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Haze Days

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Haze Days is a British YouTube content creator with at least 6.19 thousand subscribers. He published over 1.55 thousand videos which altogether total at least 955.34 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@HazeDays

All Videos by Haze Days

PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-11-09Back to Main Ting | Breath of the Wild3:14:3833
2023-11-08The X-Files S4, Ep 16-18 | Watch With Me26:277
2023-11-07The X-Files S4, Ep 16-18 | Watch With Me2:42:3925
2023-11-06Body poppin' | Breakdance3:08:1825
2023-11-04Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in London0:3658
2023-11-04First time making a Vanilla Slice18:1451
2023-11-03Urban Legend Doughnuts6:3310
2023-10-31The X-Files S4, Ep 13-15 | Watch With Me3:25:2226
2023-10-30For the Kids | Kindergarten Cop3:13:5937
2023-10-30I hate rotating menus2:435
2023-10-26Back to Main Mission | TLoZ: Breath of the Wild3:03:1022
2023-10-25Should all games have an easy mode?16:155
2023-10-24The X-Files S4, Ep 10-12 | Watch With Me3:15:1628
2023-10-24Dance, Dance | You Got Served3:30:0336
2023-10-19End of the Beginning | Breath of the Wild3:06:0635
2023-10-17The X-Files S4, Ep 7-9 | Watch With Me3:40:3536
2023-10-16I wish I had 3 hands | Total Recall2:51:0639
2023-10-12Let's try this again | TLOZ: Breath of the Wild3:24:0032
2023-10-10The X-Files, S4, Ep 4-6 | Watch With Me3:20:2228
2023-10-09Alright STOP! | Cool as Ice3:16:1330
2023-10-09First impressions8:209
2023-10-05Sephiroth | Final Fantasy VII3:32:0023
2023-10-03The X-Files S4, Ep 1-3 | Watch With Me3:03:5428
2023-10-02It takes 2 | Twins3:04:4538
2023-09-28Still Leveling | Final Fantasy VII2:54:2730
2023-09-28What your first car says about you5:4813
2023-09-26Neighbours, 2023 season Eps 1-4 | Watch With Me3:23:2436
2023-09-21Back to the grind | Final Fantasy VII3:12:3933
2023-09-19The X-File, Season 3, Ep22-24 | Watch With Me3:37:4519
2023-09-19Animals can sense bad Energy3:5116
2023-09-18Rush Her | Red Heat3:08:5226
2023-09-15Still Grinding | Final Fantasy VII3:41:3030
2023-09-12Best Place to Get an Iced Coffee7:2412
2023-09-11Back to School | Class Act3:24:4234
2023-09-10Thoughts on Father Gabriel, Carol and Tyreese from The Walking Dead Season 514:369
2023-09-07More leveling | Final Fantasy VII2:58:4325
2023-09-05The X-Files S3, Ep 19-21 | Watch With Me3:12:4935
2023-09-041st Place | The Running Man3:15:2929
2023-08-31Back to the grind | Final Fantasy VII3:24:3127
2023-08-29The X-Files, Seasons 3, Ep 16-18 | Watch With Me3:26:2836
2023-08-28Time to Head Bang | Heavy Metal2:38:3323
2023-08-28Things I learned about health recently | Serious Sunday13:4112
2023-08-25Back into the North Cave Part 3 | Final Fantasy VII1:28:3624
2023-08-25Back into the North Cave Part 2 | Final Fantasy VII1:23:4118
2023-08-25Back into the North Cave | Final Fantasy VII20:1411
2023-08-22The X-Files, Season 3, Ep 13-15 | Watch With Me3:06:1716
2023-08-21If it bleeds | Predator3:15:4032
2023-08-16Lets just chat for a bit21:5517
2023-08-15The X-Files Season 3, Ep 10-12 | Watch With Me2:25:5039
2023-08-15Shane was RIGHT in The Walking Dead17:0619
2023-08-14Back in the ring | Shootfighter 22:38:1221
2023-08-10More Leveling | Final Fantasy VII3:14:3188Final Fantasy VII
2023-08-10Why did I say that? I'm not American0:3138
2023-08-08The X-Files, Season 3 Ep 7-9 | Watch With Me3:04:4635
2023-08-07No Russian | Raw Deal3:22:2444
2023-08-03Level up | Final Fantasy VII3:22:5232Final Fantasy VII
2023-08-01The X-Files Season 3, Ep 4-6 | Watch With Me3:22:3942
2023-08-01"Spoiler Free Review"1:3520Review
2023-07-31Stop Thief! | Burglar3:21:4826
2023-07-27I might havta use cheats idc | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:21:5832Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-07-26Which movie series has gone on too long0:56192
2023-07-25The X-Files, Season 3, Ep 1-3 | Watch With Me3:22:1534
2023-07-25While Watching Commando0:111,801
2023-07-24No pants | Commando3:33:0542
2023-07-20This ends tonight... maybe | Alex Kidd in Miracle World3:20:1921Alex Kidd in Miracle World
2023-07-17Coming to get you again | Night of the Living Dead (1990)3:40:5225
2023-07-13Still playing this thing | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:24:2220Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-07-11The X-Files, Season 2, Episodes 24 & 253:19:5916Show
2023-07-10The Official, Unofficial Conan movie | Red Sonja3:28:4540
2023-07-06One Step Closer to the End | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:27:5226Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-07-04The X-Files Season 2, Ep 21-23 | Watch With Me3:22:4126
2023-07-03Whoop A$$ Goldberg | Fatal Beauty3:28:2549
2023-06-29This has gotta be the end now, right? | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:36:0639Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-06-27The X-Files, Season 2, Ep 18-203:25:5558
2023-06-26I'll be back | The Terminator3:30:2830
2023-06-22We still here though :/ | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:23:0637Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-06-20The X-Files, Season 2, Ep 15-173:30:5740
2023-06-19Wax Off | Shootfighter3:18:4429
2023-06-15Gotta be close to the end now, right? | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:11:4739Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-06-13The X-Files Season 2, Eps 12-14 | Watch With Me3:02:0432Show
2023-06-12All Grace | Conan the Destroyer3:03:0034
2023-06-11Tim Hortons Gravesend did me GOOOOOD!0:17190
2023-06-09End Level | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:22:2419Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-06-06The X-Files, Season 2, Episodes 10 & 112:02:2026Show
2023-06-012nd Credit | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:24:0232Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX
2023-05-30The X-Files Season 2, Episodes 7-9 | Watch With Me3:20:1227Show
2023-05-30The 90s Arcade Gaming Era6:4619
2023-05-29Not that Conan | Conan the Barbarian3:19:5440
2023-05-29Retro Gaming3:2911
2023-05-28For the love of money3:5314
2023-05-26Alex Kidd in Miracle World First Boss Gooseka1:5911
2023-05-25New, Old School | Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX3:34:0748
2023-05-23The X-Files S2, Ep 4-6 | Watch With Me3:30:4153Show
2023-05-22Do u know da wae? | Who Killed Captain Alex3:08:1238
2023-05-20Piccolo at Chealsons Coffee0:49247
2023-05-19My best advice0:4565
2023-05-18To the North Cave | Final Fantasy VII3:37:5324Final Fantasy VII
2023-05-16The X-Files Season 2, Ep 1-3 | Watch With Me3:41:3926Show
2023-05-16Bad, Bad, Man | The Villain1:29:3119
2023-05-15Bad, Bad, Man | The Villain1:47:4836