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1.Canada AzzyLand442,138,736
2.Canada Grimes69,959,006
3.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed36,731,867
4.United States IGN36,157,496
5.Russian Federation Егор Крид32,893,538
6.Romania KhrazeGaming27,119,002
7. PlayStation26,822,038
8. HelloGamesTube26,334,631
9.United States HYPEN - Tops & More22,743,019
10.United States Jason Plays21,742,662

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1.United States Mac Foraday1,317
2.Germany KenneDeinePixel1,270
3.United Kingdom Captain Steve1,118
4.France Ashker Nms1,086
5.United Kingdom Boid Gaming981
6.United Kingdom Game Mode857
7.United States KJ PC Gaming844
8.United States CivilCraft Games830
9.United Kingdom Stephen Silverbeard775
10.United Kingdom Foxglow Greenwood742

Latest Let's Plays For No Man's Sky

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
12 hours agoUnited Kingdom Scottish RodNo Man's Sky 🧭 Quicksilver Missions - NMS Exploring - Silliness - Lets Play - NMS Scottish Rod2:40:2576
4 days agoUnited States Tss958 GamingNo Man's Sky PlayStation 4 | The Permanent Run to the Center2:23:3925
4 days agoUnited States ThranxesThis Is The Most Amazing Thing I Have Ever Seen! Yeah! No Man's Sky Gameplay In 4k Episode 46436:54748
6 days agoUnited States Quid66 GamingNo Man's Sky PS5 Gameplay - It's COLD Out Here! - Blind Playthrough - Part 128:5948
2021-06-08Canada Jon Sa-HaliNo Man's Sky *LIVE* on PlayStation 5! NEW AND IMPROVED! NEW MISSIONS2:21:1128
2021-06-07Ireland PS4sos21No Man's Sky PLAYSTATION 4 Gameplay27:491
2021-06-07United States Old Man Tim GamingNo Mans Sky Prizm , new play through live- Let's find a place for a base! Day 21:34:206
2021-06-06Germany pixelconnectLives Talk :: dann No Man's Sky auf PS5 :: und: Retro-Magazin5:26:043,871
2021-06-05Germany mo fun VRNo Man´s Sky - Prisms ._. DLSS test / Noobnation+ / VR lets play / deutsch / live2:14:211,232
2021-06-05United States David CramptonSkippy plays No Man's Sky! Part 852:37:0711
2021-06-04Poland GraczWatchNo Mans Sky Prisms update ! - Analiza płynności w NMS na PlayStation 58:19451
2021-06-03United Kingdom Captain SteveNo Man's Sky Prisms NMSA 905 Hub Alpha Vector Location Captain Steve NMS 3.5 Update Fighter Ship6:342,479
2021-06-02United States Jolteon WilburnJolty Plays No Man's Sky PS5 version #12:34:053
2021-05-31United States NylusionI ACQUIRED THE SSV NORMANDY SR1 IN THE BEACHHEAD EXPEDITION! - No Man's Sky Expeditions - Phase 0536:1623
2021-05-31United States TolakramA weekend in Calypso - Extreme Permadeath - No Man's Sky Gameplay 2021 - Part 345:06523
2021-05-30Germany Boris Biba let's playLet's Play No Man's Sky S2E12 Interessante Milchkühe55:153
2021-05-30Germany Zwerg TubeNO MAN’S SKY EXPEDITIONS ⚛ [009] Let's Play deutsch gameplay50:50191
2021-05-28United States TheChanClanTheChanClan Plays: No Man's Sky - No Man's Sky Expedition 2 Beachhead, Playthrough Part 2/2 Normandy1:57:102
2021-05-21United States LawOfEvolutionZBrush to Photoshop 3D Sculpting Timelapse - Korai'b9:5661
2021-05-20United States iNSOMNISTREAMNo Mans Sky Building Sulpherine Farm With iNSOMNISTREAM1:49:369
2021-05-16Germany Jace LpDie Säuberung - Der Lange Weg | No Man's Sky | Lets Play German/Deutsch | #71 |20:5626
2021-05-16United States Double Dash GamingLet's Play No Man's Sky 2021 in Permadeath Mode - Part 07 | No Commentary5:32:0389
2021-05-15United States Sub Cola FilmsNo Mans Sky Helping my friend.2:03:5312
2021-05-14United States Jason PlaysThe One Time Survival Bob LOST!!! Survival Bob VS Jason Plays Live Stream No Man's Sky3:105,548
2021-05-14United States SurvivalBobPermadeath PVP! No Man's Sky Gameplay Jason Plays v SurvivalBob Fight to the Death!2:42:413,112

Latest Reviews For No Man's Sky

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Couch CoopNo Man's Sky PS5 Prisms Update Review15:02358
2021-06-03United Kingdom Captain SteveNo Mans Sky Prisms Everything To Know Review Captain Steve Station Override Not In Game NMS 3.5 News30:454,767
2021-06-02United States PSVR Without ParoleNo Man's Sky: Prisms Update | New Info on YUKI & Samurai Slaughter House | PSVR GAMESCAST LIVE1:13:312,858
2021-05-28Canada KilowasteNo Man's Sky Survival Part 24:58:4413
2021-05-17United States Sista CitizenNo Man's Sky | Beachhead Expedition Update 3.40 | Milestones Review and Launch26:41469
2021-04-05United States NidzationI became an astronaut in one day | No mans sky gameplay ep132:24153
2021-04-04United States DanowsawaDanow Views Toradora! Ep.15 Commentary ► Blonde Kitamura Is More Fun23:3852
2021-04-02United States Xxiou GamesNo Man's Sky 3.33 What Are Expeditions? Review and Tips5:472,730
2021-03-14 Jiseng SoGIR Review - No Man's Sky1:22131
2021-03-11 MYSTLC 17I Bought Carniball Thomas Müller!! | H2H Gameplay Review | FIFA MOBILE 2113:24165
2021-03-04 plays and reviews FIFA 21 on PC 🔥🎮42:0638
2021-02-23Australia DodderingOldManNo Man's Sky In 1 Minute1:0072
2021-02-18South Africa SassyFPSNo Man's Sky: Companions - A snap review13:1658
2021-01-25United States SubpixelWe Finally Reached The Center | No Man's Sky: Origins (Review)46:11225
2021-01-19United Kingdom Polish Paul VRPSVR NEWS | No Man's Sky VR - New Patch Will Improve Resolution on PS5 | Hitman 3 - Review Round-Up5:032,678
2021-01-13United Kingdom Professor CynicalFrontier Pilot Simulator - Review/Gameplay13:59382
2020-12-29 James K auttpMario party 10 minigames Wario Vs Toad Vs Waluigi Vs Luigi (Hard Difficultly)7:3931
2020-12-28United States Double Dash GamingThe Best looking Living and Exotic Ships - No Man's Sky BEST OF 2020 REWIND !12:222,425
2020-12-24Australia CellDealerAll Ships Pros & Cons An Stats Review | No Man's Sky10:0813,894
2020-12-08United States BaronJ67Black Owned Anime Bonnet Brand | The Bonnet Box | Akatsuki Unboxing and Review #YouTubeBlack7:22497
2020-12-01Pakistan Pakistan Daily VlogsExercise Smart Belt | USB Juicer Genuine Review | Slimming Belt | USB Portable Mini Juicer9:00315
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