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JaganX plays FFBE GL & JP! You'll find consistent gaming content here: Trials, Strategy Guides, Walkthroughs, Reviews, Banner Summons, and tons of live stream content. If you love FFBE, and high quality videos, then you'll love it here.

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[Epic Seven] Falconer Kluri Specialty Change
Falconer Kluri is arguably one of the best utility tanks in the game right now. These Special Changes are fantastic for making 3-star Heroes...
2019-01-14 12:52:56 PM ● 66 views ● 7:33 85.71% liked
[Epic Seven] Loadouts: Golem Hunt Stage 10 - Detailed Gear Analysis
My first Loadouts video for Epic Seven. I think for longer battles, I'll break down my Loadouts so it doesn't take half a year to finish watching...
2019-01-11 4:16:23 PM ● 245 views ● 12:00 55.56% liked
[Epic Seven] Golem Hunt Stage 10 - My Boy Cidd is back!
This team is solid, and as I level up my artifacts and get better gear, the time to finish this Hunt becomes so much faster. Watching Dust Devil...
2019-01-11 1:25:07 PM ● 395 views ● 9:42 69.23% liked
[FFBE] FFVII Banner Thoughts - Tifa & Vincent Arrives!
We talk about the new FFVII Banner, as well as a new Cloud and Sephiroth Return Stepup Banner. =========================== STAY CONNECTED https://discord.gg/TuFC6vw...
2019-01-10 1:58:48 PM ● 874 views ● 28:47 93.02% liked
[Epic Seven] 6 Moonlight Summons - Full of Assassins (I meant to say 'Axe')
I had some ML Bookmarks saved up, and wanted to pull them all in one go, I also had clipped 2 of my previous pulls, and placed them at the end...
2019-01-09 1:58:46 PM ● 317 views ● 11:27 84.62% liked
[FFBE] Theorycraft: New Year New Me? Not for Global - Comparing JP & GL
Eventhough I have pretty much quit JP, one can't help but notice the drastic differences on JP compared to GL, during the New Years transition....
2019-01-08 2:28:11 PM ● 1,105 views ● 38:34 90.74% liked
[Epic Seven] Kise Banner Pulls - Better than what I had hoped for
Went for Kise, but got a lot of useful Artifacts along the way. =========================== STAY CONNECTED https://discord.gg/TuFC6vw https://www.twitch.tv/jaganx/...
2019-01-08 12:38:09 PM ● 352 views ● 6:13 83.33% liked
[FFBE] Sora, WKN, Kryla, Christine & Other STMRs - Building Beefier Units
After another round of Limited Banners, we do another round of STMR fusion and creation. Gearing up some of my units, to see how far I have come...
2019-01-07 1:28:46 PM ● 353 views ● 24:57 95.83% liked
[FFBE] Kingdom Hearts Banner Pulls - Raspy McRasperson Special
Yes, my voice was shot here. After a full week of no voice, I finally got to the point where I could speak a little. I pulled on this banner,...
2019-01-06 6:58:15 PM ● 1,741 views ● 17:31 92.86% liked
[FFBE JP] EP146 | 3rd Anniversary Event Part 6 - EX-Tickets Part 2 with Troll Rainbows
You can see I got Machina'd, but this pull is one epic pull with Trolls. =========================== STAY CONNECTED https://discord.gg/TuFC6vw...
2019-01-04 2:13:41 PM ● 377 views ● 24:23 88.89% liked