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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Portugal based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
14 hours agoPortugal Jorge Raceman12DIRT 2.0 XBOX ONE S4:03
18 hours agoPortugal Volts Corp1,260Tutorial - como instalar ARK Survival Evolved com todas as DLC's em português (ULTIMA VERSÃO) 20206:17
18 hours agoPortugal LeGhost138Student Council of Doom - Let's Play: Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony #16 (Blind)1:13:16
19 hours agoPortugal Travolt Ainda Joga380Já temos refeições decentes | Rimworld Royalty DLC | Episódio 1439:24
23 hours agoPortugal kamijordan8,590Crash Bandicoot 3 N.Sane Trilogy - BOSS BATTLE: CRASH VS DINGODILE2:05
1 day agoPortugal neshthefirst30[EN/PT] Yakuza Kiwami ! First playthrough, Hard ! Part 64:22:34
1 day agoPortugal LaulauPlays14,800Fruitcake 🧁 The Sims 4: Very Berry #1437:34
1 day agoPortugal AHLEC Gameplay252LIVE de Victoria 2 PT BR (Grande Multiplayer)4:10:15
1 day agoPortugal ScorbasGaming14,200Skyrim - Shuriken Throwing Mod1:37
1 day agoPortugal Fend03218# Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) | MP | TDM (PC)10:45
1 day agoPortugal Carros Pt165Por baixo do capô deste bichinhos !!!6:51
1 day agoPortugal tails41yoshi812Len'en 1: EE - Normal Perfect (No Miss No Bomb No Flashbomb) (Suzumi)22:23
1 day agoPortugal EpicPureGamer6,160Canal em Quarentena: Mensagem para Todos10:24
1 day agoPortugal Tiagovski967,000ESCONDI 500€ EM CASA PARA OS MEUS PAIS !10:04
1 day agoPortugal Rogério Carneiro406Transmissão em direto de Rogério Carneiro2:19:23
1 day agoPortugal RicFazeres793,000RESIDENT EVIL 3 Remake #3 | ESGOTOS CHEIOS DE VERMES (PS4/PORTUGUÊS)37:41
1 day agoPortugal Beawitching20,900I MADE SPINEL IN THE SIMS (cuz i like to suffer) + FACE REVEAL!! The Sims 4 Steven Universe CC CAS10:35
1 day agoPortugal TheKingZuno618RESIDENT EVIL 3: First gameplay with Jill pre order classic costume DLC45:54
1 day agoPortugal Atecep3,920Beyblands 3 (Borderlands 3 spinning skag glitch/bug)0:48
2 days agoPortugal Jardi-Gol the Heart Player150MOHAA SH with Friends - An Objective in Stalingrad (31.03.2020)25:34
2 days agoPortugal Tiago Spartan Beast202,000they CHANGED Ghost & Shepherds Death Scenes and made them BETTER... MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERED10:04
2 days agoPortugal Netweb System3,000FORTNITE | ITEM SHOP 04-04-20208:05
2 days agoPortugal OtakuPT8,580Indústria japonesa de anime vai piorar muito, anunciado Castlevania 4 - Conversa Otaku #902:27:02
2 days agoPortugal Tek Test3,230Podia ser Pior Ep.4 - Hoje escolhem vocês o tema!1:54:48
2 days agoPortugal Nuno Magalhães98Rage2 all night (no comment)38:58
2 days agoPortugal Kgames Reviews2,420Let´s Play Capcom Fighting Jam Max Difficulty Xbox18:55
2 days agoPortugal Maxi Conquistas62,800A Plague Tale Innocence: O Ferreiro - Guia de Conquista / Troféu1:56
2 days agoPortugal Adna Plays10,500港詭實錄Paranormal HK Gameplay (HORROR GAME) ENDING No Commentary36:20
2 days agoPortugal Crespo-PT250Grand Theft Auto V - GTA Online - Minha Personagem do PC8:36
2 days agoPortugal WCamicase Gaming15,500Lost Odyssey - PT Part 15 - Defeat1:02:42
2 days agoPortugal JimmyPT2,350eFootball PES 2020 Rumo Ao Estrelato #20 Premier League Liverpool vs Fulham14:31
2 days agoPortugal David Gonçalves Lopes Ferreira1,220Grand Theft Auto V MISSÃO CONCLUIDA5:48
2 days agoPortugal Darkshadow 12ofic.1,860BBW SSBBW 2020 what its your fav girl2:26
2 days agoPortugal Over40 Gamer79CSGO R8 Revolver Canal Spray Battle Scarred at NEW MAP Anubis10:41
2 days agoPortugal EurogamerPortugal50,900VALORANT - Jogámos o novo FPS free-to-play da RIOT GAMES!36:41
2 days agoPortugal Cat Rox Music3,990Glee - Don't Stop Believing (Journey) - Cat Rox cover4:37
2 days agoPortugal RúbenNebuR32,400'DIAMANTAKOS O NOVO HOMEM GOLO!' | FIFA 20 Modo Carreira (Wolverhampton FC ) #022:10:00
2 days agoPortugal Jogador Plays42,900Fallout 4 Como Criar a Melhor Classe de Assassino34:08
2 days agoPortugal NunoLac Games5,840Aisha Town - Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor | #01 | Starting a New town26:40
2 days agoPortugal Gaming Paddock64iRacing Sebring iMSA M81:08:21
2 days agoPortugal Camoes Gamer518Dwalls Garage - War of the Walkers Mod - Beta - 7 days to die - Alpha 18 - Part 1630:31
2 days agoPortugal Seals 31193,800KONÉ, JOCÚ E PENETRA? | #62 T5 | FM202010:20
2 days agoPortugal PlayStation Portugal44,000Resident Evil 3 | Trailer de Lançamento | PS40:33
2 days agoPortugal BenchART4,480One Piece Pirate Warrior 4 | MX130/GT 940MX | 2GB GDDR5 | Performance Review13:41
2 days agoPortugal The Joker Please267RESIDENT EVIL 2 | DEMO42:28
3 days agoPortugal Nazebaze2,100Bought Referee?!? | Frank Lampard's Legacy (PES 2017 w/ 2020 mod) #1317:36
3 days agoPortugal Games Database47Rayman Legends- Derrotando o primeiro Dark Teensie e o mundo dos sapos #328:28
3 days agoPortugal Kirito World122You can't run this game, because you don't have a Master System!2:48:08
3 days agoPortugal Diogo Gonçalves YT1,760Fortnite VEJAM ISTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0:58
3 days agoPortugal Claude F0X310Scary Cave Crawlers & KARATE in Gothic?! - GOTHIC Let's Play #729:27
3 days agoPortugal Colonel RPG22,300We must draw the attention of the faces - Let's Play Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire #25127:16
3 days agoPortugal FNintendo1,040Going Under | Console Announcement Trailer1:23
3 days agoPortugal MAFF1,220World War Z #1 - Zerarando Campanha com 3 amigos!1:17:51
4 days agoPortugal Double F Games3,590Vamos jogar Napoleon Total War - Prússia (2ª tentativa): Parte 1742:22
4 days agoPortugal ginaite882FARMING SIMULATOR 19 MAPA PORTUGAL SUL BETA1:25:27
4 days agoPortugal TEAM FIRE141,150Live de destiny2 com amigos3:31:56
4 days agoPortugal Code Monkey129,0008 Tips for Working from Home Effectively!10:34
4 days agoPortugal MikeGoesBoom71,000The Object 279 (Soviet Nuclear Tank) is FINALLY Coming to War Thunder20:28
4 days agoPortugal drgaming250Doom 3 BFG PC Gameplay9:56
5 days agoPortugal Joao7130Sem espinhas ! #overtake #F120190:27
5 days agoPortugal Ruro261How i made 5 MILLION BELLS in 30 minutes on Animal Crossing New Horizons!31:59
5 days agoPortugal Baraka Games154,000🔴 LIVE AO VIVO EM TEMPO REAL - PUBG MOBILE 🔴3:26:17
5 days agoPortugal wild jester6,380A Shortcut To The End! - What Happens If You Choose To Kill Dave? | DIE YOUNG Ep. 69 (Bonus Episode)2:37
5 days agoPortugal Portuguese Sofa Killers1,070WARZONE - Como vencer #11:35:15
5 days agoPortugal Goncy23,600WHAT AN AMAZING GAME! | Pulang: Insanity | FULL GAME | ENDING26:22
5 days agoPortugal Draconicrose Gaming256A Bedroom Fit for a Yeoman! | Let's Play Rimworld: Royalty - Part 0426:34
5 days agoPortugal Glitch Effect180GLITCH // Na Prateleira - Jogos para abril 20208:48
5 days agoPortugal Cisconic10,5002020 Sonic Character Tier List!15:18
5 days agoPortugal It's a Pixel THING8,950TT Isle of Man 2 (2020, PC / PS4) :: Review | Ep. 19711:38
6 days agoPortugal falcaoGamer289Euro Truck Simulator 2 comboio da vanbuena1:31:42
6 days agoPortugal TheRemedyChannel334,000QUEM É ESTE POKÉMON?!22:54
6 days agoPortugal Micael Mamede7252 GIRLS CRY OVER 2 YAKUZA BAD BOYZZZZ0:41
6 days agoPortugal Salty Spectrum265Starting fresh on Realms2:30:58
6 days agoPortugal Rita Marques Gamer and Photo PT1,140|Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4|Boruto's Tale|Ep4|(Xbox One)4:10
2020-03-29Portugal Diogo Vieirinha22164WARZONE MW | COD BATTLE ROYALE4:42
2020-03-29Portugal TheLegendofDS243WHO WILL BE THE ARMS REP IN SMASH?31:26
2020-03-29Portugal Billaz Gellas80COD WARZONE PLUNDER1:15:18
2020-03-29Portugal Rupture Clips109,000TEAM FOX VS TEAM STADODO - ALL-STAR ESC Online Master League Portugal35:01
2020-03-28Portugal Dragon StormYt284Live de R6 / treino e depois ranks #2181:31:52
2020-03-28Portugal nhanha2719881,130Alan Watts - Tempo - Legendado Português9:37
2020-03-28Portugal PróximoNível16,600One Piece Pirate warriors 4 - 10 minutos de jogabilidade12:52
2020-03-28Portugal Nelson Noslen78They are Billions - The unknown map 320:10
2020-03-26Portugal FaKir1,180INDIVISIBLE WALKTHROUGH - PART 82:25:26
2020-03-26Portugal Amílcar Pereira921CSGO | "Hacks!?"0:47
2020-03-25Portugal Maestro3,270Windows 7 VS Windows 10 CPU Performance in GTA IV7:17
2020-03-25Portugal oitobits949Paper Beast - Review55:21
2020-03-25Portugal Napec Gamer65Assassin's Creed Odyssey #13:35:05
2020-03-24Portugal valentoquethe1146Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - My Toys8:34
2020-03-23Portugal Ivyplaygamez215LET'S PLAY Persona 4 100% PRT 11617:49
2020-03-22Portugal Melgacius Annoying Accent Reviews139Let's Discover DOOM Eternal!1:38:52
2020-03-21Portugal Andorinha Extreme249Um passeio no manicómio.10:38
2020-03-21Portugal NannoNerd8,000Anúncio NannoStore 😍0:55
2020-03-20Portugal marcosantosscp53A MINHA ARMA DE ELEIÇÃO // BATTLEFIELD V GAMEPLAY11:53
2020-03-19Portugal Vlady Dracul52Resident Evil 3 Demo1:07:48
2020-03-19Portugal ghostsofsociety212Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo PS421:53
2020-03-17Portugal kauã tuber e leandro gamer3,380Deixa nos comentarios 👇👇0:16
2020-03-17Portugal 60FpsGoodness16,000[HD/60FPS] Stellaris: Federations | Feature Breakdown | Available Now6:14
2020-03-15Portugal Gym Leader Peasy165The Run's 9-YEAR OLD MULTIPLAYER MADNESS!11:01