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Hey there! I'm Kim Justice. I make documentaries about old computer and video games, mostly with a European slant - it's all about the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore Amiga, the C64, plenty of great companies like Ocean Software, rises and falls, tales of technological and bureaucratic disaster...all sorts! And of course, there's the Sega Mega Drive and most certainly not the Genesis! I also do lots of game reviews for most any system under the sun...if you want to hear about what's old and retro, then you've come to the right place!

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PS1 Fighting Games: TOP 10 - Kim Justice
The PS1 was a strange platform for fighting games - there were plenty, and most of them were 3D, but they weren't all takes on Street Fighter...
2018-07-16 12:59:57 AM ● 1,333 views ● 24:24 99.26% liked
WCW Collision In North Korea up on Vimeo! Video Game Bass Returns! Patreon Q&A July - Kim Justice
Watch Collision in Korea (the good version) HERE:
2018-07-09 2:23:50 PM ● 2,163 views ● 17:19 84.69% liked
Top 10 Video Games Based on 80s/90s Movies w/ Oliver Harper, DJ Slope & Larry Bundy Jr - Kim Justice
Support Oliver Harper's "In Search of the Last Action Heroes" Kickstarter here!:
2018-07-04 4:37:53 PM ● 6,870 views ● 22:59 96.06% liked
Disappearing Southend: Arcade Memories - Kim Justice
In the first part of Disappearing Southend, we remember the arcades and the town as they once were while also commenting on the state of them...
2018-06-25 1:34:30 AM ● 5,859 views ● 10:27 98.11% liked
THE CRAZY FROG - Kim Justice (re-upload)
(Originally uploaded in 2014, re-up due to copyright) The Crazy Frog took over Europe in the mid 2000's, destroying everything in its path with...
2018-06-18 1:00:15 AM ● 5,329 views ● 23:20 98.26% liked
The Rise and Fall of Mr. Blobby - Kim Justice
In 1992, Noel Edmonds introduced an unsuspecting nation to Mr. Blobby, and British TV was never the same. He got bigger than Noel's House Party,...
2018-06-11 1:03:25 AM ● 14,222 views ● 24:19 96.76% liked
The Story and Games of Cinemaware - Kim Justice
For a few years, Cinemaware tried to change the face of gaming, creating cinematic experiences like no other with Amiga games such as Defender...
2018-06-04 1:59:35 AM ● 18,165 views ● 56:59 97.85% liked
Evolution from Uridium to Hyper Sentinel - A Series Retrospective - Kim Justice
To celebrate the release of Hyper Sentinel on modern platforms, I thought it a good idea to not only review the game, but also look back at where...
2018-05-21 12:59:55 AM ● 1,890 views ● 19:07 98.24% liked
Primark Arcade Clothing Launch + Arcade Club + Sega Europe HQ Vlog - Kim Justice
I've been out and about once again, so here's highlights - a trip to Manchester for the Primark Arcade launch of their new retro-inspired clothing,...
2018-05-18 2:00:04 AM ● 3,390 views ● 21:04 84.85% liked
Raging Justice Review (PC/PS4/Switch) - A Digitised Brawler in 2018 - Kim Justice
Raging Justice is the latest in a lengthy line of retro-tinged beat-'em-ups that try to capture the magic of old games such as Streets of Rage,...
2018-05-16 1:00:01 AM ● 3,686 views ● 9:18 95.31% liked