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D YellowMadness is a YouTube channel which has around 1.25 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling approximately 641.34 thousand views views across at least 9.72 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@D_YellowMadness

About D YellowMadness

I record nearly any game I think I can make cool videos of. Most videos are deathless.

For Riff Racer, I go for the top score if applicable. For Beat Hazard 2, I mostly play Zen if applicable & go for top score if applicable. For A Hat in Time, I usually use mods to make things harder & I sometimes impose rules on myself like no damage or no jumps.

For Left 4 Dead 2, I mostly play mod campaigns on Last Man on Earth. For Half-Life 2, I mostly play mod levels, usually on Hard. For Mugen, I mostly fight really dangerous enemies or teams.

If you're looking for something else or something more specific, I have lots of playlists for different games & video types.

If you wanna try my Mario Maker 1 levels, click the link below.


If you wanna try my Mario Maker 2 levels, my maker ID is HRX-3T6-G5G.

My odysee.com username is D_YellowMadness. My Youtube username is D YellowMadness.

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