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About Captain_Meatshield

Hail, Brothers and Sisters!

I think I managed to cover all the basics of this channel in my "Trailer", but in case you haven't seen it, here's what I do here.

Monday to Friday, at 3pm (GMT) I put out a Let's Play video.
Monday's are generally reserved for Horror-based games, such as Amnesia, and Outlast.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, I tend to cycle through various series that I have running, along with occasional one-off episodes of games from Gamejolt, or things like Happy Wheels.
F is for Friday, and that means Factorio!! My current crack addiction where I'm building a complex of factories interconnected by rails, and defended by walls and turrets in a design influenced by Attack on Titan.
Lastly, Saturdays are for the monthly metal cover, "Highlights" videos (when I manage to compile them), and whatever additional videos I might have to put out.

If you're just passing through, or are here to stay; Welcome to the Clan Meatshield! I hope there is something here that you will enjoy!

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Don't Mess With Joe Baker!! [End of Zoe DLC] // Resident Evil VII: Biohazard #20
The final story begins, as Joe Baker finds the crystalline body of his niece, Zoe; somehow still alive, weeks after Evie's demise!! ● Check...
2019-04-15 8:00:06 AM ● 3 views ● 46:06 100.00% liked
The Fancy Loos Are In!! // Oxygen Not Included #15
The new plumbing system is in, and things are starting to get much more comfortable around here!! ● Check out my Metal Covers playlist:
2019-04-14 8:00:06 AM ● 12 views ● 32:48 100.00% liked
The Darkness in Dol Guldur!! // LEGO The Hobbit #7
The ruins of Dol Guldur hide the rising power of a dark, and ancient enemy... ● Check out my Metal Covers playlist: -...
2019-04-13 8:00:03 AM ● 7 views ● 48:34 100.00% liked
Automated Copper!! // Satisfactory [Early Access] #4
Yup. I'm not able to put the game down! I've started to turn the iron ingots into plates and rods, and at long last, I've finally automated the...
2019-04-12 1:00:02 PM ● 9 views ● 31:41 100.00% liked
Iron Bear Gone Dark!! // Forts: Tons of Guns #5
The Iron Bear Alliance Helicarrier sets course for The Motherlode, after continuing to beat down the Eagle Empire in Africa, and disappears from...
2019-04-12 8:00:00 AM ● 14 views ● 25:54 100.00% liked
Home at Last!! // The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary #47 [FINALE]
It's been a very long road for The Settlers, but at long last, they can finally return home!! ● Check out my Metal Covers playlist:
2019-04-11 8:00:01 AM ● 10 views ● 29:25 100.00% liked
Tidy-lookin' Smelters // Satisfactory [Early Access] #3
With the HUB upgraded, new tech is available that will help to expand the factory to no end!! Let's make a start on tidying up the smelters,...
2019-04-10 1:00:05 PM ● 14 views ● 33:07 100.00% liked
Hyperdrive Engaged!! // Space Haven [Kickstarter Alpha] #4
The Thais is ready to launch, so it's time to start heading out into the cosmos in search of more supplies! -[This series has been made possible...
2019-04-10 8:00:03 AM ● 47 views ● 28:33 100.00% liked
Let's Play
A Dignified Kingdom // Kingdoms and Castles [Season 2] #19
Midfield is starting to surpass Mordlund, as the population surges past 2000!! And there's still plenty more space to worth with!! ● Check...
2019-04-09 8:00:02 AM ● 14 views ● 34:52 100.00% liked
Game Over for Lucas [Not a Hero DLC] // Resident Evil VII: Biohazard #19
Lucas Baker's games are finally over, and Chris can call this mission a success. ● Check out my Metal Covers playlist:
2019-04-08 8:00:07 AM ● 11 views ● 56:07 100.00% liked