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Hey guys just a simple gaming channel here currently playing survival games like From The Depths, Subnautica, 7 Days To Die and Space Engineers etc
Also looking to get a bunch of different games in alongside as i've always enjoyed playing a decent variety of games

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"Magpie" Jet Fighter Retrofit Episode 2
Hey guys gonna be getting a bit more of the framework and such done today in the hopes of catching a Raptor!
2018-05-16 4:13:29 AM ● 1 views ● 37:41
"Round 2" Do You Copy Episode 2
Hey guys pretty sure there's more to this so today we're gonna be trying again to guide the random dude with a radio to safety and hopefully...
2018-05-16 4:13:29 AM ● 0 views ● 20:19
"They Took My Son!" The Forest Full Release! Episode 1
Hey guys been trying to get to editing a few episodes for this series so here we go surviving on an island surrounded by cannibals and mutant...
2018-05-15 5:02:11 AM ● 2 views ● 22:29
The Forest
The Forest (2014)
"CloudBurst" AA Destroyer Retrofit Episode 1
Hey guys today we're gonna be working on the AA Destroyer designed to back up our air forces in securing the skies! Named CloudBurst for it's...
2018-05-15 5:02:11 AM ● 14 views ● 31:10
"Drunk Man Guides Moron Through Forest" Do You Copy Episode 1
Hey guys today we're gonna be trying to guide a lost man through a forest with an angry beast of some kind in it!
2018-05-15 5:02:11 AM ● 1 views ● 16:24
"Magpie" Jet Fighter Retrofit Episode 1
Hey guys today we're gonna be working on the jet fighter from before and giving it a bit of an up-scaling in the hopes of having the superior...
2018-05-15 5:02:11 AM ● 8 views ● 32:20
The "Stingray" Torpedo Based Submarine FTD Concept
Hey guys today we got the initial concept design for the new submarine that's hopefully going to give us dominance out in the deeper waters that...
2018-05-13 2:04:07 AM ● 12 views ● 45:59 100.00% liked
The "Vanquisher" Battleship FTD Showcase
Hey guys this is the battleship basically complete, there's gonna be a tiny bit more edited in the final version which i've tried to mention...
2018-05-13 2:04:07 AM ● 15 views ● 23:23 100.00% liked
"AA Destroyer Part 11" FTD Construction Episode 25
Hey guys sorry about the late upload i've been working on the battleship all day and it should be ready for the campaign this weekend if all...
2018-05-11 5:35:57 AM ● 1 views ● 37:04
"AA Destroyer Part 10" FTD Construction Episode 24
Hey guys today we got a double-episode thanks to a small mistake with the timer in the last episode, so in this episode we're gonna be working...
2018-05-09 11:34:19 PM ● 2 views ● 33:15