Billy Loomis

Billy Loomis

United States
United States

Billy Loomis is an American YouTube channel which has 715 subscribers, with his content totaling at least 57.21 thousand views views across over 1.19 thousand videos.

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Games Played by Billy Loomis

GameViews% of TotalVideosDuration
1.Grand Theft Auto V14,96826.16%29228:21:45:20
2.Grand Theft Auto IV5,6899.94%525:02:15:28
3.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim4,1397.23%778:01:16:15
4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas3,0865.39%524:00:39:12
5.WCW Mayhem2,2984.02%33:54:44
6.Call of Duty: Black Ops2,0533.59%664:08:55:40
7.Tekken Tag Tournament1,9243.36%46:20:51
8.Call of Duty: Black Ops III1,8973.32%574:01:04:08
9.Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War1,5542.72%584:10:57:36
10.Resident Evil 41,3792.41%141:02:30:59
11.Resident Evil 41,2732.23%151:09:33:48
12.Max Payne1,2642.21%312:08:36:41
13.Fallout 41,2632.21%675:04:09:29
14.Red Dead Redemption 21,1191.96%455:03:46:37
15.Call of Duty: Ghosts8491.48%171:04:29:06
16.Red Dead Revolver7301.28%77:05:23
17.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City6741.18%58:32:55
18.Max Payne 35901.03%141:07:56:00
19.Grand Theft Auto III5701.00%151:15:53:34
20.Far Cry 45330.93%111:03:07:58
21.Tekken 34700.82%47:15:45
22.Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories3480.61%816:04:28
23.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare3100.54%510:28:13
24.Call of Duty: Black Ops II2680.47%65:48:58
25.Left 4 Dead 22300.40%23:48:16
26.Star Wars Racer Revenge2250.39%58:15:49
27.Far Cry2250.39%48:15:46
28.Assassin's Creed III2190.38%1020:01:45
29.God of War2180.38%37:37:01
30.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters1860.33%22:34:08
31.Call of Duty1790.31%612:48:50
32.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare1720.30%1014:36:27
33.Ghost Recon Wildlands1700.30%616:03:21
34.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 31670.29%54:50:57
35.Splinter Cell1630.28%823:32:08
36.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare1630.28%713:40:22
37.Sonic Mania1510.26%54:39:37
38.Dead Island1510.26%310:23:02
39.Call of Duty: Black Ops 41360.24%812:29:48
40.Mortal Kombat X1290.23%38:17:33
41.Uncharted: Drake's Fortune1290.23%513:24:07
42.Sonic the Hedgehog1280.22%22:40:56
43.Final Fantasy VIII1100.19%712:42:41
44.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 21020.18%45:47:30
45.Far Cry 5940.16%34:23:42
47.Street Fighter V910.16%53:42:45
49.The Last of Us810.14%13:16:51
50.Mafia: Definitive Edition780.14%25:34:39
51.Murder House760.13%36:07:11
52.The Batman750.13%79:03:43
53.Super Street Fighter II740.13%151:35
54.Need for Speed: The Run670.12%11:08:51
55.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed660.12%25:32:04
57.Tekken Tag Tournament 2660.12%31:48:17
58.Resident Evil 2640.11%36:23:12
59.Capcom Arcade Stadium610.11%33:02:24
60.Marvel's Spider-Man610.11%23:08:44
61.Batman: Arkham Asylum610.11%34:52:07
62.Midnight Club: Street Racing590.10%11:17:24
63.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II560.10%130:29
64.Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne550.10%21:42:53
65.Grid Legends520.09%33:36:30
66.Just Cause 4480.08%35:17:49
67.Ghost Recon470.08%23:40:00
68.Elden Ring460.08%35:37:55
69.Battlefield: Bad Company460.08%22:49:10
70.Sonic Mega Collection420.07%12:02:23
71.Hunt: Showdown420.07%22:50:28
72.Kingdom Come: Deliverance410.07%11:39:12
73.Radiata Stories400.07%12:24:24
74.Rise of the Tomb Raider390.07%22:31:23
75.Mafia III380.07%23:10:33
76.Call of Duty: WWII370.06%133:25
77.Battlefield 4370.06%11:27:08
78.Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time360.06%22:23:39
79.Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order360.06%25:06:19
80.PGA Tour 98350.06%11:40:12
81.X-Men Origins: Wolverine330.06%13:33:20
82.Injustice 2330.06%22:11:55
83.Batman: Arkham City330.06%22:43:45
84.Far Cry 3330.06%12:09:43
86.Rainbow Six: Vegas310.05%12:45:30
87.Metro: Last Light310.05%12:27:51
88.Super Off Road290.05%148:51
89.Star Trek Online290.05%11:04:03
90.Mortal Kombat 9270.05%149:31
91.Nier: Automata260.05%11:35:44
92.Rainbow Six Siege260.05%11:46:56
93.Need for Speed Payback250.04%11:12:49
94.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered250.04%111:32
95.Star Wars Battlefront240.04%11:07:22
96.Ghostbusters: The Video Game220.04%11:10:39
98.Shadow of the Colossus210.04%11:18:20
99.DiRT Rally210.04%143:12
100.Gran Turismo Sport210.04%23:05:48