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1.United States Bijuu Mike93,755,728
2.Spain El Rincón De Giorgio55,708,130
3.United States Team Salvato55,160,831
4.United States GameGrumps55,138,114
5.United States The Game Theorists48,371,525
6.United States Random Encounters47,936,312
7.United States Radiant Records44,394,424
8.Japan PewDiePie35,906,124
9.Ireland jacksepticeye34,003,064
10.Australia Wolfychu32,441,674

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1.United Kingdom KaneMonger848
2.United States AfroZer0704
3.United States Tbishy655
4.United States Drechenaux655
5.United States igoesRAWR602
6.United States Spaghetto384
7. TheCrimsonRaven378
8.United States sonicdx17373
9.United States Kitsune Kizuki Games368
10.United States Okie Doki DDLC361

Latest Let's Plays For Doki Doki Literature Club!

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2 days agoUnited States JfilliaPlaysDoki Doki Literature Club Plus! - Part 2 - Sharing Our First Poem W/ Yuri! (Xbox Series X)29:094
2 days agoCanada TheElectricRaichuRai Plays: Lessons in Love [P42] [18+] [Ch.1] [v0.14.0]25:1054
4 days agoUnited States ReccaI have no idea what's happening anymore37:0835
4 days agoUnited States GeminiAnonymous(Gemini's Gameplay) ~ (Warning!) Doki Doki Literature Club! First Playthrough ~ Part 928:1518
4 days agoUnited States Naysmith GamingMonika on Her Situation - Monika's Talks - Naysmith Plays2:112
2023-01-19 Shanemcgirrmusic"This Is Dark!" Doki Doki Literature Club Part 2 #dokidokiliteratureclub#firstplaythrough#ps53:24:3991
2023-01-18United States hfactor66DDLC Mod | The Monika Mod | LIVE Playthrough! (DDLC One-Offs)3:20:2460
2023-01-17United States KromeFalcoThe Snow is Red | Prologue | All Endings23:3129
2023-01-13 Simply UnboxingUnboxing Doki Doki Literature Club Plus For PlayStation 53:31140
2023-01-12Russian Federation WGAMESDoki Doki Literature Club Plus OST- Hug Energy slow+reb3:5416
2023-01-12 KozuDoki Doki Literature Club! Full Playthrough 4K (No Commentary)3:31:3313
2023-01-12Germany TobSENBionE SCHROTTWICHTELN 2022 #006 - Doki Doki Literature Club (FINALE) [German/2K] | Lets Play1:07:0714
2023-01-09 asknafDoki Doki Literature Club (First Playthrough) - Stream #121:07:0113
2023-01-08 Tarvould's Quest Let's Play ArchiveDoki Doki Literature Club (PC) - Let's Play - Part 17 - Side Quest47:340
2023-01-08 USAROKSTARDoki Doki Literature Club Plus►ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ►ЧАСТЬ-11:01:241
2023-01-06United Kingdom FinnyilyaDoki Doki Literature Club! - Yuri Full Playthrough! - Part 1052:0316
2023-01-05United Kingdom HexTreeDoki Doki Literature Club! - Blind Let's Play4:40:249
2023-01-05United States MicjoesonJoJo Fan Plays Doki Doki Literature Club!2:26:22117
2023-01-04United States Lumine travlerLumine plays doki doki literature club part 362:320
2023-01-04United States NeedyShield16Doki Doki Literature Club Plus [PS5] Playthrough No Commentary Part 2.32:03110
2022-12-31Philippines Dracula Morphy Ch.【DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB】I THOUGHT THIS GAME WAS A DATING SIMULATOR「Full Playthrough」5:16:5044
2022-12-24United States The Boiled PeanutsCourtney plays Doki Doki Literature Club for the first time5:21:51511
2022-12-24 Rare HasanAbi Compilations (littlebear36)HasanAbi Doki Doki Playthrough #418:122,975
2022-12-19United States MrBakonBitz[Let's Play] Indie Horror Showcase: Christmas Chills33:039
2022-12-17United States Kitsune Kizuki Games📝💚MONIKA IS HERE TO HELP Doki Doki Literature Club Plus #Shorts0:1845

Latest Reviews For Doki Doki Literature Club!

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-01-15 Game & GigThis game is not for everyone | Doki Doki Literature Club | Review0:492,184
2023-01-11United States I Dream of Indie GamesBurrow of the Fallen Bear: A Gay Furry Visual Novel Review5:281,639
2023-01-08United States AdzeI've Read 30 Visual Novels. Let's Review ALL Of Them22:06508
2022-12-30United Kingdom Eyesmasher2022 Has Been Alright For Me18:3216
2022-12-06Indonesia Quirkless HobbyUnboxing & Review Nendoroid Monika | Doki Doki Literature Club! Anime Figure ( ENG SUB )10:22646
2022-12-05Canada EtherxSocialOH OH! WE F'CKED UP! || Doki Doki Literature Club+ Ep.5 w/ Kyu [NSFW]22:2519
2022-12-03United States James The GreaterDoki Doki Literature Club Fan Pack Review4:318
2022-12-03United States MagisterwilburThis Video is Not Suitable For ....... Doki Doki Literature Club + Review13:2136
2022-11-20United States Kyahn ElyThe Dashing Game Of Doki Doki Literature Club6:2376
2022-11-19United States N-GAME ARTSDoki Doki Literature Club Plus! [PS4] [Japan/US Version] (Unboxing/Offline/Review)16:07290
2022-10-31United States MigsXLReturn To Oz Was The First Horror Movie I'd Ever Seen | Movie Review13:3935
2022-10-26United States Nintendo Gamer GalTrailer for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! a Beat Game Review0:40142
2022-10-21United States AlphaSakuraHikoIt’s one-of-a-kind - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Switch Review #shorts #justmonika #dokidoki0:14230
2022-10-03Indonesia Newbie XZ4Doki Doki Henti Club v0.14 New Update | Visual Novel Games (Review & Gameplay)3:10335
2022-09-17Israel RiskRimThis Puzzle Game is Hiding Disturbing Content - Risk Review (Irisu Syndrome Explained)1:58:467,117
2022-09-15 Noel ComiXLet’s review DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB (Nintendo Switch) with Noel and Santino (reupload)21:3012
2022-08-24United States Infinite RetryDoki Doki Literature Club Plus (2021) - Nintendo Switch (NTSC) - Packaging/Case Review9:0761
2022-08-10United States Dan DeStefanoDoki Doki Literature Club, Clicking Simulator: Impatient Review1:001,112
2022-08-10 Wade CuevasDoki Doki Literature Club Plus! Premium Physical Edition /u2013 Nintendo Switch review1:397
2022-08-08 LerzerkBullshit Review: Doki Doki Literature Club | Feat. Annie und Jechonny40:08124
2022-08-06United States Shy JazzyTHIS GAME IS NOT FOR KIDS - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Honest Review2:2660
2022-07-28United States TheGreenGriffinReading bad and funny DDLC/ROBLOX reviews24:5123
2022-07-27United States Okie Doki DDLCWe Need to Talk About These BAD DDLC REVIEWS10:19372
2022-07-22 JQilin GamingDoki Doki Vigilante: The World's Most Mid DDLC Mod | DDLC Mod Review20:12976
2022-07-10 Gaming Bytesize40-second Review: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! (Nintendo Switch)0:4112