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Hello everybody, my name is Jesse I'm an Voice Actor, Animator and a Gamer. I created this channel for the sole purpose of entertaining others. I have a very strong passion for games, not just in the play, but the process it takes to make them. I play on nearly all platforms and am always open for suggestions as to what you want me to play! So, please don't be too shy to ask. I am not a picky person when it comes to games and I will play anything at least once. I am a strong supporter of my local community and you will see consistent reminders of that fact as the videos progress. This is still a baby channel, so my hope is that it will grow and you guys can come along for the ride! I hope you enjoy and again, suggestions are always welcome!

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Shameless Plug Day in VRChat
Got a channel? Got a site you sell on?: Today is the day to plug your stuff!!! Shameless self promotion day is something I have been slowly introducing...
2019-02-10 9:24:56 PM ● 86 views ● 1:58:30 100.00% liked
Voice Actor Hams It Up In VRChat
Time to have a little fun with all the voices I Know! Donator reward (these are what you get if you Donate): $50 I stop everything I am doing...
2019-02-07 12:55:27 AM ● 232 views ● 4:36:07 94.12% liked
A Package and a Message From Extra Life
We just received a special package from extra life for our 2018 campaign and I wanted to share its opening with all of you! ► Join the Frickscord:...
2019-02-06 8:45:16 AM ● 48 views ● 5:15 100.00% liked
Reading the Best Savage Super Bowl 2019 Tweets
After scouring the internet, I have found what I believe to be the best savage super bowl 2019 tweets. Its a shame how the half time show went...
2019-02-05 6:50:08 AM ● 60 views ● 6:31 100.00% liked
Talking With Doctor Junkrat | VRChat Real Talk Time
Do you have something that is bothering you? Is there a real life issue you need to talk to someone with? Welcome to the judgment free venting...
2019-01-30 8:51:28 PM ● 155 views ● 1:44:45 93.75% liked
When's the Next Channel Review | Real Talk
This video will answer what happened to the channel reviews and why they haven't been showing up lately. I know it's not what most of you want...
2019-01-28 10:23:38 AM ● 129 views ● 9:21 100.00% liked
Finding A Birbs Paradise With Vinnie The Pigeon Harpy
Its hard being a pigeon harpy and today vinnie and his friends are looking for a new hang for them to chill in, a place that they could call...
2019-01-27 9:25:37 PM ● 104 views ● 2:19:13 92.86% liked
Reading the Best r/thathappened Posts
Reading the best r/thathappened posts where we go over people's incessant need to lie to people on the internet to better inflate their own ego!...
2019-01-26 2:50:44 PM ● 91 views ● 10:02 100.00% liked
Junkrat Celebrates His Lunar New year | Overwatch Voice Acting
Despite not getting a cool new skin, Junkrat is excited about the lunar new year! It's the year of the pig, but Junkrat thinks that means free...
2019-01-24 7:23:15 PM ● 109 views ● 1:30:57 100.00% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Celbrating VRChat's 5 Year Anniversary!
Let's celebrate, meet new people, do some voice acting and have some fun! Junkrat is bound to show up as long as its a party! Donator reward...
2019-01-19 10:35:29 PM ● 156 views ● 2:54:12 92.86% liked