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I'm The Crapgamer, the one and only. The most compelling game related YouTuber and you know it! I'm one of the most controversial, outspoken, in your face game related YouTubers you'll ever come across. I do game reviews, previews, Let's Plays, gaming news, gaming rumors, gaming opinion videos and gaming podcasts.
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This would be pretty awesome! Very excited to see what comes from this! SUPPORT M&C MORNINGS PATREON-
2018-04-23 11:00:02 PM ● 3,512 views ● 4:25 72.75% liked
This is strictly rumor, but I'm not sure this is at all what anyone had in mind when they said they want some new exclusive games. SUPPORT M&C...
2018-04-23 5:00:04 PM ● 5,237 views ● 3:26 78.38% liked
Major props to Sony and Sony Santa Monica Studios. God Of War truly is an amazing game and showcases what you can do with amazing first party...
2018-04-23 10:30:00 AM ● 8,659 views ● 3:23 80.93% liked
Xbox One E3 Game Rumors DEBUNKED! Could Microsoft's E3 Be In Trouble?
Looks like the list that surfaced the other day claiming it was Microsoft's E3 was just proven 100% Fake. ((SOURCE))
2018-04-22 11:00:01 PM ● 3,977 views ● 3:58 71.80% liked
Developer Talks Xbox Scorpio 2 And The PS5! Very Surprising And Not What Gamers Would Expect!
To be honest, I'm not even sure what the point in upgraded would be if this is the case? ((SOURCE))
2018-04-22 5:00:01 PM ● 6,621 views ● 4:18 79.84% liked
M&C Mornings Ep 68: Crackdown 3 Gets Rated For Release: Xbox Fans Frustrated: COD No Campaign?
2018-04-22 12:21:52 PM ● 5,397 views ● 1:58:19 87.61% liked
100% CONFIRMED! Leak Shows Incredible News For A Giant Xbox One Exclusive!
It looks like Xbox One owners are going to finally get some news thanks to this leak! SUPPORT M&C MORNINGS PATREON-
2018-04-21 11:00:04 PM ● 4,469 views ● 3:15 69.73% liked
Xbox Executive Streams God Of War On PS4 And Xbox Fans Lose Their Minds!
Do you think hardcore Xbox fans are tired of Xbox executives constant praise for Sony and Nintendo? And streaming those games is a bit of a burn...
2018-04-21 4:30:00 PM ● 7,252 views ● 5:26 58.22% liked
God of War
God of War (2018)
Xbox One X Gets It's Biggest Update Yet! Huge New Features Added Right Before E3!
Looks like we're getting a ton of cool new features! Clipping videos right in the dash and avoiding Upload Studio is awesome! ((SOURCE))
2018-04-21 10:00:00 AM ● 1,062 views ● 4:30 80.88% liked
A Huge Xbox One Exclusive Gets Surprising News! Fans Are Gonna Love This!
Not sure how I personally feel about it, but good news for some people I'm sure! ((SOURCE))
2018-04-20 11:00:00 PM ● 5,752 views ● 3:36 73.89% liked