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Welcome to my channel! Video games are the main focus of my channel. Gameplay, news & sometimes rants. Subscribe and I'll sub back!

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Cyberpunk 2077 NEW INFO! - Leaked Release Date, Multiplayer, Weapon Mods, Witcher Spin-Off & MORE!
We're back with some more Cyberpunk 2077 info! We look at possible release date (leaked of course). The possibility of multiplayer. Weapon mods...
2019-04-14 4:32:26 PM ● 213 views ● 7:40 100.00% liked
Cyberpunk 2077 NEWS! - Job Listing Hints At Release Date Announcement
CD Projekt Red is hiring a release manager. Them seeking out this specific role hints at them gearing up to release a game. The game pretty much...
2019-04-12 8:18:38 PM ● 148 views ● 5:03 88.24% liked
Cyberpunk 2077 MORE INFO! - More Hype Than Witcher 3, Next Gen, Complex Quests, Street Cred & MORE!
So we are back again with some more Cyberpunk 2077 info! It's (again) some older info but all new to me & hopefully you as well. We learn...
2019-04-10 9:01:46 PM ● 412 views ● 7:39 95.65% liked
Cyberpunk 2077 MORE INFO! - Leaked Release Window, No Third Person & No VR Support
Back with some more Cyberpunk 2077 info! We learned (via Twitter) that there wont be any VR support, as of right now. Also there isn't a third...
2019-04-09 4:03:04 PM ● 4,262 views ● 6:38 75.00% liked
Steam Users Very Upset That Borderlands 3 Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive
Been a few days since this story happened but I wanted to let it breathe. Borderlands 3 was announced a (timed) Epic Games Store exclusive. #Borderlands3...
2019-04-07 4:21:14 PM ● 388 views ● 4:47 70.59% liked
Bethesda Lied Again! Non-Cosmetic Items Coming To Fallout 76 Atomic Shop!
Welp it finally happened and truthfully was inevitable. Bethesda said they'd never add non-cosmetic items to the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop yet here...
2019-04-05 6:01:12 PM ● 365 views ● 6:02 87.88% liked
CD Projekt Red Working On NEW Unannounced Game & Opening Merch Store!
Previous video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUwgMnUJR2Q This may not be news to some (or most) of you out there but CD Projekt RED is working...
2019-04-03 3:22:40 PM ● 223 views ● 5:44 94.12% liked
Cyberpunk 2077 Has NO GAME OVER Screens For Failing Missions
We're gonna start making Cyberpunk 2077 videos going forward (as long as people want it) Today we learned that failing a mission doesn't give...
2019-04-02 4:50:22 PM ● 1,067 views ● 4:35 98.39% liked
Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets A New Director | (FF7)
It's April Fools day but we have some actual info on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. They've added a new co-director onto the project. Hopefully...
2019-04-01 4:29:03 PM ● 505 views ● 3:53 90.48% liked
Todd Howard Completely ROASTS The Launch Of Fallout 76!
At Bethesda Game Days, during PAX East 2019, Todd Howard discusses the launch of Fallout 76. He addresses the issues Fallout 76 had as "difficulties"....
2019-03-31 8:40:24 PM ● 774 views ● 5:02 81.82% liked