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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Apex Legends507,700,188
2.Australia Zylbrad487,627,061
3.Japan TIE Ru465,290,883
4.Japan あさぱん-_-420,120,991
5.United States Daily Apex Moments405,608,390
6.Japan 渋谷ハル360,070,450
7.United Kingdom The Gaming Merchant350,833,011
8.Japan NIRU329,031,110
9.United States aceu289,821,674
10.United Kingdom iTemp Plays247,592,477

Channels With The Most Videos

1. Hermes Job6,148
2.Japan 通常ワットソン2万キルChannel3,462
3.United States Daily Apex Moments2,648
4.Russian Federation Apex Russia2,419
5. Apex Time2,076
6.United States STARKNIGHT2,014
7.Japan あさぱん-_-1,915
8. ぽえ1,891
9.United Kingdom The Gaming Merchant1,834
10.Japan 渋谷ハル1,830

Latest Let's Plays For Apex Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States Cau7ioNAPEX LEGENDS TOP 10 PLAYS0:55389
4 days ago SFH WorldApex Legends: Bloodhound (feat. VRCC: Alpha Parks, ZornBeast)7:390
5 days agoUnited States Wariiraw Wariiraw17 💣😁! apex legends season 14 - apex legends best plays #apexlegends #apexlegendsclips #shorts0:42293
6 days agoUnited States Apex Legends Funny Moments - Gaming Curios*NEW* They BROKE THROWING KNIFES IN APEX LEGENDS! - Top Apex Plays, Funny & Epic Moments #106110:3725,027
6 days agoDenmark MandeWhen Mande Plays Controller In Ranked13:4123,164
6 days ago NSG_StressYTAPEX LEGENDS SEASON 14 Helping Friends Rank up Live and Direct8:1323
6 days agoIndia Sun&Son's Gamer's (SSG)Apex Live |Tamil \\BEAST OF PREY APEX LEGENDS COLLECTION EVENT// | Gun & Run LTM |#ssg #apexlegends2:32:3935
6 days ago Fawad FawadiYhtäkki suju ois clutch ollu helppo18:131
6 days agoIndia iiTzTimmy Shortshelp me plz #shorts0:30270
6 days agoUnited States Krazy KalenLoba's Heirloom Is Awesome! Lets Play Some Apex! PS4 LIVE STREAM3:09:2229
2022-09-20 炎FlameApex Legends Vantage OP solo win ( Best Gameplays )18:481
2022-09-20United States Doja Rogue WolfMore Vantage Plays in APEX LEGENDS | @Ryan Murphy | Apex Legends Gameplay Season 148:560
2022-09-20Philippines PGM DudeApex Legends Live Wallpaper "Kneeling Tiger" 4K1:0055
2022-09-19Japan Alpha Azur【CoD:MW2】出身の村に帰ります【AlphaAzur】1:45:5211,056
2022-09-19Brazil Wesley - YagamiApex Legends 4k 60FPS PlayStation 523:452
3 days agoUnited States PlayStationAPEX Legends | NA Wild Cards Master Circuit Season 2 | PlayStation Tournaments2:54:2640,004
2022-09-18United States LuxPCGamerNewsAlphacool Unveils VPP Apex Pump with Support for SATA Power1:0010
2022-09-18Canada staycationThe Skullpiercer Goes on This Gun Now!?17:5218,204
2022-09-18Japan メイカちゃんねる【APEX】19時から本番CRカップだ!念願ダァ~~!!カスタムなしの一発本番がんばるぞ!【歌衣メイカ・AlphaAzur・濃いめのあかりん】4:58:4158,236
2022-09-17 BlueSky🔴Apex Legends Live | Apex Pred Plays With SUBS | Season 14 | Ranked | Apex Coin Giveaway1:52:5290
2022-09-15India AzeyruNoob plays Apex Legends :) | Live2:10:0730
2022-09-15 DiorRayyWATTSON MAIN PLAYS RANKED|APEX🔴LIVE!!!🔴1:50:406
2022-09-14United States FROM WITHIN GAMINGThe digital threat helped me so much yes 😍♥️ #shorts #youtubeshorts #apex0:07241
2022-09-14United States Chicken9manHOT ASH PLAYS! (Apex Legends Season 14)17:483,906
2022-09-14 Ice_ytzfurZFUR plays APEX with Justkilled :› DUO WINS42:422

Latest Reviews For Apex Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoUnited States ZeoCrysisLoba's Heirloom Review (Garra De Alanza) Apex Legends4:51897
2022-09-20United States iiTzTimmyMY REVIEW OF LOBA'S HEIRLOOM (the best so far)10:11684,257
2022-09-19United States Flamezero78Reviewing Season 13 Ranked - What Missed the Mark - Apex Legends0:383
2022-09-15United States HisandHersLiveALL NEW APEX SKINS REACTION + REVIEW2:43265
2022-09-14 MTGReviews11Disguise Apex Legends Pathfinder costume review.3:512
2022-09-06United States HardReset_info TestsApex Gameplay + FPS on vivo X80 Pro - Android Game Review5:202
2022-09-02 GEEK WHAT?! Action FiguresElectronic Arts Apex Legends 6-Inch Loba Action Figure UNBOXING & REVIEW5:303
2022-08-31United States Long Island Gaming LeagueApex Legends Caustic Legendary Skin Review: Field Research1:0118
2022-08-29United States rydollazmaude review.. #shorts #apexlegends0:59410
2022-08-29 Cheekee_CNew REVENANT Skin - NECROMANCER - Skin Review and Ranked Gameplay11:39142
2022-08-27 Connor CondickApex Legends - Loba 'off the record' Legendary Skin review1:5221
2022-08-20Canada DASH GameplayAPEX LEGENDS MOBILE my FIRST GAME - Atif Naseem8:3611
2022-08-19 ESports HighlightsComplete review of Apex Legends #shorts0:590
2022-08-19Japan Bonnivier Pranaja 【NIJISANJI / にじさんじ】【TECH TALK】REVIEWING YOUR SETUP PART 2【NIJISANJI | Bonnivier Pranaja】2:26:196,162
2022-08-18United States Tech DoctorGoogle Pixel 6a Review: After One Month Later !!12:03185
2022-08-15Japan Unknown Games PodcastIs Vantage a Low-Tier Pick in Apex Legends + Stray Review1:12:3824
2022-08-15India ZODI GAMESApex Legends || Season 141:44:496
2022-08-14 Kurosaki🔴LIVE Apex PC Caustic Grinding #apex #legends #pc #arena38:3712
2022-08-14United States Ps4JohnGottieApex Legends New Season 14 Hunted | New Legend Gameplay | Vantage review4:40:4065
2022-08-11 The Master YeeterSeason 14 Battle Pass Review!!! (Apex Legends)5:2625
2022-08-11Algeria REUS FFFirst Experience Of The Game Apex Legends Mobile4:4928
2022-08-11United States Shadow HunterREACTION & REVIEW Vantage Launch bundle Apex Legends Season 14 #shorts #apexlegends #apex0:44412
2022-08-10Indonesia YAPG 27Apex Legends Mobile •Indonesia• (Gameplay & Review)49:4959
2022-08-10United States Ayy_TonyRomero🔴 LIVE - Apex Legends Season 14 Vantage Gameplay & Battle Pass Review2:35:1910,642
2022-08-10 DireMeekSeason 14 is here!! BATTLE PASS REVIEW - Apex Legends - Hunted7:58135