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Uncertified Fire

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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About Uncertified Fire

Hey, UncertifiedFire here!

We are a pair of Pokemon enthusiasts who love pretty much everything about Pokemon. We will be showcasing many things on our channel including: Live streams, VGC Play throughs, pack openings and other Pokemon related content.

We go by the codenames Red and Blue and we really hope to push our content as far as possible. We want people to watch and follow us as we embark on our journey and we're hoping you'll be beside us along the way!

It's taken a long time for both us to actually pluck up the courage and start our online profiles. Doing this together has meant that we have the support we both need in order to start up this adventure!

We welcome every single one of you to our channel and we hope that you will enjoy watching our content as much as we enjoy making it.

All the best.

Red and Blue

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