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So it's been over a year and what a wild ride it's been, my plan for the end of this year was 300 and we're already well on our way to 400. We're a great bunch of positive happy people round here, friendly to new members of the cheddar family and....let's face sometimes...most times a little bonkers!
I've not missed a day yet, either streaming or a vid, ATM both
We don't really do hype for hype sake here, we do what's fun, what we love. Most of my vids cover early access titles, showcasing great up and coming games and devs. There's a ton of AAA titles too, plus a bunch of reaction and how to vids to top things off.
As the world opens back up, things will be changing to a wider scope of things, the big ol' world out there. And as the channel grows and I can put more time to it I have plans for even more wonderful bits for the future.

Over on my Twitch channel, link below, we do a bunch of multiplayer stuff for you wonderful folks to jump into!
So join the cheddar fam!

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