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Dave Does

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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About Dave Does

Following on from the original Musician Reacts Channel and the success on the Dave Does Channel we Launch the Musician Reacts Channel once more.

This Channel is about Honest Reactions to a wide variety of music from the view point of a musician.

My background in music is simple. Ive played instruments for 25 years ranging from Drums, guitar, bass, vocals, piano and a few assorted others, ive recorded and released two albums and have completed tours in the UK and USA.

My goal is to give honest non sensationalized feedback on tracks and look at some complexities or structuring of the songs etc.

Their is no pausing or talking over the tracks to allow you to enjoy the music and me the time to listen an make notes. Summary of the trackis at the end and it will be my honest opinion, so if i don't like your song choice you have been warned........

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