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I'm a ROM hacker, full-time software developer, and the creator of popular Pokemon Silver rom hack, Dark Energy. I have also recorded tutorials for hacking GB/C games and specifically pokemon G/S/C.

Here in my channel you can also find playthroughs of many kinds of games and hacks which I used to record in the old days. You can also check a website related to my rom hacks and Dark Energy specifically in https://miksy91productions.herokuapp.com/.

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Pokemon Dark Energy - Rocky Village exploration
Exploration in Rocky Village. The video contains some spoilers, but I have tried to warn of them beforehand. And, the other video I'm talking...
2018-07-31 6:09:04 AM ● 355 views ● 12:02 100.00% liked
Pokemon Dark Energy - Rocky Village Pub
Just a sneak peek into a pub in a place called Rocky Village. Felt like recording a short video like this, so that I could attach it into Dark...
2018-07-29 7:16:34 AM ● 317 views ● 1:52 100.00% liked
New Pokemon Crystal hack!
Made new rom hack. Download 1. Beta already! Now that I listened video again, I find it silly that I say hack pretty good many time. But it is!...
2018-04-01 12:03:24 AM ● 1,784 views ● 9:52 96.15% liked
Pokemon Dark Energy - Sidequest in Bluepine Town
Most interesting stuff explained in the video. But I haven't basically gotten far since the last video I uploaded, but have been worked on the...
2018-02-03 2:49:02 PM ● 1,013 views ● 13:55 95.83% liked
Pokemon Dark Energy - New stuff since Beta 4.1
Explaining what's been going on since beta 4.1 was released in 2014. Introducing new features and such. Link to site of all kinds of hacks...
2016-07-20 2:54:49 AM ● 2,883 views ● 29:21 98.21% liked
Pokemon Dark Energy - Super-Gentleman
The video title along with the description I wrote in the video should explain enough :)
2013-12-20 9:25:33 AM ● 5,472 views ● 3:57 87.18% liked
Let's Play I wanna be the Guy - Complete Run (Hard)
Not much to say beside all the commentary in the video. Hope you enjoy watching! No secret items were obtained in this video though, so in terms...
2013-08-16 4:07:53 PM ● 4,014 views ● 1:38:19 91.30% liked
Let's Play
Let's Play I wanna be the Guy - Test Recording
What do you think about my commentary (and video in overall) ? I know it's far from the best since I'm not used to LPing anything, but also because...
2013-08-13 10:34:21 AM ● 273 views ● 11:43 75.00% liked
Let's Play
Pokemon Dark Energy - Got stuck?
This video is for showing how to progress further on several points of the game where people seem to get stuck. 00:00 - How to get HM Fly? 00:14...
2013-08-02 9:04:07 AM ● 11,984 views ● 3:59 97.87% liked
Pokemon Dark Energy Beta 4 is finished
Beta 4 can be downloaded here when it's ready. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=266372
2013-06-14 11:25:35 AM ● 4,462 views ● 0:11 77.27% liked