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Hai! Okii! I'm Jakeneutron!! I make a wide range of content, from animations to video edits to music to even parody dubs! Many of these videos ranging in topics like Steven Universe, Doki Doki Literature Club, Undertale, Originals, etc!

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Jake and Mikayla Play - JackBox Games!
Let’s get spontaneous... Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/user/jakeneutron Donation Link: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/jakeneutron
2019-03-13 6:52:00 PM ● 1,066 views ● 50:42 100.00% liked
Jake and Mikayla Play SUPER MARIO PARTY!
WHOS THE BIGGER SUPER STAR!?!? JAKE??? OR MIKAYLA???? Find out in America's Next Top Super Bro... Partyy... spoiler alert... its me ;) - signed...
2019-03-13 6:50:55 PM ● 1,205 views ● 1:22:38 98.90% liked
Reboot Me Feat. Eleanor Forte (Official Music Video) - Competition Edition
This is a slightly updated version of REBOOT ME that was entered into competitions such as Scholastics Art & Writing (Gold Key Award, PAEA...
2019-03-13 2:33:54 PM ● 5,642 views ● 3:53 99.46% liked
Old Town Monika (TikTok Animation)
If TikTok gonna abuse my stuff, then I'll abuse theirs pfft. Monika in a cowboy outfit is blEsseEd Merch Version: https://teespring.com/monika-says-yeehaw?6544ec60cf#pid=2&cid=2122&sid=front...
2019-03-07 7:21:05 PM ● 50,621 views ● 1:27 99.39% liked
Please Subscribe (Lyrics Video) - FULL END CARD SONG!!
Audio Only ➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9OMCeJgJsc iTunes and Apple Music ➤ https://goo.gl/6QDz2y Spotify ➤ https://goo.gl/Xp7tGY...
2019-02-28 7:52:37 AM ● 15,986 views ● 2:14 99.76% liked
My Turn On The XBOX (Shitiverse Preview)
Holdin y'all over with this preview to a shitiverse parody I started. Some IRL stuff is going on which might impede on some uploads coming in...
2019-02-21 9:31:35 AM ● 16,455 views ● 1:14 99.64% liked
So I finally got to upload the breakdown video! My internet at my house is absolute trash so I lyfted to Mikayla's house to get it up! Dedication....
2019-02-17 2:24:49 PM ● 13,800 views ● 2:47 99.66% liked
I Chose To (Short Animation)
Y''know, that James Baxter scene from "Change Your Mind" really had me shook and even though I know I'm not at that level of animation...
2019-02-15 8:26:25 PM ● 25,956 views ● 0:39 99.71% liked
How I Built Ele.OS In 3D!
So I've been dipping my toes into 3D animation and was really wanting to see what Ele.OS would look like in 3D! Well through trial, error, and...
2019-02-04 12:00:11 PM ● 15,091 views ● 4:43 99.62% liked
Wii Shop Channel Theme except I rearranged it in 2 hours and it's about letting go
The Wii Shop Channel for Wii closed ;0; How am I supposed to redownload Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, Now???? I spent maybe 2 hours on this...
2019-02-01 2:45:24 PM ● 22,905 views ● 1:52 99.76% liked