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1.United States Magic: The Gathering209,334,635
2.United States Tolarian Community College192,177,899
3.Japan トモハッピー33,341,169
4.United States The Commander's Quarters27,314,325
5.United States Jake and Joel are Magic19,920,661
6.United States Alpha Investments15,576,540
7.United Kingdom PleasantKenobi11,211,869
8.United States Jumbo Commander10,430,558
9.United States Geek & Sundry9,668,593
10.United States ChannelFireball9,296,938

Latest Let's Plays For Magic: The Gathering

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
19 hours agoUnited States Umu💰 Alpha Investments Double Down on Magic the Gathering Hasbro Stock? 💰0:000
2022-11-23Netherlands NerdAndProudOfItMagic the Gathering Alpha set is still king, even in a bear market!6:42436
2022-11-22United States Tolarian Community CollegeLet's Play The Booster Box Game For Magic: The Gathering's New Set: The Brothers' War!59:04163,441
2022-11-12Canada CompleteIndieClaire D'Loon, Joy Sculptor | $50 Budget Deck | Battle of Wits4:0848
2022-11-01United States MTG UnpackedRudy's Alpha Investments 6.9 Anniversary Box Opening!9:402,963
2022-10-25Germany Süße SammelkartenMagic The Gathering + Überraschung - Mailday Mittwoch - Alpha Paralyse und ein neues TCG!36:1029
2022-10-20United States J. Scott GaribayRudy Over On Alpha Investments Does Not Know What Magic the Gathering Is Now IMHO12:4191
2022-10-10 MrBodinglesSerra Paragon Helps Keep the Steam coming | Selesnya Angels | DMU |Pioneer MTG2:01:28483
2022-09-30United States MTGGoldfish CommanderEveryone Plays Human Decks | Commander Clash S13 E101:23:4234,196
2022-09-24 Magic SpoilersMagic Spoilers! Unfinity | Claire D'Loon, Joy Sculptor #shorts0:25787
2022-09-22United States The Commander's QuartersNo No No Nooooooo! | Claire D'Loon, Joy Sculptor | Unfinity Spoilers | EDH | MTG19:4220,021
2022-09-21United States Game SoupLightning Round AI Generated Magic: the Gathering Cards! MTG A.I.4:43394
2022-08-16Brazil Formato For FunLore - Dominaria Unida 04: Um Golpe Brutal45:217,161
2022-08-15 16BitFerretAlpha Set to 5th Edition Core Set Guide6:0467
2022-08-09United States NicolaiBolasDRAFTING MAGIC'S VERY FIRST SET!!!21:102,048
2022-08-09United States Jake and Joel are MagicRudy Got Us Out of a Bind5:438,807
2022-07-17Germany TheLaughingMaxMax Plays: Magic The Gathering - Battlegrounds # Kapitel 6: Willenskraft # deutsch1:25:4539
2022-07-17 Coach KG🔴 Live | EDH Deck Building - Gut, True Soul Zealot W/ Dragon Cultist1:18:56185
2022-07-12Germany KEEPSEVENMTG DOUBLE MASTERS 2022: COLLECTOR DISPLAY OPENING - Was zieht man aus 5 Displays?!16:13865
2022-06-25United States Brokkr PlaysBIG PLAYS BIG CARDS | Magic: The Gathering - Episode 1215:390
2022-06-24United States TheFoilGuyKothophed - Aluminum Foil Sculpture2:584
2022-06-19United States Centerpiece CollectiblesINVESTMENT GRADE Alpha & Beta Serra Angels!6:4146
2022-06-04United States Rod JohnstonROD PLAYS MAGIC: THE GATHERING ARENA! ► EPISODE 147:354
2022-05-20United Kingdom That Ifrit GuyLet's Play Magic the Gathering: Arena - 1516 - Power Cell17:0118
2022-05-09United States refresh daemonMagic: The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death Ashoik, Sculptor of Fear Planeswalker Deck9:587

Latest Reviews For Magic: The Gathering

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago The Dice TowerDead Reckoning Saga Expansions Review - with Joey and Alex9:36468
2 days agoUnited States The Gaming GangDungeons & Dragons Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen | Review and Page-Through31:481,277
2 days agoUnited States Tolarian Community CollegeIs It Worth It To Buy A JumpStart 2022 Booster Box? Another New Magic: The Gathering Product Review17:47131,151
3 days agoUnited States Jake and Joel are MagicMystery Commander Decks | Magic: The Gathering #Shorts0:5916,089
6 days agoGermany TraderOnlineVideoMTG Jumpstart 2022 Booster Display Opening deutsch | Magic the Gathering Unboxing | Trader | Review1:25:552,766
2022-11-28United States Geek 4 AllNostalgic in a BAD Way! - Chapter 5: Exodus - The Brothers' War - MTG Story Review - JaAR1:11:5119
2022-11-23France Magic GamingDécouverte du Art Book Zendikar de Magic The Gathering8:1228
2022-11-11United Kingdom Always Board Never BoringMagic: The Gathering - Arena of the Planeswalkers Review & How to Play | Better than HeroScape?13:162,556
2022-11-08Canada Reckless TempestThe Brothers War Limited Review | Blue1:43:2432
2022-11-07Italy AKirARecensione finale di The Brother's War [#MTGBRO] - Card review e analisi Spoiler nuovo set Magic49:093,222
2022-11-05United States BoardGameCoNews & Week In Review - Giveaway Winners, Kickstarters I Missed & The Witcher24:013,901
2022-10-29 TCG TALKLegacy's Allure Starter Box Opening and Review (THIS GAME IS SO MUCH FUN)20:40153
2022-10-22United States Jumbo CommanderMTG New Transformers Set Review29:2613,937
2022-10-19United States MadHatterTry This! Tyranid Swarm Brief Review and Upgrade Suggestions! | 40K EDH Precon6:42301
2022-10-12United Kingdom Tabletop ImpulseMagic The Gathering: Universes Beyond - Forces of the Imperium reviewed by a Warhammer guy!53:42254
2022-10-10United Kingdom Elise and SamSam Surprises Me With UNFINITY: MTG Box Opening - Tea Review Vol. 5 #848:353,358
2022-10-10United States Wolf Dog MoonMAGIC THE GATHERING MORATORIUM & REVIEW28:3438
2022-10-09United States The Teklo FoundryDYNASTY DASH SPOILER REVIEW: How to use Hanabi Blaster and Powder Keg - Flesh and Blood TCG7:001,424
2022-09-28United States Liege of GamesWar of the Ring The Card Game - Best Lord of the Rings Game? Deep Dive Review29:082,612
2022-09-20United States Red WildriderDominaria United Set Review for Commander3:57:553
2022-09-18Sweden Critical Focus Channel - Tabletop ScaniaGorechosen of Dromm | Universal & Grand Alliance Card Review | Warhammer Underworlds Card Review21:15220
2022-09-15United States Syr JoetosMagic the Gathering: Dominaria United Legends’ Legacy Commander Deck Unboxing and Review26:1811
2022-09-06United States Roll For CritRekindling Durak | Blaze Review11:58308
2022-08-30Indonesia Addyneo GamingAddyneo's Impression : MAGIC SPELLSLINGERS, Mari Kita Review First Gameplay dan Deck-nya!13:0522
2022-08-30 Coach KGShanid, Sleepers Scourge Precon Gameplay Review | Legend's Legacy | Dominaria United | MTG EDH 20228:261,569