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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Austin John Plays37,075,217
2.United States PokeTips34,842,478
3.United States aDrive31,547,312
4.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel31,028,249
5. ProsafiaGaming29,030,219
6.United States Nintendo15,789,478
7.United States Verlisify13,096,270
8.United Kingdom DanTDM12,950,857
9. Pokeli12,930,816
10.Korea, Republic of Squash Clay 쪼물쪼물 클레이10,481,227

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom HDvee455
2.United States RuffledRowlit434
3.United States Verlisify394
4. Hellboy Gaming368
5.United States aDrive352
6.United States CYCHREUS283
7.United States pokeaimMD280
8.Norway nirth226
9.New Zealand Twothless226
10.United States Vizually216

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
16 hours agoUnited States Late Night MegaLet's Play Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke part 32 - Various Ramblings25:560
1 day agoUnited States HappyAnimaidCafeManagerPokemon Shield: Let's Play: Ep 12018:421
2 days agoUnited States CYCHREUSPokemon Sword Shiny Dynamax Manectric Raid & Catch6:0360
2 days agoUnited States Speedy TempoGYM BATTLE AGAINST GORDIE! | Speedy Plays Pokemon Sword | Part 3527:018
2 days agoUnited States KappyPokemon Sword Playthrough! [18]40:432
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Callum KellyLet's Play Pokemon Sword: Part 18 [The Fire Gym]24:370
4 days agoGermany CLPgyralvXLet's Play Pokemon Schild (German, half Blind) Part 5516:033
4 days agoUnited States NappyPokémon Sword + Shield Let's Play w/ Nappy - Ep 28 "Luxray, but better."38:504,648
4 days agoUnited States PowBlockGamingPokemon Sword Playthrough Part 23 - Oleana Battle Atop Rose Tower!13:1014
6 days agoGermany MikuXCVORRUNDE DER LIGA-CHALLENGE ⚔️ MARY UND HOP #30 Let's Play Pokemon Schwert34:529
6 days agoUnited States TenMoreMinutesPokemon Sword and Shield Let's Play: Ketchum All - PART 63.4 - TenMoreMinutes2:27:2141
2020-03-24United States DarkKirby14Pokemon Sword #22: Semi-Final Showdowns32:205
2020-03-23Germany Patteyayo PlaysSome cool new Mons, Battle Tower and Gotta Catch'em All - Pokemon Sword Live1:58:2910
2020-03-22 Guias NyxLet's Play Pokemon Shield Part 16: Rival Rematches56:214
2020-03-21United States NBX Game ZoneNBX Plays: Pokemon Sword (FINALE) | WARRIOR vs. LEON23:212
2020-03-20Germany iAddict00Pokemon Schwert [Playthrough] #04530:0032
2020-03-19 Gaming By A LadyIt's Champ Time! [FIN] ✦ Pokemon Schild ✦ Let's Play Pokemon Schild [Deutsch]8:14:5632
2020-03-17Germany Fluie🔴Pokemon Schild Nuzlocke Part 19 Letzte Folge vor den DLCs1:37:2843
2020-03-16 Dylan KurosakiSTARTING A NEW ROUTE | Pokemon Sword36:3311
2020-03-16United States Austin John PlaysThe Start - Austin John Plays & aDrive's Pokemon Sword & Shield Cagelocke28:11175,391
2020-03-16United States aDriveThe Start - aDrive & Austin John Plays Pokemon Sword & Shield Cagelocke28:11143,020
2020-03-16 Pig Goes Moo ProductionsLets Play Pokemon Sword Nintendo Switch1:21:374
2020-03-15Netherlands ToughGamingGuyPokémon Sword (Switch) - 1080p60 HD Playthrough Part 45 - Final Gym (Raihan: Dragon Badge)32:556
2020-03-14United States TimPlaysAGame[LIVE] Pokémon Sword & Shield – Vulpix (Alola) Pokémon Giveaway (3/14/2020) – TPAG1:33:32317
2020-03-12United States ArcadeCloudROACHING MYTHICAL POKEMON?! | Roach Plays Pokemon Sword13:4022,746

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-18New Zealand RadicalSodaA Dynamaxed Review of Pokemon Sword and Shield [03]32:3942,724
2020-02-29United Kingdom Gnator8t4Pokémon: Sword and Shield Review9:3428
2020-02-14United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyPokemon Sword and Shield Review10:0734
2020-02-13Norway Ircha GamingBuy or Not? Pokémon Sword and Shield Review (Nintendo Switch)11:025,825
2020-02-11United States ReviewTechUSANintendo Comes Down HARD On The Pokemon: Sword and Shield Leaker5:5937,396
2020-01-31United States The Inner GamerPokémon Sword and Shield REVIEW - Far from Revolutionary12:4235
2020-01-30United States Verlisify#BringBackNationalDex IS OVER As Pokemon Sword and Shield OUTSELL SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE!24:3014,847
2020-01-25United States Cohesive Friendship UnitPokemon Sword And Shield Review - PKMN Gen 8 Review!21:26122
2020-01-17Canada Project COEPokémon Sword and Shield Review for the Nintendo Switch8:04178
2020-01-14Japan VenoixPokémon Sword & Shield Switch Review12:5223
2020-01-13United Kingdom The Unusual SuspectPokémon Sword / Shield [Critical Review] | The Unusual Suspect41:1121,109
2020-01-11United Kingdom Dexter ManningMy thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Shield6:271,671
2020-01-09Georgia JpXGamingNEW POKEMON DLC! | Pokemon Sword & Shield Direct (1.9.20) Review5:1029
2020-01-09United States CrazySeanDXPokemon Sword & Shield | Does It Deserve The Backlash? | Praise Appraisal11:12116
2020-01-09United States LostTriggerThe Worst Nintendo Exclusive? | Pokemon Sword & Shield Review20:03135
2019-12-30 FreeXaxAn Honest and Unbiased Review of Pokémon Sword and Shield38:41215
2019-12-29 SilverLeagueNetworksPokemon Sword & Shield - Post Game Part 1 - The Kings of 1-Star Reviews!40:19863
2019-12-26 shirobrawlPokemon Sword: A beginning of a new adventure! Part 15:47:02399
2019-12-25Germany Defender833Pokemon Schwert & Schild Review | Pokemon Abenteuer im Test | #PokemonSchwertSchild10:441,110
2019-12-24Germany LowRez HDPokemon Schwert / Schild | Review / Test | LowRez HD | deutsch13:182,408
2019-12-24United States PhillyBeatzUARMORED MEWTWO in Pokemon Sword & Shield!!! | POKEMON MOD REVIEW #25:2614,443
2019-12-22Germany ninfreakA Guilty Pleasure? - Pokémon Sword & Shield Review11:16935
2019-12-22United States THEINSANEGAMEFREAKAnother Manic Episode 18: Pokemon Sword & Shield Review1:27:58387
2019-12-21United States The CompletionistPokemon Sword and Shield - Were the Sacrifices Worth It? | The Completionist24:35430,856