPool Cleaning Simulator
2023-06-15Police Simulator: Everyone's Getting Tickets! (w/THEECATZ PAJAMAZZ)22:17138Police Simulator: Patrol Officers