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I'm The Crapgamer, the one and only. The most compelling game related YouTuber and you know it! I'm one of the most controversial, outspoken, in your face game related YouTubers you'll ever come across. I do game reviews, previews, Let's Plays, gaming news, gaming rumors, gaming opinion videos and gaming podcasts.
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Xbox Anaconda Price Leak Is $700!?!? The PS5 Would EASILY Win Next-Gen!
We're getting more "leaks" on the Xbox Anaconda right now, it seems like Microsoft wasn't prepared for Sony to announce PS5 information...
2019-04-18 7:34:26 PM ● 2,150 views ● 1:14:46 79.84% liked
HUGE Xbox 2 Leak Is The Best News Ever For PS5! Microsoft Is So Screwed!
Sony released a TON of great PS5 information, but one of the biggest pieces of news is something very interesting when you compare it to Microsoft's...
2019-04-17 11:00:02 PM ● 4,863 views ● 3:49 56.49% liked
XBN: PS5 Specs More Powerful Than Xbox 2: Phil Spencer Promises New IP At E3: Sony Wins Big
Xbox Nation Podcast: Join the usual suspects and some guests as we discuss all the latest in gaming news and rumors and speculation. The PS5...
2019-04-17 8:08:14 PM ● 8,823 views ● 1:52:51 77.27% liked
Xbox Fans Ask For Games And Get Xbox SAD Edition! We Get More Consoles Than New IP!
It may be 6 years later, but Microsoft has finally seen their original Xbox One idea come true with the Xbox One SAD Edition. It has everything...
2019-04-17 1:00:06 PM ● 3,876 views ● 4:18 75.84% liked
Sony Announces The Biggest PS5 News Yet! This Was Supposed To Be IMPOSSIBLE?!?
Sony announced and confirmed numerous PlayStation 5 pieces of news today! What a brilliant way to really go after Microsoft and the Xbox brand!...
2019-04-16 11:00:00 PM ● 5,758 views ● 4:45 67.38% liked
Sony Confirms PS5 And Specs: 8K, Ray Tracing, Solid State Drive! Xbox Should Just Quit Now!
Sony just absolutely ended the next generation console war already! ((SOURCE)) SUPPORT...
2019-04-16 1:28:47 PM ● 9,374 views ● 1:51:27 73.44% liked
STOP IT MICROSOFT! Huge Announcement Is Killing The Xbox Brand, We Deserve Better!
What more can I say? Microsoft seems like they don't really have a clue anymore..... ((SOURCE))
2019-04-15 11:00:00 PM ● 5,493 views ● 3:51 60.53% liked
Sony Outright CONFIRMS PS5 News That Makes Xbox Look Ridiculous! Next-Gen Is Already Over!
When it comes to next-gen gaming, I think almost everyone will agree we don't want to see the next consoles be held back by current limitations....
2019-04-15 5:00:02 PM ● 12,160 views ● 3:32 55.80% liked
Let's Play
Microsoft Screws Over Xbox Fans Again! They Boycott Game That's Better On PS4!
Xbox fans are boycotting a game because it has so much exclusive PS4 content. In reality, you should be angry at Microsoft because they failed...
2019-04-14 11:00:00 PM ● 4,485 views ● 3:32 55.56% liked
Sony Takes Xbox's Lunch With HUGE PS5 News! Xbox Just Can't Win!
Sony isn't content with just beating the Xbox, they want to also beat the Xbox at Xbox's own game! Sony and PlayStation are now actively TAKING...
2019-04-14 5:00:00 PM ● 8,476 views ● 3:37 59.69% liked