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We bring you the best of indie geek culture with daily video uploads from the Internet's foremost geek voices and content creators including Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Adam de la Pena, Amy Berg, Bryan Singer, Canadians, NASA scientists, and much much more!

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Co-Optitude: Felicia Day and Ryon Day (her brother) play the retro games their parents never let them play as kids!

Space Janitors: Our hilarious scripted spoof on space genre shows!

TableTop Season 3: Wil Wheaton plays board games with his celebrity friends!

LARPs: The Series: An awesome scripted show about a group of friends who LARP

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How to Play Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak
Slay the minions and discover shrines! In this week’s How to Play, surprise host Ivan Van Norman teaches Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak...
2019-01-15 9:00:05 AM ● 6,255 views ● 9:30 91.32% liked
The Second Seal | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 47
Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this week's episode! The Mighty Nein dive back underwater to find the second temple of Uk'otoa in search...
2019-01-14 1:02:08 PM ● 246,056 views ● 4:07:41 99.05% liked
The Coterie had quite a journey during season 1 of L.A. By Night. Season 2 premieres today at 8pm PT on and...
2019-01-11 9:00:04 AM ● 11,716 views ● 15:39 95.35% liked
Need a primer on the rules? Check out our How to Play: Fulfill your nefarious plans! In this week’s Game the Game...
2019-01-10 3:30:01 PM ● 14,441 views ● 1:51:47 91.40% liked
Want to up your D&D game? Watch the new season of Starter Kit, D&D: The Next Level, only on Alpha! Sign up for a free trial now at
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OG Critter and Talks Machina segment producer Dani Carr recaps the thunderous backstory drop of Critical Role Episode 46: "A Storm of Memories"!...
2019-01-10 5:00:03 AM ● 21,042 views ● 6:54 98.80% liked
Sure, you know the basics of D&D, but do you know how to take your game and character to the next level? Follow Dungeon Master David Nett...
2019-01-09 9:00:03 AM ● 49,967 views ● 1:49:22 91.34% liked
Hold your horseradish, Wednesdaisies! This week’s quirky question is for you foodies out there. Pick a costumed crimefighter to hang up the...
2019-01-09 7:00:07 AM ● 7,322 views ● 6:12 98.00% liked
How to Play Overlords of Infamy
Fulfill your nefarious plans! In this week’s How to Play host Becca Scott teaches Overlords of Infamy by Obscure Reference Games. In this resource...
2019-01-08 9:00:06 AM ● 7,800 views ● 9:01 94.92% liked
Starter Kit: D&D The Next Level - Premieres January 10
Mystery, intrigue, dice, and murder. And some talk about barbarians and swords. What could this all mean? Find out on Starter Kit: D&D The...
2019-01-08 7:00:06 AM ● 15,739 views ● 4:35 93.80% liked