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1.Denmark Gears for Breakfast31,169,467
2.Brazil Julia MineGirl21,254,503
3.Czech Republic ReRe20,941,574
4.United States ItsFunneh16,667,040
5.United States Man on the Internet12,814,151
6. just2good Music Archive8,195,838
7.United Kingdom DanTDM8,072,060
8.Australia SMG46,313,680
9.United States FlippinDingDong6,312,022
10.Russian Federation Manndarinchik6,098,198

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1. D YellowMadness723
2. CosmicToad360689
3.Denmark Two Morons Play - Mthis542
4.United States Doka481
5. E The Jumper420
6.Czech Republic ReRe386
7.Denmark doesthisusername374
8.United Kingdom BennyBlocker373
9.Iceland Kazoeru288
10.United Kingdom RedDevilDazzy2007271

Latest Let's Plays For A Hat in Time

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1 day ago The Retro RoomA Hat In Time Part 1 | Is This The Banjo Kazooie For A New Age?4:56:17157
4 days agoGermany PaddyPlaysGamesLet's Play A Hat in Time 100% #17 🎩 Die Seuche der Berge!34:362
4 days ago AlexxosoHelping Out a Friend Win In The *New* Season Of Fortnite (He Plays On Nintendo Switch)11:529
4 days agoUnited States Late Gamer22A Hat In Time - Let's Play Part 24: The Titanic Two48:5211
2024-06-18Denmark Two Morons Play - MthisLet's Play A Hat in Time Blind - Workshop Stuff - Ice Cream Isle11:3132
2024-06-14 Super Geek GirlIT'S "A HAT IN TIME," NOT "A MUSTACHE IN TIME!" - SGG Plays A Hat In Time (FINALE)15:108
2024-06-10United States ScreamoShayminNico Plays A Hat In Time | Part 9-1: Alpine Skyline38:082
2024-06-05Germany Basst0r GamingIch dreh gleich am Mühlrad | # 81 | Let's Play A Hat in Time35:036
2024-05-28United States MichaelKA Hat in Time Pt 3 🚀 (MKTV Live)3:30:0557
2024-05-27 CrazyWolf TVA Hat In Time first play through3:27:4454
2024-05-20 Poorly Done GamingA Hat In Time Gameplay - Part 956:342
2024-05-19United Kingdom charliebartmanA Hat In Time Full Playthrough!1:44:5546
2024-05-19Germany MakiKumaMaki the Menace! | [A Hat in Time, PS4] (English Playthrough with commentary) Part 149:428
2024-05-18 Swimdude11Let's Play Hat in Time Episode 15: Boss Rush! - Swimdude1136:367
2024-05-17Canada HaneOdoriA Hat In Time Playthrough | [Part #1] | Chapter 1: [Act 1 To 4] | Taking Down The Mafia40:39168
2024-05-16Germany FlutterLPLet's Play A Hat in Time (Kirby Mod) - Part 28 - Konfrontation am Ende der Zeit [Ende]39:126
2024-05-14United Kingdom TabreezTabreez Plays A Hat In Time Seal The Deal/Nyakuza Metro Live Part 15 (Finale)2:15:584
2024-05-08United States JJ's Neighborhood WE’RE A MOVIE STAR NOW!! | A Hat in Time1:05:2710
2024-05-02United States Mustard ChuckZipping Through The Alpines | A Hat in Time (Playthrough 2)52:5327
2024-04-25United States Azalea22DECEPTIVE SURPRISE! #shorts0:162,160
2024-04-22United States Silver RoosterA Hat in Time: Let's Finish This - Silver Rooster1:56:5223
2024-04-18 SGGPlays VODsFULL STREAM: SGG Plays A Hat In Time (4/18/24)2:28:368
2024-04-13United Kingdom ZackInTheBoxFirst ever A Hat in Time playthrough part 2! 🎩⌚3:23:0735
2024-04-12United States J. GoebsA Hat in Time But It's EVERY BOSS AT ONCE!3:14:5319
2024-04-01 Fiber Spider GamesPart 19 - Let's Play A Hat In Time! - The Epic Finale!!!59:1135

Latest Reviews For A Hat in Time

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-04-03United States SWPuzzlevision Mini - Review: Once Upon An SMG4 #glitchproductions #smg40:41960
2024-03-08United States The Mic Will Experiment™️That’s just about far enough 🤠 #princesspeachshowtime #princesspeach #humor #review #shorts0:06453
2024-02-15 Sauron Takes OnSauron Takes on the Mafia Rematch (A Hat in Time Review plus DLC)26:3614
2023-10-05United States Found Bytes GRSA Hat in Time - Found Bytes Game Review33:0151
2023-08-27United Kingdom MellarA Hat in Time Review4:366
2023-08-25New Zealand JT Gaming Bundles[REVIEW] Masterful Modern: 3D Platformers – August 2023 – Humble Bundle18:38395
2023-08-11Brazil LafratinhaO INCRIVELMENTE Nostalgico A Hat in Time [REVIEW EXPRESS]26:0249
2023-08-02United States J-Chip ShowA Hat in Time Review4:1066
2023-07-24United States DMGTThe Music of A Hat In Time - OST Review0:53318
2023-07-09 NoskekkNERD REVIEW: A HAT IN TIME 🤓☝0:0930
2023-07-08Brazil Bonnie_NiceA HAT IN TIME É O MELHOR INDIE JÁ FEITO! (Review)6:11190
2023-05-31 LazyVidyaGuyA Hat in Time (LazyVidyaReview)2:06113
2023-04-22 Benphire PlusA Review Of A Hat In Time9:1313
2023-02-23 Nintendo World Report TVClive 'N' Wrench (Switch) Review - Too much of a throwback 3D Platformer9:502,328
2023-02-23United States YourFriendJacobThe New 3D Platformer Over 10 YEARS in the Making! | Clive 'N' Wrench3:292,206
2023-02-16United Kingdom MadMorphThis game is secretly a personality test (and it judged me) - New Indie Game Review44:075,833
2023-02-05United States ZeroPrimeZero Review: A Hat In Time4:245
2023-01-19 TWK REVIEWSA Hat in Time is Indie Gaming Perfection || TWK Reviews Episode 5016:0829
2023-01-10 GryffitiA Hat in Time | Gryffiti10:3918
2022-12-30United States The Bun SquadDante's Inferno & A Hat in Time REVIEW | Midnight Combo Pack1:08:11211
2022-12-10 Bottled GamingA Hat in Time STEAMathon Review6:0783
2022-10-12 readyforclarityHannah reviews A Hat in Time on Nintendo Switch, Level One Games, Adult's 1st Platformer6:5570
2022-10-10Nigeria Yakazuba TV Subway surfers Mexico 2022 review3:26158
2022-10-04 HyLo and JimJohn2Games that could be God | A Hat in Time review/retrospective26:10116
2022-09-19Ireland RasburrI Looked At Negative A Hat In Time Reviews So You Don't Have To8:2013,968

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The most viewed A Hat in Time video on YouTube is A Hat in Time - Your Contract Has Expired With Lyrics - Man on the Internet with 7,761,794 views, published by United States Man on the Internet on April 28, 2019.

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The most liked A Hat in Time video on YouTube is So I finally played "A Hat in Time"... with 242,281 likes, published by United States FlippinDingDong on April 28, 2019.