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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Austin John Plays61,884,877
2.United States PokeTips50,880,074
3. ProsafiaGaming45,953,496
4.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel37,872,158
5.United States aDrive37,351,797
6. Pokeli26,346,691
7. Mixeli22,544,242
8.United States Nintendo19,831,072
9.Korea, Republic of Squash Clay 쪼물쪼물 클레이17,875,772
10.United Kingdom DanTDM16,573,763

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom HDvee514
2.United States CYCHREUS464
3.United States RuffledRowlit438
4.United States aDrive369
5. Hellboy Gaming368
6.Austria Nes348
7.Brazil SharKTuxa337
8.United States pokeaimMD322
9. Ptcgradio283
10.United Kingdom Black Lotus281

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States HappyAnimaidCafeManagerPokemon Shield: Let's Play: Ep 14619:070
2 days agoGermany Fluie🔴Pokemon Schild Nuzlocke Part 21 Insel Prüfungen1:40:0229
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Strife PlaysPokemon Sword isle of armor Ep12 Battle with sensei -Strife Plays (finale)45:471
3 days agoUnited Kingdom PasqualinaWII Nintendo GamerLIVE - Pokemon Sword Let's Play - Part 6 @Pasqualinawii2:47:07153
4 days agoUnited States CYCHREUSPokemon Sword Shiny Dynamax Alakazam Raid & Catch4:11125
5 days ago PtcgradioMagearna Can Help So Many Pokémon TCG Decks! (Pokemon Sword & Shield TCG)11:143,523
6 days agoGermany WolfBiteLPDie Pilze finden - Part 14 (Let's Play Pokemon Schwert Rüstungsinsel DLC German)19:155
6 days agoUnited States tahtnipuPokemon Sword Isle of Armor DLC - Nintendo Switch Playthrough Part 61:37:5231
6 days agoCanada GameFaceHoney Mustard | Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor DLC Gameplay Nintendo Switch Playthrough23:12186
6 days agoUnited States TenMoreMinutesPokemon Sword and Shield Let's Play Isle of Armor: Hot Mustard - PART 77 - TenMoreMinutes44:07125
2020-07-03Germany CLPgyralvXLet's Play Pokemon Schild DLC - Die Insel der Rüstung (German, half Blind) Part 6118:574
2020-07-02Canada MrRayhondaPokemon Sword | Stream Playthrough | Part 141:44:0411
2020-07-02 emmeencreamEmmeencream Plays Pokemon Sword and Shield 7/2/20202:37:3128
2020-07-02United States Grave Shift GamerHUGE DISAPPOINTMENTS!!! Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke | Hydrolocke Ep 1629:2019
2020-07-02United States Tabor The GamerThe Isle of Armor Experience! My Funny Adventure! | Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Playthrough34:5818
2020-07-02Canada Mark LiottaLet's Play Pokemon Sword: Episode 6814:3432
2020-07-02United Kingdom SuperCJK333Let's Play Pokemon Sword: Isle Of Armor #2 [The Dojo Family]14:570
2020-06-30Canada MajinPhilGETTING SHINY ZERAORA IN POKEMON SWORD5:121,774
2020-06-30United States CausalJeffreySEEKING THE POKEMON OF LEGEND - Pokemon Shield (Playthrough #55)22:060
2020-06-30United States Austin John Plays*LIMITED TIME* Common Steelix & Rhyperior! Raids Den Update Pokemon Sword & Shield4:22204,904
2020-06-30Germany einerwieFür die Legion - Pokemon Schwert- 45 (Deutsch/Gameplay)25:074
2020-06-29United Kingdom ScouseMousePOST GAME WRAP UP - Pokemon Sword - BLIND PLAYTHROUGH | Live Stream3:59:05177
2020-06-29Germany KnorfnitzPOKEMON SCHWERT [LIVE] INSEL DER RÜSTUNG 003 Lets Play | deutsch2:38:4472
2020-06-29Canada TannerOfTheNorthLet's Play Pokémon Sword [Blind] - Part 31 ~Isle of Armor Finale~1:17:37221
2020-06-28United States DSPGamingPokemon Sword DLC: The Isle of Armor playthrough pt10 - Time To Start Completing the Pokedex1:02:20695

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-02Brazil VoxelAnálise/review - Pokémon Sword/Shield: Isle of Armor - Vale a pena?9:513,716
2020-07-02United States Beacon of NickPokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Review After 2 Weeks!10:12213
2020-07-02United Kingdom God is a GeekPokemon Sword: The Isle of Armor review4:4541
2020-07-01 DistantKingdomWorth It? Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Review Part 1: The Isle of Armor12:54100,879
2020-06-29Canada Electric Playground Network - EPNThe Isle of Armor (Pokémon Shield DLC) Review! - Electric Playground8:251,440
2020-06-28Brazil Coelho no JapãoAnálise Pokémon Sword Isle of Armor DLC Expansão vale mesmo seu dinheiro? Review25:168,011
2020-06-25United States Noisy PixelPokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor Review - Noisy Pixel5:12229
2020-06-25Netherlands GamekingsPokemon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor DLC Review6:462,553
2020-06-23United States Raymond StrazdasIs The New Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC WORTH IT!? (Nintendo Switch)8:011,612
2020-06-23United States IGNPokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor DLC Review5:3150,663
2020-06-22Canada JKBPokémon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor - DLC REVIEW (Nintendo Switch) | JKB8:00357
2020-06-22Canada COGconnectedPokemon Sword: Isle of Armor DLC Review - A Lot, Yet Not5:13267
2020-06-21United States Reviews 2 GoPokemon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor (Switch) Review6:26692
2020-06-20United Kingdom OddiemefavThe Isle Of Armour is BAD for Pokemon sword and shield4:36938
2020-06-19United States AeroIs Isle of Armor WORTH IT? - Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC Review10:281,119
2020-06-19United States RubycarioDefinitely not GOOD, but "Fine" | The Isle of Armor Review | Pokemon Sword/Shield21:031,744
2020-06-19United States ProtoMarioPokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC Review11:0512,553
2020-06-19United States KneeckohPokemon Sword and Shield DLC ISLE OF ARMOR Review - Is It Worth It?8:4463
2020-06-19United Kingdom JDTheGuruPOKEMON SWORD & SHIELD THE ISLE OF ARMOR DLC REVIEW - IS IT WORTH IT? A lot of Content on Offer!5:0361
2020-06-18United States Cool KhiidIsle Of Armor Pokemon Sword/Shield DLC || Cool Khiid Review11:4340
2020-06-18 GameXplainPokémon Sword & Shield: The Isle of Armor - DLC REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)5:3690,661
2020-06-18 BaoZakerugaPokemon Sword/Shield Isle of Armor Review3:22119
2020-06-18United States thecodblackopskidPokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Dlc Review!! IS IT WORTH YOUR MONEY!?!?!10:0522
2020-06-18United Kingdom Nintendo LifePokémon Sword & Shield - The Isle of Armor DLC Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?7:4157,832
2020-06-18United States Jonno PlaysISLE OF ARMOR FULL GAMEPLAY & HONEST REVIEW! New Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass DLC4:34:273,799