Dota 2 Scepter

Dota 2 Scepter

United States
United States

Dota 2 Scepter is an American YouTube content creator with over 26.7 thousand subscribers. His content totals over 19.16 million views views across roughly 5.12 thousand videos.

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About Dota 2 Scepter

★Hey there! Welcome To Dota 2 Scepter. It's all about Dota 2.
►We Uploading Highlight Dota 2 videos with passion.
★Highlight Gameplay for most of you who want to watch epic teamfight during the game from pro player perspective.

★How I Edit My Videos ? 100% Unique And Original Contents:
1. Take replay from or
2. Analytics which gameplays are interesting.
3. Record in game client with Nvidia Shadowplay.
4. Edit with adobe premiere pro cc 2018 and thumbnail create with adobe photoshop cc 2018.
★We spent more than 15 hours everyday for uploading dota 2 videos with passion.

►Valve - Dota 2 monetize video policy:

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