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What is going on guys?! CWpoke here!

I love all things Pokemon and make a bunch of videos with countdowns, theories, and other random ideas that I come across! With the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, expect to see a lot of fun stuff based on that! I hope you enjoy the content and decide to stick around! Thank you guys so much for your support!

If you want updates on the things I'm up to as well as new videos, be sure to follow me on Twitter! You can also follow me on Twitch for the occasional shiny hunting streams, VGC battles, or other fun games!

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Necrozma's INSANE New Viral Forms?! | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon [THEORY]
Necrozma/Hydreigon Fusion: Necrozma looks to be the star of the show in...
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Top 5 AWESOME Alolan Forms for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! [FANART]
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's release dates are rapidly approaching yet we've STILL not seen anything about new Alolan Forms. Despite that,...
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This NEW Pokemon Game Looks CRAZY! | Pokemon Phoenix Rising
Pokemon Phoenix Rising has been a fan game on my radar since around the time I started my Youtube channel. This game is looking it will have...
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Top 10 ALOLAN MEGA EVOLUTIONS! [Wishlist] | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Imagine if the Pokemon in the Alola region were given the ability to mega evolve?! What kind of crazy designs would we see? Today, I look at...
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NEW JOHTO ALOLAN FORMS?! | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon [THEORY]
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's new features are finally starting to become known but one thing is surprisingly missing, Alolan Forms. If there's...
2017-08-23 9:35:16 AM ● 55,027 views ● 4:10 79.11% liked
CRAZY LUCK!! - Pokemon Burning Shadows TCG Pack Opening
Burning Shadows is released and I figured I'd treat myself to two booster packs. Will the luck from the last episode continue? Find out! * *...
2017-08-06 3:19:29 PM ● 715 views ● 5:53 95.24% liked
SHINY SILVALLY EVENT Hinted for Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon?!
Some recent TCG news suggests something pretty cool; we may be able to receive a SHINY Silvally as soon as Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are...
2017-07-26 1:53:04 PM ● 4,641 views ● 4:18 94.92% liked
The 10 Strongest Pokemon of All Time! | CWpoke Top 10
When faced against the rest, some Pokemon truly stand tall above others. Alongside myths, and legends, there are only but a few Pokemon that...
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Top 5 New Features in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon [Wishlist] | CWpoke Top 10
Ultra Sun and Moon look like they could have tons of potential to add cool stuff to the Generation 7 lineup. But at the same time, I'm a bit...
2017-07-18 2:31:35 PM ● 104,814 views ● 6:14 94.03% liked
How to Obtain SHINY Tapu Koko! | CWpoke Tutorial
Shiny Tapu Koko is finally obtainable for most regions! And here is how! It's super simple as long as you know how to use the mystery gift feature!...
2017-07-13 9:09:52 PM ● 1,569 views ● 2:12 98.85% liked