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1.Canada AzzyLand401,895,901
2.India NMS Piyas76,927,163
3.Russian Federation Егор Крид62,961,052
4.United States IGN39,895,799
5.Romania KhrazeGaming31,135,542
6. HelloGamesTube28,373,502
7. PlayStation27,456,960
8.United States Jason Plays24,363,377
9.United States gameranx21,182,272
10.India Sadhguru18,955,722

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1.United States Mac Foraday1,419
2.United Kingdom Captain Steve1,335
3.France Ashker Nms1,218
4.Germany KenneDeinePixel1,201
5.United Kingdom Boid Gaming1,027
6. Daniel Hipley1,004
7.Denmark No Man's Sky Animal Catalog977
8.United States KJ PC Gaming927
9.United States CivilCraft Games879
10. ACE Academy Broadcasting795

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2 days agoAustralia Vangelis2019No Man's Sky | Frontiers | PS5 | Community Expeditions 3 Cartographer | Phase 431:437
2 days agoPoland matiszxcsWzory w czasie⭐ - No Man's Sky #10 (🔴LIVE)5:12:0934
2 days agoUnited States NylusionI DUG A 1000u TUNNEL FOR A MILESTONE! - No Man's Sky Frontiers - Cartographers Expedition E0250:3611
3 days agoUnited States Laguna FoxNo Mans Sky Frontiers 003 - First Playthrough - Exploring Around, Unlocking Stuff And Building3:31:2511
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3 days agoFrance SirMadness TV[FR] - NO MAN'S SKY vs SirMadness - Ep 32 - Frontiers : Une vie de Superviseur !! 🌌34:3227
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3 days agoUnited Kingdom Scottish RodBuilding in No Man's Sky Frontiers - Messing around in my Play Room - Lets Play - NMS Scottish Rod2:01:24171
3 days agoSpain video_gamehdNo Man's Sky Prisms Update Trailer I PS5, PS4, PS VR 720p playstation1:495
5 days agoUnited States Tss958 GamingNo Man's Sky A Forntiers Foundation | PlayStation 42:33:3012
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6 days agoUnited States Night Flyer GamingNo mans sky lets play48:5134
6 days agoUnited Kingdom Drew WagarNo Man's Sky Playthrough - Episode 10 - Expedition 3, Part 12:15:431,222
6 days agoFrance Mr YotsuyaNO MAN'S SKY FRONTIERS | Trailer du Let's Play de Mr Yotsuya en Mort Définitive !0:5328
6 days agoFrance KamouilleFondation d'une colonie - Let's Play No Man's Sky - FR - EP 2730:4960

Latest Reviews For No Man's Sky

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2021-09-12United Kingdom Scottish RodBubble Vat Is Available & Review Something Is Wrong - No Man Sky Frontiers Update - NMS Scottish Rod1:14760
2021-09-09United Kingdom Jim Games(HONEST) REVIEW of EXPEDITION 3!! 🚀 (No Man’s Sky)3:55489
2021-09-09Germany Dr. BadBeardNo Man's Sky Frontiers Update REVIEW + Expedition 3 Rewards und Secrets | Gameplay Deutsch23:245,730
2021-09-09 KanajuStudiosNo Man's Sky FRONTIERS Mega Review Podcast w/ Special Guest | Deep Space Travel Break (Ep. 5)1:39:25152
2021-09-08 GT ApexBack In The Fold | Channel Update - No Man's Sky 3.64 Review and Much More | GT Apex LIVE2:59:0851
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