The HorrorSquadHD Game Streaming channel

The HorrorSquadHD Game Streaming channel

United States
United States

The HorrorSquadHD Game Streaming channel is an American YouTube content creator with around 1.04 thousand subscribers. His content totals more than 306.4 thousand views views across at least 1.06 thousand videos.

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About The HorrorSquadHD Game Streaming channel

The HorrorSquadHD is a group of middle aged adults with way too much time on our hands.We're basicly a group of horror fanatics and that one guy who scares way too easily, who spend their free time posting gameplay videos. Here on our new YouTube account we will be playing a series of our favorite horror games and any scary games you guys recommed. If ya'll have any questions about our channel, just post in the comments and one of us will get back to you. Also please feel free to comment on our Facebook page. Hope you guys enjoy, please like and subscribe. This isQueen Bee and Two Idiots of The HorrorSquadHD signing off!!!!!! (Make sure to follow our channel for more Content ) (Make sure to come check us out on Patreon or love and support)) HorroSquadHd Discord Make sure to follow us on discord))

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