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1.Denmark Nilaus41,289,770
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5.Russian Federation Игры в призме субъективности22,173,491
6.United States Xterminator21,356,520
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8.Australia martincitopants16,626,240
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10. DoshDoshington15,173,493

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1.United States Xterminator2,547
2.Denmark Nilaus2,487
3.Germany OpaZockt...2,470
4.Germany Gerugon2,011
5.United States KatherineOfSky1,908
6.Australia JD Plays1,727
7.United Kingdom Steejo1,638
8.Germany Lumatan1,477
9.Korea, Republic of 군단Corps1,419
10.Denmark Greycloak1,372

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Monetization Policy: Stream/Video Monetization Allowed
Last Updated: 2022-11-03 2:20:04 PM

Under "Video Policy" of the "End User License Agreement", you may create and monetize videos on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube as worded below:

  • If you are a valid user of the game, you may use our content for the purpose of creating videos (such as tutorials, walkthroughs, reviews etc.), uploading them on video sharing platforms (such as Youtube) and monetize those.


Latest Let's Plays For Factorio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoFrance epsoSC2Let's play Factorio Space Exploration Ep258: On a des soucis avec l'approvisionnement en pétrole :/27:4952
2023-11-29 KillSPBR GamerEP40 - Factorio + Space Exploration - Organizando a Base31:351
2023-11-28United States Thomas EdwardAutomating Red and Green Science | EP 06 | Blind Playthrough | Let's Play Factorio54:0324
2023-11-25United States AR Studios GamingDeep Space Science! | Factorio Space Exploration & Krastorio Playthrough | Episode 11757:03102
2023-11-25Germany ColonelBurton1104Captain of Industry 2023 | #26 | Säure muss sein | Let's Play Deutsch25:5610
2023-11-24Sweden Sif Kamira Ch.🔴【Factorio】Baby plays with Bricks6:09:3286
2023-11-24Germany FritzHugo3Factorio All the Overhauls mit 157 Mods 0015 - Riesiger Core Mining und Erzlager Doppel-Zuggrid3:11:061
2023-11-22United States JTM PlaysRushing Space Science! | Factorio: Space Exploration Mod | LETS PLAY - E2937:3330
2023-11-20United Kingdom Laurence PlaysS4-E03 pt 2 - Chilling Effect - Laurence Plays Factorio: Space Exploration 0.6 + K²33:31211
2023-11-19South Africa Skuzz PlaysFactorio Series 2 - 85 - SCIENCE COMPLEX - FIXING IMPORTS - Playthrough56:3921
2023-11-19Germany Dead PaddyOb der Strom reicht ? ⚙️ Factorio #72 Let`s Play (deutsch/german)31:3722
2023-11-18 Zen MikeyFactorio Space Exploration Lets Play #89 - Life After Holmium2:20:2552
2023-11-17United States REALiNSaNgAMingGODPrODIgY Factorio gameplay (Walkthrough / Playthrough / Lets Play)34:298
2023-11-15United States BeandaPlaying something1:18:5516
2023-11-09Canada Keywii PlaysKeywii Plays Factorio (16) Space Exploration31:078
2023-11-09United States BLAZEDELL(HARD MODE) Banished Year 50 #banished10:1631
2023-11-08United States Wally1169Factorio Exotic Industries - Upgraded Circuits - Let's Play, Stream - Episode 142:14:2125
2023-11-08Germany Steel_Games_StudioFactorio - Seablock - Ein altes Werk wird aufgelöst - Let's Play 1301 - [de/ger]25:2340
2023-11-05Austria thecloud23Let's Play Factorio Space Exploration #52 (Deutsch) - Bessere Rüstung und neuer Ausbau2:18:5340
2023-11-04Germany derStrategieNerdZÜGE, SIGNALE und FAHRPLÄNE in Factorio 2023 #7 | Guide Community Deutsch52:32545
2023-11-03Australia JD PlaysFactorio Friday Facts #383 ⚙️Super Force Building26:041,124
2023-11-01Germany CedricFrag nicht was für ein Let`s Play, einfach ein Tutorial Let´s Play 🏭 Factorio #4544:4555
2023-10-27Canada Swagnilla IceSwag Plays Factorio Episode 1121:1916
2023-10-26United States ThetFactorio Part 49: Need More Chips [Modded]1:05:4868
2023-10-24Germany PPs WeltSalpetersäure - Krastorio 2 - Factorio S3 #37 [Let's Play/Deutsch/German]31:4862

Latest Reviews For Factorio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-26United States charasmatic_pickleFactorio an Honest(Beginners) Review4:54255
2023-11-10Germany CALLECOXS GAME TIMENavy Quest Gameplay 045 That was not funny for this poor small player5:2033
2023-07-29United Kingdom Worth A BuyEmpires of the Undergrowth and a live review of a coop FPS.2:30:305,615
2023-06-27United States P GatcombShould you play Angels + Bobs mod for Factorio? Review and Commentary17:27295
2023-06-18United States Game LikeZed Zone (Review) | sandbox, 2D, pixel graphic, survival game2:18102
2023-06-15 Talking About GamesFlexTale Hexcrawl Atlas: Western Realm of Aquilae review; perfect for solo, co-op & traditional play4:08110
2023-06-09United States PSAdv ReviewA Typical Factorio Experience… #factorio #funnygamereviews #steamgame0:13679
2023-05-11Hong Kong Ironic and DeadFactorio - 60 second game review0:5911,821
2023-04-09 MrHossieAfter 1000+ hours of Factorio, is it worth your time? | Game Review5:0027,016
2023-03-30United States XterminatorFactorio Mod Spotlight / Review - Pyanodon Mods19:2811,794
2023-03-07Brazil Asgard GamesMob Factory - Um Factorio de Monstro #review #demo31:4791
2023-02-24United States The WifttWarhammer 40k!!! 5 Minute Army Review: Raven Guard 3.01:4426
2023-02-17United States ChickenFactorio is the perfect balance between spaghetti and efficiency2:1998
2023-02-10Germany JustDaZackMob Factory – Automation TD – "Can It Impress Me?"38:25486
2023-02-09 Worth A Minute ReviewsFactorio Worth a Minute Review #worthaminute #factorio #automation #factory #indiegame #rpg #sandbox0:56793
2023-01-28Spain Value UniverCity Gaming🚀 FACTORIO con FACTORISSIMO 2023 🚀 || GUÍA TUTORIAL AVANZADA - Capítulo 8 #factorio1:13:4399
2023-01-23United States Bears DenA Look at 248K mod for Factorio - Stream Review after Major Bitter Attack8:4325
2023-01-19United States Norousto Twitch VOD'sNorousto Gaming - Factorio - Base Review - Bug's Be Gone - More Science4:28:29168
2023-01-11Mexico PCGamer RadioFactorio - Quick Fire Review1:0031
2023-01-05Saudi Arabia DalibanHQ HighlightsDestiny SchizUary (Dogs, Howard Stern, Date Review)28:0613,008
2022-12-30 Frosty294492Captain of industry: Review6:4158
2022-12-27United States cheapbooksFactorio Review10:5633
2022-12-14Canada trashcan57Enjoy RELAXING with Kubifaktorium2:43828
2022-11-27Germany UnderDog-GameZFactorio Review deutsch, ist es gut? Hat es Multiplayer? PvP / PvE ? Mod Support? Spielinfos10:13125
2022-10-31United States ImFriggeredIs Factorio on the Switch worth it? (Short Review)5:127,587