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Channels With The Most Views

1.Japan SeikinTV557,941,861
2.Australia Zylbrad346,914,463
3.United States Apex Legends303,811,599
4.Japan TIE Ru184,191,817
5.United Kingdom iTemp Plays163,546,497
6. MasuoGames155,688,082
7.Japan 渋谷ハル155,385,664
8.Canada Shroud155,259,887
9.United Kingdom Top Apex Plays142,951,072
10. The Gaming Merchant113,928,775

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Japan 渋谷ハル1,196
2.Japan オデビル'984
4. The Gaming Merchant916
5. Pinot r913
6.Japan Games Bicop878
7. Viss859
8.Turkey Apex Predator843
9.United States Apex The Original787
10. SinisterNinja365767

Latest Let's Plays For Apex Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited States Apex Legends Funny Moments - Gaming Curios*NEW* PREDATOR Outplays Will Blow Your Mind! - NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #61613:4742,427
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Simply AshtonThe BEST CONTROLLER SETTINGS For Apex Legends Season 8! - Console (Xbox and Playstation)11:2119,630
5 days agoAustralia Officer LegoApex Legends Champion in under a minute #Shorts0:595
2021-04-10United States KEVTHEKING99-YTMonkey plays Apex legends better than you #shorts0:4334,717
2021-04-10United Kingdom RialiaApex Bot Plays Apex Legends // Second Worst Player XD // Just Chilling8:0923
2021-04-10Japan Alpha Azur【APEX】大会練習顔合わせ w/アルスさん、乾殿【AlphaAzur】3:16:4221,811
2021-04-10United States NavelowHow Genburten Really Plays Apex Legends - The Controller Criminal4:1618,526
2021-04-08Romania Apex Arena - Daily Highlights & Funny MomentsThe Most AGGRESSIVE OCTANE Players - Apex Legends Highlights12:008,623
2021-04-07United States Super League GamingGreat Apex Legends Plays | Super League Arena Recap17:1931,376
2021-04-02United States Twitch PogChampShroud Plays In Apex Legends Tournament AT&T Annihilator Cup2:18:2311,159
2021-04-02 Icy ChuyyAPEX LEGENDS SOLO RANKED PLAYS!!(PS5 Live Gamplay)#LongStream2:34:385
2021-04-02United States RoboHoboProductions🔴Apex Legends Live: Season 8 Ranked Gameplay | PlayStation 5 Stream5:26:587,051
2021-04-01United States G-MineoIf you like good APEX plays don't watch this video...6:54868
2021-04-01Netherlands ZandOAPEX - Highlights #17:11130
2021-03-30United States PlooshyBig plays. - Apex Legends Livestream3:09:4244
2021-03-30United States DazsApex Legends Tips That Actually Help You Improve20:2181,896
2021-03-28United States Sweatband TVStuck In Platinum? This Video Will Help You Break Out! (Apex Legends Ranked)18:2924,932
2021-03-28United States KobiKobi And iTemp Plays Made This Player STOP PLAYING And Give Up MID GAME...(Apex Legends Season 8)23:2261,931
2021-03-26United States JeStoneIVSome Terrible Apex Plays (by me) [EP. 213]1:13:582
2021-03-25United States Apex Moments TVWORLD'S MOST AGGRESSIVE Apex Legends Player | BEST Of Euriece - BEST Plays & Montage14:2646,804
2021-03-22United States Daily Apex MomentsApex Legends WTF Moments #75911:2222,586
2021-03-21 Roxas GreenLet's Play Apex Legends Part 37 Triple Take Is Really Good13:006
2021-03-19 MarioWTApex Legends . MarioWT Epic Plays4:4126
2021-03-19United States Joseph SMASH!!Apex Legends on Switch is a load of Baloney... | Apex Legends Gameplay (Switch)19:285
2021-03-18United Kingdom Team EchoTurtleSquad Plays Apex Legends Ranked1:30:2172

Latest Reviews For Apex Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-06United States Sweatband TVThe Mistakes That Are Halting Your Ranked Progress! (Apex Legends Ranked Review)27:0220,994
2021-04-06United States PCS935Reaction to IGN'S Apex Legends 2021 Review18:19100
2021-04-04Canada YoipiVOD REVIEW - TSM ImperialHal/SNIP3DOWN/REPS - ESA SERIES E TOURNAMENT | Apex Legends Season 837:07126
2021-04-03United States kijannaplaysApex Legends Is SO BAD, Yet SO GOOD...9:015,664
2021-03-31United States Raynday GamingApex Legends Player REVIEWS IGN's REVIEW of Apex Legends...11:2625,251
2021-03-30United States XillixFree Apex Coaching Gameplay Reviews - Episode 1 (Octane)21:3165
2021-03-25United States Keiffy75 GamesApex Legends Gameplay with my Son2:05:0684
2021-03-18United States Nintendo ReviewerApex Legends (Switch) Review6:11280
2021-03-16 Orion Tech TipsMy thoughts on Apex legends for the Nintendo switch14:456
2021-03-15United States IGNApex Legends Review (2021)8:01189,792
2021-03-14United Kingdom TrickyAcidGamingIS APEX LEGENDS ON NINTENDO SWITCH WORTH PLAYING?4:47354
2021-03-13United Kingdom Star or ShovelwareLivestream - APEX Legends Round 2 (Nintendo Switch)3:24:49175
2021-03-12 IGN GamesApex Legends Nintendo Switch Performance Review10:2556,610
2021-03-12United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyApex Legends Nintendo Switch Review6:4020
2021-03-11United States tgtkaiApex Legends on Switch?9:33347
2021-03-10United States Pink GiratinaIs Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch Good? - Apex Legends Review10:27383
2021-03-10United States Nintendo EnthusiastAPEX LEGENDS Switch VS PlayStation 5 Comparison | How's the Performance?5:053,683
2021-03-04United States EmceemurApex Legends PowerA Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller Unboxing & Review - Emceemur8:33612
2021-02-23 DangoTVLangrisserM S7 APEX game reviews: Altem, Bern, Himiko, SP sigma and Sissi White2:56:121,056
2021-02-20 FrothyApex Legends - 3030 Repeater Review and Tips10:0414,063
2021-02-17United States SparkzUNBOXING EXCLUSIVE APEX LEGENDS “Pathfinder” Action Figure!8:10202
2021-02-05United States The Balding PlebsDINOSAUR CARD GAME! Apex Collected Edition Unboxing, Breakdown and Review! What's in The Box?!11:06218
2021-02-04United States SleepyDestroy Kings Canyon and SEASON 8! Apex Legends Season 8 Review!10:39470
2021-02-01United States Apex The OriginaliBastek (1052BM-BPLT) 2 X 10" Rechargeable PA Speaker W/ Wireless MIC - Apex Review4:0646
2021-01-29United States ZeoCrysisBloodhound's Heirloom Review (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends6:3928,559