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KRYOH is a content creator on YouTube with 209 subscribers. He published 84 videos which altogether total more than 138.76 thousand views.

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2024-02-142.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Jingliu and Dr. Ratio with new pioneer relic | Honkai Star Rail9:15315Honkai: Star Rail
2024-02-102.0 Memory of Chaos 12: Misha + Clara and Black Swan | Honkai Star Rail11:30293Honkai: Star Rail
2024-01-121.6 Memory of Chaos 12: Xueyi Hypercarry | Honkai Star Rail10:581,929Honkai: Star Rail
2024-01-101.6 PURE FICTION 4 | Argenti + Blade/Jing Yuan deletes mobs | Honkai Star Rail11:33163Honkai: Star Rail
2023-12-281.6 Memory of Chaos 12: Blade/RuanMei and FuXuan/Lunae | Honkai Star Rail12:531,079Honkai: Star Rail
2023-12-131.5 Memory of Chaos 10: Blade / Yanqing and Topaz | Honkai Star Rail11:117,873Honkai: Star Rail
2023-11-291.5 Memory of Chaos 10: Jing Yuan/Topaz and Blade | Honkai Star Rail11:3544,391Honkai: Star Rail
2023-11-02Memory of Chaos 10: Topaz and Blade DuoCarry + Imbibitor Lunae 2nd Half | Honkai Star Rail10:42298Honkai: Star Rail
2023-10-28Memory of Chaos 10: Topaz and Blade HyperCarry | Honkai Star Rail11:181,966Honkai: Star Rail
2023-10-06Memory of Chaos 10: Fu Xuan + Qingque and Blade Double Carry | Honkai Star Rail10:201,484Honkai: Star Rail
2023-10-03Neuvillette Solo 4.1 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 | Genshin Impact6:41240Genshin Impact
2023-09-25Honkai Star Rail TL 68: Just farming up some stuffs1:04:0970Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-24Honkai Star Rail: Just farming up some stuffs1:26:5048Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-22Memory of Chaos 10: Fu Xuan + JingYuan / Blade Hypercarry | Honkai Star Rail10:2010,344Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-21Memory of Xianzhou 6: Fu Xuan + Jing Yuan / Blade Sustain | Honkai Star Rail9:4917,767Honkai: Star Rail
2023-09-02Lyney Hypercarrying Floor 12 4.0 Spiral Abyss & Raiden Hyperbloom | Genshin Impact8:3595Genshin Impact
2023-04-17Al-Haitham and Childe HACKS through Floor 12 3.6 Spiral Abyss | Genshin Impact9:04148Genshin Impact
2023-03-18Childe and Keqing OBLITERATES Genshin Impact 3.5 Spiral Abyss Floor 129:48140Genshin Impact
2023-02-17Aggravate Keqing & Reverse Vape Childe | 3.4 Spiral Abyss Floor 128:2776Genshin Impact
2023-02-13Quicken Al-Haitham & Double Hydro Hu Tao | 3.4 Spiral Abyss Floor 128:55120Genshin Impact
2023-01-01Ayato Hyperbloom and Burgeon team in Spiral Abyss Floor 129:37425Genshin Impact
2022-11-19Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 | Hyperbloom Nahida and Mono Pyro Hu Tao10:1462Genshin Impact
2022-11-10Genshin Impact | Nahida Hyperbloom6:5356Genshin Impact
2022-11-03Genshin Impact | Nahida C2R1 Talent Lv 1 Quicken Test w/o Sucrose5:49150Genshin Impact
2022-10-06Genshin Impact 3.1 Spiral Abyss Freeze Ganyu and Aggravate Keqing7:33558Genshin Impact
2022-09-14Genshin Impact 3.0 | Keqing Quicken and Childe National8:4246Genshin Impact
2022-07-17Main DPS Kazuha in 2.8 Spiral Abyss Floor 126:4169Genshin Impact
2022-07-15Genshin Impact | Triple Crowned Kazuha Main DPS in Spiral Abyss7:1346Genshin Impact
2022-06-09Genshin Impact 2.7 | Floor 12 FULL Stars with Mono Geo Itto and Sunfire Raiden8:37155Genshin Impact
2022-06-03Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.7 | Childe National and Hu Tao Double Hydro Floor 12 9 Stars6:18201Genshin Impact
2022-05-31Genshin Impact | C1 Hu Tao and C0 Elegy Yelan Vaporize test.4:10348Genshin Impact
2022-05-05Blue Archive Global | Extreme Mode Outdoors Kaiten 12,183,677 pts5:5792Blue Archive
2022-04-07Blue Archive Global | ShiroKuro Extreme with Shiroko Cycling - 12,677,3315:55213Blue Archive
2022-04-06Genshin Impact | 2.6 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Fireworks Childe and Vaporize HuTao 9 Stars9:38107Genshin Impact
2022-03-27Blue Archive Global | Kaiten Outdoors Extreme 3 Teams 11,557,545 Pts6:4641Blue Archive
2022-03-09Genshin Impact | 2.5 Spiral Abyss with HuTao & Xingqiu duo10:3654Genshin Impact
2022-02-24Blue Archive Global | Summer Azusa in Hardcore ShiroKuro raid2:2456Blue Archive
2022-02-24Blue Archive Global | Pulling for Summer Azusa and Summer Mashiro2:0846Blue Archive
2022-02-23I noticed something different between two Tsurugi in Blue Archive1:2139,309Blue Archive
2022-02-21Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss 2.4 | Floor 12 with Overload team Yae Miko and Beidou supports9:5164Genshin Impact
2022-02-12Genshin Impact | 2.4 Spiral Abyss International Childe and Vape HuTao7:3849Genshin Impact
2022-02-12Blue Archive Global - Binah Hardcore 6,954,666 pts2:0123Blue Archive
2022-01-30Blue Archive Global | Hieronymus Indoors Hardcore raid2:5024Blue Archive
2022-01-26Blue Archive Global | Hieronymus Indoors Hardcore with 1 Team Clear3:4333Blue Archive
2022-01-13Blue Archive - Chesed Hardcore Raid With Cherino3:4884Blue Archive
2021-12-24C0 ARATAKI ITTO CLEARS SPIRAL ABYSS FLOOR 127:5371Genshin Impact
2021-12-19Genshin Impact | 2.3 Floor 12 with C0 Tartaglia and C0 Xiao10:3694Genshin Impact
2021-12-16Blue Archive | Chesed Very Hard Mode with Midori and Momoi4:48826Blue Archive
2021-12-072.3 SPIRAL ABYSS WITH FOUL LEGACY TARTAGLIA ft The Raiden Shogun6:1341Genshin Impact
2021-12-02Blue Archive | ShiroKuro Very Hard mode with Izuna and Haruna3:1956Blue Archive
2021-11-22This is how I use my C0 and C1 Childe9:19200Genshin Impact
2021-11-18Genshin Impact | Reverse Vape Comp with Rust Childe and Jade HuTao10:3172Genshin Impact
2021-11-16Genshin Impact 2.2 | C0 Kazuha and C0 Xiao Breaks Floor 12 Abyss10:49356Genshin Impact
2021-11-05Genshin Impact | C6 Kujou Sara is OP!!!7:23622Genshin Impact
2021-11-03Genshin Impact | Triple Crown C0 Hu Tao in 2.2 Spiral Abyss Floor 128:40715Genshin Impact
2021-10-232.2 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Reverse Vape Childe8:41195Genshin Impact
2021-10-16Genshin Impact NEW 2.2 Spiral Abyss with Childe and Raiden Shogun10:18694Genshin Impact
2021-10-01Raiden National Team but Xingqiu was stolen by HuTao9:56816Genshin Impact
2021-09-27Genshin Impact - 2.1 Spiral Abyss 9 Stars With Supports11:1396Genshin Impact
2021-09-26What Childe normally does. Nothing special.0:4057Genshin Impact
2021-09-17Genshin Impact - New 2.1 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Raiden Shogun and Childe 9 stars9:29134Genshin Impact
2021-09-14Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Keqing and Raiden9:0480Genshin Impact
2021-09-05Genshin Impact - C2 Raiden Shogun Slashes Floor 12 Spiral Abyss7:1468Genshin Impact
2021-09-04Genshin Impact - All Burst Finisher0:1424Genshin Impact
2021-09-03Genshin Impact - Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Raiden Shogun8:3458Genshin Impact
2021-08-26Genshin Impact - Childe Eviscerates Spiral Abyss 2.0 Floor 127:42139Genshin Impact
2021-08-24Genshin Impact - 2.0 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Noelle and Eula11:0656Genshin Impact
2021-08-19Genshin Impact - 2.0 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with C0 Eula and Xiao11:3147Genshin Impact
2021-08-10Genshin Impact - 2.0 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 9 stars with Razor and Ningguang11:09117Genshin Impact
2021-08-06Genshin Impact - NEW 2.0 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with HuTao and Childe team11:47128Genshin Impact
2021-07-11Genshin Impact - 1.6 Floor 12 Spiral Abyss with c0 Kazuha and Xiao 9 stars11:22203Genshin Impact
2021-07-09Genshin Impact - 1.6 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Electro Fischl 9 stars10:3779Genshin Impact
2021-07-07Genshin Impact - 1.6 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with Sucrose and HuTao10:55107Genshin Impact
2021-06-25Genshin Impact - Sucrose Swirls and Razor Crushes 1.6 Spiral Abyss 9/911:4062Genshin Impact
2021-06-20Genshin Impact - Sucrose and Ganyu deletes new 1.6 Floor 11 Spiral Abyss7:0640Genshin Impact
2021-06-19Genshin Impact - 1.6 Floor 12 Reverse Vaporize Childe and Melt Ganyu HuTao11:37162Genshin Impact
2021-05-31Just a random Childe burst video in floor 70:3142Genshin Impact
2021-05-24Genshin Impact - Childe and Xinyan Against 1.5 Spiral Abyss11:23157Genshin Impact
2021-05-22Genshin Impact - Beidou The Electro Pirate Queen2:1759Genshin Impact
2021-05-07Genshin Impact - 1.5 Abyss Floor 11 with Razor and Fischl8:0137Genshin Impact
2021-05-04Genshin Impact - 1.5 Floor 12 Spiral Abyss with Hu Tao and Xinyan 9 stars14:07676Genshin Impact
2021-04-30Genshin Impact - Physical Fischl + Reverse Vaporize team (Tartaglia+Xiangling)10:3082Genshin Impact
2021-04-25Genshin Impact - Wangsheng Funeral Parlour vs Abyss (ft frozen comp with Childe)10:3750Genshin Impact
2021-04-16Genshin Impact - Razor, Childe and Hu Tao carry abyss floor 12 + Wep Banner wish13:0988Genshin Impact