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Welcome to Retronauts Video Chronicles, a video companion to the Retronauts podcast ( Currently, you'll find three active projects here: Game Boy Works, a game-by-game exploration of the Game Boy's worldwide catalog; NES Works, a similar project focused strictly on the American NES library; and Super NES Works, a similar survey of the American Super NES library. I also host a few different streaming series, notably Gintendo (an excuse to game and sip cocktails) and Cart-ography (featuring live game mapping).

If you'd like to support these ventures, though, you can contribute to the Retronauts Video Chronicles Patreon campaign ( or the Retronauts Podcast campaign ( Or you can buy related books on (e.g. Game Boy World 1989 and Good Nintentions). Thank you for watching!

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Gintendo Stream #34: Gargoyle's Quest [Firebrand retranslation]
Let's play some Game Boy! With my all-time favorite entry in the Ghosts ’N Goblins series: Gargoyle's Quest, which recently got a comprehensive...
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The Legend of Zelda retrospective: The gold standard | NES Works #047
Nintendo's biggest and most consequential release for 1987, and one of the most important games of the year across all platforms, brings a newfound...
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Galactic Pinball retrospective: Red sector, eh | Virtual Boy Works #02
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Mario's Tennis retrospective: Doubles vision | Virtual Boy Works #01
Welcome to Virtual Boy Works! This brief journey through the entire worldwide library of Nintendo's least-beloved system begins here, with the...
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Elevator Action & Legend of Kage retrospective: Ups and downs | NES Works #046
Japanese publisher Taito makes its NES debut with a pair of games that, in stark contrast to the games that immediately precede them, quite faithfully...
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Gintendo Stream #033: Ninja Gaiden
Somehow Ninja Gaiden just turned 30, so here's a public demonstration of how much worse my reflexes have become three decades later.
2018-12-17 7:55:41 PM ● 2,610 views ● 57:40 98.91% liked
Home Alone retrospective: Doing hard time in solitary | Super NES Works #027
Young Kevin McAllister had it rough being stuck all by himself with a house full of crooks for Christmas, but really that was nothing compared...
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Section-Z retrospective: Tunnel visionary | NES Works #045
Capcom continues its diligent efforts to overhaul its arcade games for NES with a revamp every bit as admirable as Tecmo's fresh take on Rygar....
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Rygar retrospective: The sunset of a new dawn for NES | NES Works #044
Tecmo delivers its third game almost immediately on the heels of Solomon's Key and Mighty Bomb Jack, and it's a doozy. Rygar kicks off a couple...
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Gintendo Stream #031: Mega Man Legends | THANKSTREAMING
Let's take a journey to Kattelox Island, shall we?
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