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The YouTube home of videogame not-journalist Jim Sterling. A game critic and raconteur, he runs The Jimquisition as a crowdfunded video series, podcast, and game review site, he is one third of FistShark Marketing, and he is trying to understand this YouTube thing!

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A Difficult Subject (The Jimquisition)
http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com https://www.thejimporium.com Okay... let's wade into this debate again. It's...
2019-04-15 8:43:35 AM ● 60,102 views ● 27:05 89.98% liked
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Looks Good, Fuck EA (OMGH)
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has all the right elements. It's made by Respawn, it's single-player, it won't have microtransactions or loot boxes....
2019-04-14 7:26:37 AM ● 207,872 views ● 9:07 96.06% liked
The Elder Scrolls: Blades - Cynically Greedy Mobile Garbage
http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com https://www.thejimporium.com An experience unlike any other! A true Elder...
2019-04-12 8:02:53 AM ● 353,216 views ● 11:42 98.46% liked
Creepy Activision Wants To Know All About Their Employees' Pregnancies
Ovia is a pregnancy tracking app that takes in a creepy amount of personal data from its users. This data can be accessed by companies to track...
2019-04-10 8:30:10 AM ● 250,492 views ● 10:16 97.70% liked
A Video About BioWare Working Staff To Tears And Calling Its Mental Abuse "Magic" (The Jimquisition)
http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com https://www.thejimporium.com Kotaku published an instant hit of game journalism,...
2019-04-08 8:56:49 AM ● 499,220 views ● 22:29 98.38% liked
Fallout 76 Accused Of Selling Pay-To-Win Microtransactions, But Is It? (Sorta Yes)
Fallout 76 is introducing gameplay items to its previously "just cosmetic" Atom Shop. Bethesda previously promised it wouldn't sell...
2019-04-07 9:05:21 AM ● 297,823 views ● 10:30 98.29% liked
Let's Talk About Borderlands 3, Epic Store Exclusivity, And An Uncontrolled Market
Borderlands 3 is exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC, squirreled away on one storefront for six months before trickling down to the rest....
2019-04-04 11:07:02 AM ● 340,168 views ● 10:59 94.13% liked
Borderlands 3
Yoshi's Crafted World - Wooly Jumper (Jimpressions)
http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com https://www.thejimporium.com Yoshi's Crafted World is a chill little platformer....
2019-04-03 12:18:29 PM ● 115,852 views ● 8:33 98.68% liked
Net Neutrality: ISPs Can Throttle And Block Content So Long As They Admit It
There's so much bollocks going on in the world that one can easily forget all the things we have to worry about. Net Neutrality is one such thing,...
2019-04-02 10:11:02 AM ● 194,550 views ● 10:43 98.14% liked
Roadmap To Nowhere (The Jimquisition)
http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com https://www.thejimporium.com We've touched on roadmaps a little before, but...
2019-04-01 8:54:52 AM ● 448,907 views ● 15:45 98.02% liked