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1.Canada AzzyLand548,823,868
2.Canada Grimes69,959,006
3.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed57,921,264
4.United States IGN33,595,862
5.Russian Federation Егор Крид32,893,538
6. PlayStation25,781,983
7.Romania KhrazeGaming24,947,356
8. HelloGamesTube22,945,146
9.United States HYPEN - Tops & More22,743,019
10. Crowbcat22,634,271

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1.Germany KenneDeinePixel1,269
2.United States Mac Foraday1,196
3.France Ashker Nms1,068
4.United Kingdom Captain Steve844
5.United States CivilCraft Games782
6.United Kingdom Stephen Silverbeard728
7.United Kingdom Boid Gaming701
8.United Kingdom Game Mode687
9.United States KJ PC Gaming686
10.United States Cobra TV635

Latest Let's Plays For No Man's Sky

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States SKS PlaysNo Man's Sky Origins with SKS Plays | Location, Location, Location... | Episode 2024:0114
6 days agoUnited States ThranxesEpisode 417: Assessing Our Options! No Man's Sky Gameplay In 4k29:42529
2021-02-21Germany KenneDeinePixelNo Man's Sky Companions deutsch 👨‍🚀 Let's Play #1246 ■ Update 3.2 ■ Gameplay23:44604
2021-02-17Germany Nessas GamingzoneNO MAN'S SKY COMPANIONS ◊ Neues Update! [17.02.21]1:27:58668
2021-02-17France PlayStation FranceNo Man's Sky | Mise à jour gratuite "Companions" | PS5, PS4, PlayStation VR1:401,769
2021-02-14United States KismetBSE 1018 P1 | No Man's Sky | Unlimited Nanites + Later: More New World Preview playthrough3:09:165
2021-02-12United Kingdom Captain SteveNo Man's Sky Live PS5 Gameplay Captain Steve Multitool Expansion Cache Hunting NMS Playststion 553:04518
2021-02-08Germany Jace LpGegner mit AUGE | No Man's Sky | Lets Play German/Deutsch | #68 |30:2216
2021-02-08United States NylusionTRYING OUT THE LIVESTOCK UNIT! - No Man's Sky Next Generation - E9736:4968
2021-02-05United Kingdom Xaine's WorldNMSFM No Man's Sky just got a Radio Station that Plays Community made Music! NMS 2021 Xaine's World5:249,162
2021-02-01United States David CramptonSkippy plays No Man's Sky! Part 792:00:031
2021-01-27United States CivilCraft GamesNo Man's Sky | Patch Notes 3.15 |PlayStation|Xbox|PC4:44123
2021-01-27United Kingdom Scottish RodNo Man's Sky - Moon Base Alpha by SyFy Guy - Base Ideas - Base Tour - NMS 20213:58276
2021-01-18United Kingdom ChlorophilStarting a New Base in No Mans Sky - Let's Play44:551,477
2021-01-12Germany BeeDee VR GamingGewinnspiel 450 Abos / Verlosung No Mans Sky VR Steam Key / Live / Viel Glück38:4577
2021-01-09United States Jason PlaysFinding The Space Anomaly | No Man's Sky Origins 2021 Permadeath Series Part 621:463,642
2021-01-08United States Tss958 GamingNo Man's Sky PlayStation 4 | Just Messing Around, No Real Plan2:16:1840
2021-01-08Canada AnthnwamThe Spacestation || Ep.4 - No Man's Sky Lets Play38:0484
2021-01-04Netherlands ZWGamemasterGame#02 Permadeath, No Man's Sky, Playstation 5, gameplay, playthrough1:01:1923
2020-12-30France KamouilleNouvelle Base et Giveaway - Let's Play No Man's Sky - FR - EP 2031:10193
2020-12-30Germany InCaGamingTV🛸 LP - NO MAN´S SKY - Ein kurzer Blick in die PlayStation 5 Version 🎬001 PS5 🇩🇪2:21:1427
2020-12-28United States Bilbo BagginhoesLet's Play - No Man's Sky - Planet Hoppin'2:59:328
2020-12-23Canada Medic GamesNo Man's Sky Gameplay No Commentary10:1420
2020-12-21United Kingdom Game ModeNo Man's Sky | Chill Let's Play29:27170
2020-12-20United States PSVR Without ParoleThe 2020 PlayStation VR Award Show Wrap-Up | PSVR GAMESCAST LIVE2:05:304,092

Latest Reviews For No Man's Sky

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Captain SteveNo Man's Sky Companions Review Captain Steve NMS 3.21 PS5 Gameplay Bugs Crashes Score Hello Games8:351,253
2021-01-28United States PSVR Without ParolePSVR GAMESCAST LIVE | No Man's Sky Gets a Second Chance on PSVR | Pistol Whip 2089 is Awesome!2:26:146,208
2021-01-25United States SubpixelWe Finally Reached The Center | No Man's Sky: Origins (Review)46:11197
2021-01-19United Kingdom Polish Paul VRPSVR NEWS | No Man's Sky VR - New Patch Will Improve Resolution on PS5 | Hitman 3 - Review Round-Up5:032,652
2020-12-24Australia CellDealerAll Ships Pros & Cons An Stats Review | No Man's Sky10:083,566
2020-12-08United States BaronJ67Black Owned Anime Bonnet Brand | The Bonnet Box | Akatsuki Unboxing and Review #YouTubeBlack7:22301
2020-12-01Pakistan Pakistan Daily VlogsExercise Smart Belt | USB Juicer Genuine Review | Slimming Belt | USB Portable Mini Juicer9:00278
2020-12-01United States Lore ReloadedLower Decks Review: Veritas5:254,916
2020-11-30 Best Buy Canada Product VideosXbox Series S Review5:111,918
2020-11-30United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight | Röki7:1548
2020-11-30United Kingdom Martin's GamesRick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Review - Game 4 of my 52 Game Challenge.3:1827
2020-11-29Canada THE VR GRIDBlood and Truth | PS5/PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison19:19835
2020-11-26United Kingdom Hex DSLDo not do this. Idiots. Because if you DO do this, you are an idiot. (A Steam Review Rant)5:33924
2020-11-24India Technical SahajWarzone [8+8 Dual Channel Ram] Gaming Review on Asus Tuf A15 [Ryzen 5 4600H] [Nvidia GTX 1650] 🔥16:254,631
2020-11-24United Kingdom Roy McCoyA History of No Man's Sky [The Redemption of No Man's Sky]26:492,276
2020-11-23United States letschat6 VRQUEST 2 VINYL SKINS! | VinylBrosCreations Etsy Shop Review4:28564
2020-11-22United Kingdom The Essential Gamer UKHyperbrawl Tournament - What is it? | Hyperbrawl PS4 Gameplay | Hyperbrawl Tournement Review5:4636
2020-11-21United States Kneeckoh GamingShould you buy a Xbox Series S? | Xbox Series S Review!10:522,730
2020-11-21United States PC PerspectivePC Perspective Podcast 605 - AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT / RX 6800 Review (and more)1:34:253,497
2020-11-20United Kingdom Sofa Supastar Gamingfresh play friday - river city gameplay and review - this is madness9:3960
2020-11-20Australia VinsaneConnect Words = REAL $$$? Word Cash SCAM! - Payment Proof Earn Money Paypal Review Youtube Cash Out8:052,271
2020-11-20United States NyxsonTVNo Man's Sky - Is It Worth It in 2021?! The Funniest Boredom in Gaming7:429,694
2020-11-18United States Legion of Myth[#24-1.3] - BIG EYES SMALL MOUTH 4E - (Part 3) - with Mark MacKinnon1:23:33126
2020-11-18United States MrDeadmanExcalibur Dark Knight Cigar Review7:3414
2020-11-16United Kingdom Procedural TravellerNEXUS Lounge|Live No Man's Sky Podcast|Next-Gen Update Review + More2:05:07567