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United States
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About James the Lesser Express Lane

I have a wild imagination and writing books just wasn't enough.
So I turn to Youtube to put up my comedy skits, rants, and more.
I love video games so do lets plays and reviews, and do movie reviews as well.
And of course, Football!
Anything that pops into my head, I do. Why not? Food challenges, NFL Playoffs, or stupid Batman skit, why not?

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Ether Challenge Live
Okay guys, been waiting for this in the mail for a few days and finally arrived! Recommended Playlist- Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd7KLPoZpAw&list=PL7n3VfTRfgabuIkojkgysng7n22g_w_Ou...
2018-09-15 12:00:24 PM ● 127 views ● 30:53 90.00% liked
DSP Tries It Scrolling Through Laughing Archives Twitter
Enjoy me and the lovely ladies while we scroll through and discuss a ton of things Laughing Archives has well, archived, from DSP Streams Recommended...
2018-09-15 3:39:15 AM ● 366 views ● 38:20 89.29% liked
NFL Memes Week 1 2018
Something stupid I thought of and am trying out. The best of NFL Memes of every week. Set to music I feel is appropriate for NFL. Recommended...
2018-09-13 5:01:55 PM ● 24 views ● 3:57 100.00% liked
Shoes Shots Remix
Bored, had this idea for a bit, and after 22 tries(I actually tried a few more trying to get it better but failed) this is the best version I...
2018-09-13 4:29:34 PM ● 32 views ● 3:34 60.00% liked
Some of these are just too similar to ones I swear I've talked about. Yes DSP does say and do the same things over and over but so much so I...
2018-09-12 7:22:29 AM ● 500 views ● 14:24 89.66% liked
Dr. Disrespect just got shot at on live stream. Other Youtubers have been shot and killed. When they're not being murdered, they're doing stunts...
2018-09-11 2:32:15 PM ● 214 views ● 3:57 90.00% liked
DSP rocks harder than ACDC and Queen combined. Now, this is not an insult or a bad thing. Being autistic, especially with the wide range of the...
2018-09-11 2:16:07 PM ● 495 views ● 10:13 91.43% liked
One week down! 16 more to go! What did we learn for the future? Don't trust the Steelers! Also, wow, the Chiefs did way better than I thought....
2018-09-11 2:25:42 AM ● 57 views ● 19:41 100.00% liked
When you've posted this much on Twitter, it's hard to hide it all! Recommended Playlist- Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd7KLPoZpAw&list=PL7n3VfTRfgabuIkojkgysng7n22g_w_Ou...
2018-09-11 12:59:35 AM ● 1,291 views ● 13:13 87.50% liked
Checking Out The Toyota Corolla
Jackwagon hit my PARKED CAR. So now his insurance pay for everything. Including a rental. The Toyota Corolla. The same car DSP has! Before anyone...
2018-09-10 7:47:23 AM ● 76 views ● 4:22 100.00% liked