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Welcome to Retronauts Video Chronicles, a video companion to the Retronauts podcast ( Currently, you'll find three active projects here: Game Boy Works, a game-by-game exploration of the Game Boy's worldwide catalog; NES Works, a similar project focused strictly on the American NES library; and Super NES Works, a similar survey of the American Super NES library. I also host a few different streaming series, notably Gintendo (an excuse to game and sip cocktails) and Cart-ography (featuring live game mapping).

If you'd like to support these ventures, though, you can contribute to the Retronauts Video Chronicles Patreon campaign ( or the Retronauts Podcast campaign ( Or you can buy related books on (e.g. Game Boy World 1989 and Good Nintentions). Thank you for watching!

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Gintendo Stream #040 Pt. 3: Super Metroid concluded
That brain is toast. And that about wraps it up for this old man and this old game.
2019-03-15 5:36:29 AM ● 1,879 views ● 1:52:36 98.00% liked
Metroid retrospective (part 2): Galaxy brain | NES Works #048, Pt. 2
The second half of NES Works' look back at Metroid explores the changes it underwent in coming to the U.S., how both the flow and the music of...
2019-03-13 5:26:19 AM ● 15,745 views ● 13:15 99.29% liked
Gintendo Stream #040 Pt. 2: Super Metroid continued
Onward and downward into Zebes.
2019-03-10 9:30:18 PM ● 2,113 views ● 1:40:46 96.23% liked
Gintendo Stream #040: Super Metroid
Now that this masterpiece is a quarter of a century old (!?), I'm going to try and tackle the entire thing in one sitting. (Or across multiple...
2019-03-10 6:24:36 PM ● 3,614 views ● 2:00:28 98.02% liked
Metroid retrospective (part 1): Me and my Ze-best gal | NES Works #048 Pt. 1
Nintendo wraps its run of summer 1987 console masterpieces with the third entry in its not-quite-Black-Box series: Metroid. Playing like a midpoint...
2019-03-06 7:12:48 AM ● 22,739 views ● 14:36 98.99% liked
Metroid (1986)
Virtual Boy Wario Land retrospective: Red-blooded WAAAAH-man | Virtual Boy Works #08
The final Nintendo R&D1-developed title for Virtual Boy pulls double-duty as the best of the batch—not just among R&D1's creations,...
2019-02-27 6:45:36 AM ● 13,345 views ● 14:15 99.69% liked
Gintendo Stream #039: Castlevania Bloodlines + Drumshanbo Gunpowder gin
How is this game 25 years old!? Oh well, let's just roll right on with that sense of mortality, baby. This time out, I play as the ol' standby,...
2019-02-20 5:37:53 PM ● 3,715 views ● 1:00:39 97.84% liked
Jack Bros. retrospective: Devil with a red dress | Virtual Boy Works #07
It's one of the Virtual Boy's holy grails... or should that be "unholy grails"? Jack Bros. holds an odd place in history, being Atlus's...
2019-02-20 7:19:28 AM ● 12,623 views ● 14:04 99.35% liked
Mario Clash retrospective: Dream of the red turtles | Virtual Boy Works #06
Mario's second (and final) outing on Virtual Boy is a more traditional adventure for him. Exceptionally traditional, in fact, as it reaches back...
2019-02-13 7:12:06 AM ● 12,580 views ● 11:54 99.63% liked
Gintendo Stream #038: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile + Bombay Sapphire East
Keeping with the theme of beautifully realized 2D platformers from the ’90s, let's revisit Namco's masterpiece Klonoa—the original PS1 game....
2019-02-11 6:34:40 PM ● 2,364 views ● 1:00:14 96.97% liked