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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan ライバロリ220,636,304
2.Japan もこうの実況200,914,091
3.United States MandJTV178,596,740
4.United States PokeTips137,195,936
5.United States Austin John Plays101,562,399
6. ProsafiaGaming95,703,944
7.Japan バンビー94,794,115
8.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel92,148,891
9.United States aDrive88,819,185
10.Japan ぽへチャンネル78,383,740

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Spain Kolash1,043
2.Brazil SharKTuxa989
3.United States pokeaimMD913
4.United Kingdom HDvee869
5.Spain Revenge Killer846
6.United States THATSAplusONE837
7.United States aDrive805
8.United States Poijz❄781
9.United States RuffledRowlit741
10.United States Techno Trainer720

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoGermany MagpiePokemon Schwert und Schild Suicune Dynamax Abenteuer 🛡️⚔️1:27:5840
1 day agoCanada JaydeXMickyLet's Play Pokemon Sword Part 45 (DLC) The Isle Of Armor Time to kick off our fun in the sun!22:527
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Grant's Voice On GamesStow On Side Stadium! |Let's Play| Pokémon Shield ~ Part 1140:5610
2 days agoFrance Bahama'nuPokemon Epée #17 | Le badge ténèbres 💀 [LET'S PLAY] [FR]1:02:044
2 days ago MageKnight404MK404 Plays Pokémon Shield | Stream Session 3 - Bede the Domestic Terrorist4:57:27243
2 days agoCanada AutumchildLet's Play Pokemon Shield [48] Bonus37:0034
3 days ago TheShiakiPokemon Schild - Geistloses Geistergeraffel [13] [Deutsch] | Let's Play25:112
4 days agoSpain VidaoPantallaCómo habría hecho yo la historia de Pokémon Escudo | Shergiock Opina9:0536
5 days agoGermany Tortoisegamer TV⚠️ Let's Play Pokémon Schild Edition(100%) Part 70 Schauriges Phantoross ⚠️51:171
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Cutzy ExtraCutzy's Ultimate Pokémon Playthrough (Part 82)1:01:3224
6 days agoAustralia Veg RaptorPokemon Diamond! Let's Play! Nostalgia Trips and Remakes Preparation!1:47:22112
2021-07-26United Kingdom eMPlay's ModetroPokemon Shield - Kanto Only Playthrough - #2 - Through The Wild Area37:205
2021-07-25France Bobby AceTrainerPOKEMON REJUVENATION 01 - Les STARTERS de la 8G dispo ! - Let's Play FR3:32:071,053
2021-07-23United States 3rdGamer PlaysPokémon Sword #4726:3814
2021-07-21United States JohnnyCanalLet's Play Pokemon Unite Live!2:53:161,724
2021-07-21Norway CitanoLet's Play Pokemon Sword, The Crown Tundra - #22: Dynamax Adventure with Friends - SEASON FINALE!!29:1412
2021-07-17 KingColpa"Pro" Pokemon Player attempts first ever Hardcore Nuzlocke19:05110
2021-07-13United States NaiLet's Play Pokemon Sword Crown Tundra – Episode 161:01:235
2021-07-12United Kingdom KingflipperPokémon Shield Playthrough Live #1 - You Guys Pick My Pokémon Names!!1:54:40546
2021-07-10United States DeondreHawk7LIVE Shiny Hunting Raikou - Pokémon Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventures w/Viewers1:51:2842
2021-07-09 FPG GamingShiny Patinaraja Raid-Event | Lets Play Pokemon Schwert #raidtogether4:03:1883
2021-07-09Germany Gamepad RangerPokémon Schwert Nuzlocke #060 Finale!55:392
2021-07-07United States MandJTV PlaysPokémon Y, But I'm the First Dark Gym Leader37:14713,016
2021-07-04United States JokeristicThey Need Our Help!!! | Pokemon Myster Dungeon Dx With Jokeristic | Ep. 2915:2924
2021-07-03 Night WingLet's Play Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke mode Pt.3🐒🌴26:0741

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoCanada CrasherPlays&ReactsTHE BATTLE WITH MATORI MATRIX!! CRESSELIA & DARKRAI HISTORY! Pokémon Journeys Episode 75 Review9:39269
2 days agoUnited States Poijz❄CRESSELIA & DARKRAI TEAMUP! Pokemon Journeys | Episode 75 Review & Reaction!11:46269
3 days agoUnited States InfamousTrainerAsh and Dawn Reunite! Cresselia & Darkrai! | Pokémon Journeys Episode 75 LIVE Reaction & Review17:102,823
4 days agoUnited States FentyrOleanas Angry! | Pokémon Shield #1939:274
5 days agoPoland SuperGarryGamerPokemon Review #264/400 - Rhyhorn2:395
2021-07-21United Kingdom BUTTON MASHERPokémon Unite Review | Nintendo Switch5:354,520
2021-07-19Brazil FabioManoel1977TV Multilaser TL018 LED Full HD 43" Polegadas é Boa ? Vale a pena comprar ? Unboxing e Review.18:31164
2021-07-10United States LetsNotWhy players CHEAT in POKEMON! - Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra - Funny Comment Review32:011,286
2021-07-07Germany Stefan Fuchs🤔 Lohnt sich Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World für die Nintendo Switch und PS4 🔍 Ehrliches Review 🦊10:20137
2021-07-03United States MandJTVPokémon Logic Meme Review26:38714,132
2021-06-27United States Hyper sonicGOH DID WHAT!!! ??? GOH CATCHES AN ALOLA NINETALES! ??? IN THE NEW PS&S ANIME EPISODE REVIEW!!! ???12:215
2021-06-25 Sirmel11iCarly (2021) Episodes 1-3 Review - iCarly Revival Thoughts12:45141
2021-06-23United States SandamonPokémon Generation 1 Games from Offer Up REVIEW0:571,336
2021-06-20Germany PokemonRangerBoy12☆NEW CHARACTER SURPASSES ASH KETCHUM?! REGICE APPEARS! //Pokemon Journeys Anime Episode 71 Review☆11:228,580
2021-06-12Canada Tuna PhishPokemon Sword/Shield Review9:3142
2021-06-11United States NinoPokeBrosPokemon Sword and Shield VGC Draft League! XDL Draft League Review w/ Nick Sefranek3:07:12230
2021-06-11Ireland RockPaperMarioLet's Play Pokémon Shield, Part 84 - Miitopia Review21:5620
2021-06-08 Nintendo Gamer GalPokémon Sword and Shield Review21:3994
2021-06-06 IrishEmeraldGen 7 VS Gen 8: What Has Changed? Competitive Pokémon Review13:0341
2021-06-05Mexico Redskull39una nueva leyenda nace TSUBOMi REVIEW y ANALISIS PokeToon 3 "Yume no Tsubomi" Spin off pokemon10:04682
2021-05-15 Metang375Pokémon Sword & Shield Surprise Trade Week 71: Shellos21:4337
2021-05-14Canada PokemonFM#shorts Pokemon Journeys Anime hints that ASH will be the Champion and beat Leon0:53806
2021-05-13United States Max SGen 6 Starters Reviews & Drawing New Pokemon TCG Card : Mega Chesnaught X (Grass/Ground)3:264,544
2021-03-27United States Morton's CastleThe Pokemon Sword/Shield Review29:0395