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1.Canada Disguised Toast128,621,282
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3.Germany Maxims Zweitkanal17,792,215
4.Taiwan, Republic of China sowhan Q11,630,469
5.Spain CooLifeGame10,683,879
6.United States League of Legends10,297,547
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1.Canada Disguised Toast318
2.United States scarra307
3.Taiwan, Republic of China sowhan Q292
4.Germany Maxims Zweitkanal175
5.United States Hafu142
6. MKRR Archiwum Live128
7.United Kingdom Dak Dak109
8.France Narkuss92
9.Brazil zEmerson67
10.Canada ASimpleGamer66

Latest Let's Plays For Teamfight Tactics

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-05-01United States scarraSPAM THIS COMP FOR FREE LP! REBELS ARE BROKEN AGAIN! | TFT | Teamfight Tactics Galaxies36:29179,868
2020-04-14Germany ScrawlSet Nummer drei anspielen!! [Let's Play/german] Teamfight Tactics [ranked] #01132:08115
2020-03-20United States BunnyFuFuu GamingMY FIRST SET 3 RANKED MATCH (300+ LP!!!!!) - BunnyFuFuu | Teamfight Tactics28:3933,481
2020-03-17Germany GameOnPlayerOneTFT - Road to Diamant [Platin: 2| 30LP] - Teamfight Tactics [TRYHARD]3:24:003
2020-02-02Germany Maxims ZweitkanalZEPHIR POWERPLAYS | Teamfight Tactics Gameplay [Deutsch][10.2]36:3744,351
2020-01-15Brazil RakinMALPHITÃO CARREGOU DEMAIS ESSA PARTIDA! - Teamfight Tactics18:06119,606
2020-01-12United States Edited For Your PleasureTITANIC MALPHITE! | TFT| TEAMFIGHT TACTICS| HIGHLIGHT| TFT EXPERIMENT | P. 10.10:412,990
2019-12-18United States Vampyr GamingVampyr Plays League Of Legends Teamfight Tactics RANKED57:534
2019-11-11United Kingdom Dak DakTeamfight Tactics - Let's Play! - It's all changed! - Ep 9734:4621
2019-10-16Germany LForwardTeamfight Tactics #8 | Risky Plays For The Big Reward37:15605
2019-10-06Germany THCsGameChannel[#21] Let's Play Teamfight Tactics - League of Legends [German]33:505
2019-08-20France Coffee GamingTEAMFIGHT TACTICS : Deux TOP 1 et un TOP 2 en classé à la suite !2:07:0550
2019-08-15United States Mert 'MoveFaster' AlkanALPTV Sabah Teamfight Tactics Plat Serisi OYNUYOR41:46781
2019-08-01United States KevfactorTeamfight tactics - my viewers wont understand this lol4:42:5710
2019-07-21Australia Kid KerriganI SOLD MY 3* and STILL WON | Kerri Plays drunk Teamfight Tactics38:3026
2019-07-16United States JorbsTeamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 Explained | Conversation with DolphinChemist and FilthyRobot2:15:312,924
2019-07-16United Kingdom Sips - Live!Sips Plays Teamfight Tactics (1/7/2019) - #6 - sipsdagod49:184,075
2019-07-15United States LotusCraneLotusCrane plays Teamfight Tactics45:1734
2019-07-03United States LOLPlayVNYasuo + Lulu NEW OP BUILD?!? Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends34:1613,914
2019-07-03United States Brian Kibler(Teamfight Tactics) Kibler Plays TFT! Sorcerer Pyke POWER!29:2035,874
2019-07-03Denmark Thomas FuglsangEr Teamfight Tactics noget for mig?58:29367
2019-07-02United States Operating System GamingLet's Play Some Teamfight Tactics!!! | League Of Legends: Teamfight Tactics 140:311
2019-07-01Germany CurryLPTeamfight Tactics [#5 | PBE] | Let's Play | German48:145
2019-06-29United States Revan MagusTeamfight Tactics the best game ever? Rebusplays25:1618
2019-06-23Argentina FeR PlaysTEAMFIGHT TACTICS - Probamos Nuevo Juego de Riot - FeR Plays - TFT - S938:38320

Latest Reviews For Teamfight Tactics

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-06Israel Hamzi SwidanGalaxies Mid-Set Explainer | Gameplay - Teamfight Tactics Reaction / Review3:1518
2020-05-26Canada Disguised ToastALL 14 NEW Units coming to TFT Galaxies - Mid Set Update! | Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Unit Review17:42482,109
2020-04-14 Lan MobTeamfight Tactics 10.8 Patch Notes Review25:0611
2020-04-01United States Noisy PixelTeamfight Tactics iOS/Android Review - Noisy Pixel3:22152
2020-03-30United States NimbleThorTeamfight Tactics - RIOT'S LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AUTO CHESS MOBILE STRATEGY GAME! | MGQ Ep. 47810:24501
2019-08-14United States InfamoussNYCTFT|Patch Notes 9.16 REVIEW|Teamfight Tactics| NEW CHAMPIONS HexTech+Buffs/Nerfs| LoL AutoChess18:2750
2019-07-08 Rhondda GamingTeamfight Tactics PBE Patch Review/Rant21:3915
2019-07-05United States AmazTeamfight Tactics - FULL UNIT REVIEW [Amaz Guides]1:17:5179,314
2019-06-19Germany Defender833Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Autobattle in der Review | #5MM | #tft8:151,872