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2024-02-27Trying new layout | Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising4:361Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
2024-02-07Reached A rank with Charlotta | Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising9:089Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
2024-01-30First online matches | Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising21:207Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
2023-12-08Ib afterthoughts14:4318Ib
2023-12-07Black Mesa afterthoughts29:2924Black Mesa
2023-11-30Ok, it's not that bad | Life Is Strange #25:46:4217Life Is Strange
2023-11-30This game is kinda meh | Life Is Strange #16:36:1911Life Is Strange
2023-10-06Bandle city ryze 3* again | Teamfight Tactics35:4586Teamfight Tactics
2023-10-05Bandle city ryze 3* | Teamfight Tactics31:4434Teamfight Tactics
2023-10-04Bel'Veth carries | Teamfight Tactics36:1492Teamfight Tactics
2023-10-033 star Heimer + 3 star Ahri | Teamfight Tactics37:0517Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-29Five 3 star voids | Teamfight Tactics35:25108Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-28Comeback with 1 hp | Teamfight Tactics34:2565Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-20My first box mate | Chess 900 elo37:11236
2023-09-15Hard carried by Evelynn | League of Legends36:2754League of Legends
2023-09-15Late game vs 10 lvl player + reached gold | Teamfight Tactics36:48113Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-143 star Ahri again | Teamfight Tactics36:1782Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-133 star Heimer + 3 star Sion | Teamfight Tactics37:1931Teamfight Tactics
2023-09-123 star Ahri | Teamfight Tactics36:1990Teamfight Tactics
2023-08-01Hard carrying as a support | Overwatch6:0153Overwatch
2023-06-05Fight with Mila | Agarest: Generations of War Zero33:5456Record of Agarest War Zero
2023-05-31Fight with Giganda | Agarest: Generations of War Zero1:06:2122Record of Agarest War Zero
2023-05-25Fight with Arzest | Agarest: Generations of War Zero37:4312Record of Agarest War Zero
2022-10-23gunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsgunsguns3:01227Enter the Gungeon
2022-09-18FTL: Faster Than Light review5:4221ReviewFTL: Faster Than Light
2022-08-12Walkthrough Summary | Rogue Legacy8:579WalkthroughRogue Legacy
2022-06-12Walkthrough Summary | Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight16:1317WalkthroughMomodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
2022-05-07Doom 64 Remastered Review8:0716ReviewDoom 64
2022-04-03Review | Neighbours back from hell | I lost my kidney ;)5:3489
2022-03-07Review | Crypt of the NecroDancer | Hey Hey I'm sorry.4:1436Crypt of the NecroDancer