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Anime Game Otaku95

United States
United States

Anime Game Otaku95 is an American content creator on YouTube with 389 subscribers. His content totals over 162.76 thousand views views across around 1.53 thousand videos.

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About Anime Game Otaku95

This channel has fun videos of my personal favorites in Anime, video games, and other fun stuff.
Here are some rules of when I can upload the new videos:
1. I upload the new videos every Friday and/or Saturday.
2. The only time that I will upload on a different time is when I am done editing the new "Magia Record" videos since Magia Record is popular with my viewers.
3. If I happen to miss my upload time, this means that I am...
a. Busy with "Real World" business
b. Do not make more than 5 videos
4. Feel free to make some questions and comments on the "comment" section of my videos.

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