Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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1.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel17,430,183
2.United States IGN9,887,909
3.United States aDrive6,630,114
4.United States Austin John Plays5,915,941
5.United Kingdom SwiftD5,489,774
6. GameSpot2,420,497
7.United States Lockstin & Gnoggin2,358,043
8.United States RuffledRowlit1,968,089
9.Argentina ThiagoIUTU1,865,320
10.United States HoopsandHipHop1,851,596

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1.United States aDriveShorts127
2.United States RuffledRowlit116
3.United Kingdom HDvee81
4.United States SacredAlmighty69
5.United States aDrive59
6.United Kingdom Bird Keeper Toby54
7.United States Johto Jonny51
8.Canada Trial and Error Gaming50
9.United States Firefox49
10.United States DustyGogoat48

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Legends: Arceus

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States TroyfuWhat happens when you catch a Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus?!1:28129
1 day agoIndonesia Nintendo OnlyPokemon Legends Arceus When You Try to Catch an Alpha Pokemon But You're Still Not There Yet2:1839
2 days ago The Game BlockPokemon Legends : Arceus - Playthrough Part 41:03:08256
2 days ago DarkraiTVI Spent 100 Hours In Pokemon Ultra Sun, Here's What Happened!13:1714,214
2022-01-15Canada Electric Playground Network - EPNPlayStation's Game Pass! + Arceus Gameplay - The Rundown - Electric Playground40:134,271
2022-01-13United States Multi PlaysIntroduction to Alpha Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus0:531,267
2022-01-10United States ProtoMarioPokemon Attack Players, PS VR2 Specs Revealed, NFT is the Future of Video Games16:473,221
2022-01-10United States Austin John PlaysAll 219 Confirmed & Rumored Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus12:11397,487
2022-01-07United States Meme LordAlpha Pokémon0:124
2022-01-04United States Paul Gale NetworkAge of Calamity sells 4 million, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Capcom Creators, PlayStation VR2 details22:3719
2022-01-04France E.M.BJeux OFFERTS du mois 😱 Attention à Pokemon Arceus ⚠️ VERNIS XBOX & PS5, un BREVET pour AIDER 🔥21:2818,483
2021-12-31United States aDriveReacting to my BEST MOMENTS of 2021!17:3237,083
2021-12-31France IzukiPokemon Legends Arceus (GBA) - On CAPTURE un Pokémon OBSCUR ?! Let's Play FR #0322:3568
2021-12-25 CycloneAbsolMerry Christmas! Let's Play BDSP!1:09:5427
2021-11-28Poland majkeld3Pokemon LEGENDS Arceus commercial nintendo switch jp jpn japanese japan tvcm cm pub0:31403
2021-11-09United States DeondreHawk7An Awesome Pokemon ROM Hack [Pokemon Inclement]1:31:5128
2021-11-09Brazil Detona GeekNovas Gameplays de Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl + Rumores de Pokémon Legends Arceus9:19206
2021-10-08Japan UnravledAlpha's Explained - Pokemon Legends Arceus5:193,288
2021-09-29Canada SolarPrimalCellphones in ancient times of Pokémon0:153,841
2021-09-16Finland TwigPokémon Ultra Sun Hardcore Nuzlocke But I Can Only Use SHINY Pokémon!!26:35893,756
2021-09-16United States RebelTrainerPokemon Soulstones Reclaiming Shiny Skrelp! #shinylocke #shorts PT 350:421,202
2021-08-24Canada Technical Alpha Patch NotesPokémon Legends Arceus | Technical Alpha18:57133
2021-08-18Canada TannerOfTheNorthLet's React to the August 18, 2021 Pokémon Presents (BDSP / Legends Breakdowns!)31:07695
2021-06-16Ireland BurnoPlaysARE GOING TO FINISH THIS GAME TODAY?|| Pokemon Bushido Nuzlocke Series || EP:06 ||🔴LIVE3:41:25216

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Legends: Arceus

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States Lumiose Trainer ZacASH GOES TO HISUI?! | Pokémon Journeys Legends Arceus Episode 1 Review2:4415,862
2 days ago Gaming Age MyanmarPokémon Legends Arceus - Short Review3:1927
2 days agoSpain Un Gamer MadrileñoPRIMER ANALISIS POKEMON LEYENDS ARCEUS impresiones review merece la pena leyendas pokemon switch4:08377
3 days agoViet Nam Long BúpGame Pokémon Legends: Arceus Có XỨNG ĐÁNG để MUA?💵14:5262
3 days agoUnited States Dead Metal MediaPokemon Legends Arceus Review - A Disappointment - Trash - Awful - Sucks - Do NOT Buy - Horrible10:085,409
3 days agoUnited States We Love GamingPokémon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Review | Should We Be Worried?13:55199
5 days ago Tyshon BishopPokemon Legends: Arecus Extended Gameplay review reaction15:156
2022-01-15United States Everyday To 100kPokémon Legends Arceus is a Disaster1:003,194
2022-01-14United States Prime Vulture GamingTHIS GAME IS INSANE - Pokemon Legends Arceus Review17:3394
2022-01-14United States WaterBirdPokemon Legends: Arceus - Gameplay Review!!!!16:1720
2022-01-09United States RuffledRowlitPOKEMON NEWS & RUMORS! Datamines & LEAKS THIS WEEK & REVIEW COPIES OUT!13:2518,061
2022-01-05United States Mon FactsPokemon Legends Arceus Copies Leaking Soon - How You Can Play Pokemon Legends Arceus Early1:12419
2021-12-26United Kingdom King JaeHUGE UPGRADE? | Nintendo Switch OLED Review5:57726
2021-12-07United States Johto JonnyRandom: Christina Aguilera Reviews Pokemon Legends: Arceus4:002,449
2021-11-04India Poke GamerPokemon Legends Arceus Meme Review! Hindi | Part 28:026,624
2021-10-26Switzerland DaddyGamer FredHisuian forms of Zorua and Zoroark Gameplay Trailer Reaction Review Pokémon Legends Arceus8:2264
2021-08-23 Phat CatPokemon Legends Arceus Trailer 2 (Review)1:593
2021-08-22Spain Skele_21Análisis del Pokémon presents ¿Son tan buenos como parecen?//Análisis, opinión y review//Skele_2112:2738
2021-08-20 Strictly CasualPokemon Legends: Arceus, 12 Minutes Reviews, and Blue Box controversy - Checkpoint #7850:1141
2021-05-01 Boss SilverPokemon legend Arceus | Pokemon tagalog news | Pokemon tagalog review6:4150
2021-03-19United States CRINGEcringe reviews #2 pokemon legends arceus2:5211
2021-03-07United States Bander SNWill Pokemon Legends Arceus be another Cyberpunk? :: Pokemon Presents Feb 2021 Review11:4358
2021-03-05Brazil Finistra JogaAnálise de Trailer - Pokémon Legends: Arceus - (Pt-Br / Análize / Review / Reveal)18:2440
2021-03-03United States TCG FunhouseHUGE Pokemon Presents 2021 Review (Pokemon Legends Arceus)The Next Phase Podcast38:09196
2021-02-28 TheOneIntegralPokémon Legends: Arceus | Leak Review44:333,930