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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel24,141,952
2.United States aDrive8,957,205
3.United States PokeTips6,114,637
4.United States Verlisify6,038,978
5.United States Austin John Plays5,608,675
6. GameXplain4,909,878
7.United States RuffledRowlit4,879,497
8.Netherlands Bliitzit4,301,331
9.United States MandJTV4,193,935
10.United States Lockstin & Gnoggin3,733,089

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States RuffledRowlit323
2.United Kingdom HDvee202
3.United States Verlisify192
4.United States aDrive106
5.United States Nikachu68
6.United States HoopsandHipHop63
7.Brazil Canal do Camaleão52
8. GameXplain50
9.Brazil Estação HD48
10.United States PokeTips46

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days agoUnited States Austin John Plays12 Starters & 18 Legendaries Returning in Pokemon Sword & Shield? An Accurate Leak Thinks So!12:05218,26297.00%
2019-10-05United States Spawn WavePokemon Sword & Shield, Sony Restructuring, Batman Rumors, AlphaDream Done | SpawnCast Ep 1312:01:0525,72896.96%
2019-10-02United States Kinda Funny GamesPokemon Sword and Shield Blowout - Kinda Funny Games 10.02.191:07:5116,52188.53%
2019-09-18United Kingdom FeintAttacksNEW POKEMON SWORD AND POKEMON SHIELD NEWS & LIVE REACTION!54:213,17398.04%
2019-09-01United States Entertainment Gaming DailyPokemon Sword And Shield Off-Screen Footage Nessa Battle ( Pax west 2019 )16:13627
2019-08-07United States PlayerEssenceSharp IGZO New Switch Displays, Pokemon Sword/Shield Info + Q&A! | Oninaki Demo - OJ LIVE!4:09:121,91597.41%
2019-07-23Brazil CENTRALA Desculpinha RIDÍCULA de Pokémon Sword e Shield16:0493,48497.94%
2019-07-12United States DreamcastGuyWill Pokemon Sword/Shield Suck? Talking to Austin John Plays - Dream Cast59:326,32288.71%
2019-06-25United Kingdom Bird Keeper TobyFULL Pokemon Sword And Shield ⚔ 🛡 Lets Play The Demo From E3 Nessas Gym12:4434,77996.92%
2019-06-22United States VerlisifySilphSpectre's Video IS COMPLETELY WRONG About No National Dex Pokemon Sword and Shield Controversy!21:2624,486
2019-06-07Canada Game BoomersPokemon Sword And Shield Direct! -- Game Boomers30:3092100.00%
2019-06-07United Kingdom DazzReviewsPokemon Sword & Shield Direct: WHAT ELSE ARE THEY HIDING?? E3 SECRETS?21:091,90696.91%
2019-06-05Brazil IGN BrasilDETALHES DO PLAYSTATION 5, TUDO SOBRE POKÉMON SWORD & SHIELD | Daily Fix3:058,88598.84%
2019-06-05United States Switch Stop5 Details That Were NOT Mentioned In The New Pokemon Sword And Shield DIRECT!11:351,92996.64%
2019-06-05Canada TannerOfTheNorthLet's React to the Pokemon Sword and Shield June 5 Direct19:09481100.00%
2019-04-06United States MonkiezTop 10 NEW Dual-Type Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield [Part 1] w/Monkiez! FT. NidoPlays10:473,10388.66%
2019-03-12United Kingdom DarkEdgeTVScorbunny | SPORE Pokémon: Sword & Shield8:111,89999.21%
2019-02-27United States AlpharadAlpharad Reacts to Pokémon Sword & Shield (2.27.2019)7:26284,56297.91%
2019-02-27Puerto Rico Brownie_TakeshiPokemon Sword & Shield look promising.....but!6:554100.00%
2019-02-27United Kingdom ShireenPlaysPokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield on Nintendo Switch Late 2019!3:2715

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Sword and Shield

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
6 days agoUnited States Big Shark GamingWhy Glimwood Tangle 24 hour stream was amazing - Review + Reaction - Pokemon Sword and Shield16:412650.00%
2019-07-15United States NikachuNEW Gigantamax Forms, New Pokemon, and Story Details! - Pokemon Sword and Shield News Review12:061,31986.49%
2019-06-07United States ShubblePOKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD FASHION REVIEW10:5919,83099.53%
2019-06-06United States Austin John PlaysPokemon Sword and Shield Meme Review *clap* *clap*6:53331,26996.61%
2019-06-05 Lior Bar-ElPokémon Sword Pokémon Shield Review & Judgment16:28148100.00%
2019-03-05United States SwitchForceGF REACTS Pokemon Sword and Shield: Starters, Graphics and Indepth Review!20:4613,95172.42%
2019-03-05 Game Rating ReviewPokemon Sword and Shield MEME Review - FUNNY!!!!10:1341100.00%
2019-03-04United States NeanderthalGamingTVContent Complete Podcast - Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Forest Review! | #921:11:310
2019-02-28 maxmoefoePokemonPOKEMON SWORD & SHIELD MEME REVIEW!10:14498,14498.46%
2019-02-28United Kingdom Tobe GamingPokemon Sword & Shield | ULTIMATE TRAILER REVIEW | Pokemon News, Leaks, Rumours & Release Date10:4620993.33%