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ToastyBits is an American YouTube channel which has around 1.25 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling at least 495.54 thousand views views across 626 videos.

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About ToastyBits

I've been making videos on YouTube since August 22, 2015 and streaming on Twitch since June 7, 2017. Everything about this channel has changed from the looks, the logo, and even the name, but it's still the same idiot making videos with his friends.

I pride myself for being a bad gamer and probably one of the worst FPS gamers ever. If you like watching a random idiot screaming and panicking as an enemy wipes the floor with their corpse, you might like whatever BS I'm doing.

What kind of games to I play? For the most part, I play open world, survival, or FPS games. Some of those games include DayZ, Destiny 2, Fallout 76, Back 4 Blood, Halo Infinite, and many other games like these. I also stream YouTube and used to stream on Twitch.

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