The Legend of Zelda

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Latest Let's Plays For The Legend of Zelda

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
20 hours agoUnited States Risky BitnessLet's play legend of zelda FDS Finale: Death Mountain1:07:172
22 hours agoUnited States The D-Pad"Welcome to the Dungeon" - PART 14 - The Legend of Zelda: Second Quest17:0692
2021-09-10France MadiLunaLET'S PLAY TLoZ : The Wind Waker n°17 - Mais elle passe à travers non ?38:460
2021-09-09United States CausalJeffreyLegend of Zelda Link's Awakening #38: - Causaljeffrey23:370
2021-09-01 Daisy The Extreme Fairy GamerLet's Play - Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild Master Mode Part 61:02:0623
2021-08-24United States Kokesher3The Legend of Zelda (1986) - First Playthrough - Part 23:47:030
2021-08-20United States Tytanium DeathHillZelda Classic → Legend of Link ~ The New Legacy: 4 - Speedy Cuccos n' Mini Bosses32:47146
2021-08-18United States DKS3A8-Bit Summer! - Let's Play The Legend of Zelda Randomizer Part 10 (FINALE)35:3610
2021-08-10Canada Gaming JayBS Legend of Zelda (Super Famicom Satellaview) - JAPAN EXCLUSIVE NES REMAKE - Games You Never Played59:31124
2021-08-09United States BCKingGamesThe Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Playthrough Part 4) │ Twitch Livestream1:48:112
2021-08-08Austria L Play TVDie The Legend of Zelda Zeitline | LPlayTV27:138
2021-08-06Switzerland Marc RuefThe Legend of Zelda (NES) - 11 - Ninth Dungeon: Death Mountain (1st Try Failed)14:112
2021-07-25United States TakerlamaCosplayAmazing collection of Link Cosplays!0:12842
2021-07-23United States [CO] Matt Epicness Of GamingLet's play the legend of zelda skyword sword hd part 11:44:4057
2021-07-22United States starberryviA Link to the Past - First Playthrough PART 1816:2134
2021-07-16United States Miss KylieeLet's Play Majora's Mask | MissKyliee1:11:47535
2021-07-12 AR GamesLink's Awakening Remake First Playthrough Part 103:32:142
2021-07-09United States BaltisMCLet's Play Link's Awakening DX #15 - Playing Hooky19:5055
2021-07-02United States Hals YeahUnboxing Hero of Time Vinyl LP Record6:1841
2021-07-02France Megatron collectionThe Legend Of Zelda - OST vinyl LP (Bootleg)10:10242
2021-06-21India KombuzukaLegend Of Zelda : The Sky Sword Best Settings+Classic Controller (Wii) Dolphin Emu Android12:322,020
2021-06-20United States Zorrin小崎Unexpectedly ALOT of New Features & Cool Weapons!!! | Age of Calamity DLC Wave 1 Let Play/Reaction36:157,767
2021-06-19Canada BlueGraphite"Up n' Down the Bird Temple!" | Link's Awakening: PART 1928:099
2021-06-17France AntistarThe Legend of Zelda (Famicom, 2nde quête à 100%) : let's play FR, entraînement TLOMZ 20213:01:4861

Latest Reviews For The Legend of Zelda

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-01United States Fries101ReviewsLEGO Custom Review #10 - Link (Legend of Zelda) (Fries101Reviews)5:546
2021-07-10United States Switch Lite GamingThe Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Protection Case Unboxing & Review4:4180
2021-07-09Canada Mr. SujanoZelda just sold for almost $1 Million - Guinness World Record4:511,093
2021-07-01United States WizFishThe Best Retro Indie Game You Never Heard Of | The Hero's Spirit Review10:43532
2021-06-04United States NESComplexSECRETS, CODES, & INTEL | The Legend of Zelda Declassified NES | NESComplex22:44191,961
2021-06-03Argentina BetaTesteandoLa peor copia de The Legend Of Zelda 2 - Into The Eternal - BetaTesteando4:3843
2021-05-21Netherlands Linker pinkkinder suprise eggs jan roos aka dutchtuber review #68:1048
2021-04-04United States FreeNintendo21The Good, The Bad, & The Classics - The Legend of Zelda RE-Review16:28249
2021-03-18United States Wicked Cabin ProductionsTHE LEGEND OF ZELDA NES 35th Anniversary Retrospective5:46737
2021-03-05France Gameurthe legend of zelda hyrules warriors l'ére du fléau review9:592
2021-03-03United States Captain Spandex PlaysRARE 1950's Video Games11:5368
2021-02-10United States Zeth of HyruleLinks Awakening Collector Box (Unboxing and Review)8:042,161
2020-12-21Australia Skill IncarnateMorbid - The Seven Acolytes | PlayStation Review12:163,774
2020-12-12 TV - Just Dance 2021 Review4:599,907
2020-10-28United States Luis AlamillaOceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Switch Review (Nintendo Switch, iOS, Mac)6:14936
2020-10-13 Wade CuevasAmiibo Zelda (Wind Tact) (The Legend of Zelda Series) review1:252
2020-09-27 AqualungGameReviewsThe Legend Of Zelda Teaser (Cartoon by Hannu Mäkinen)3:181,311
2020-09-14 Gamer Dad ArcolusThe Legend of Zelda | Review and Gameplay of Final Dungeon18:1990
2020-09-10United States Jake's Game Reviews and Fun FactsLegend of Zelda comic book ending review1:0910
2020-08-28Australia Nintendo Ninja NewsThe Legend of Zelda (NES) Relaxed Review7:2810
2020-08-28Chile Getta MediaThe Legend of Zelda - ¿Te Hablo de Juegos? - Episodio 1022:1716
2020-08-23Russian Federation Igor RasheThe Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Прохождение: Часть 9 - Финал44:50126
2020-08-15United States DancarnateThe Legend of Zelda - Retro Achievement Review17:53389
2020-08-02United States CinemassacreWhy Zelda is the Most Influential Game - Retail Reviews36:27246,001