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1.Australia Zylbrad459,129,684
2.United States FaZe Apex458,456,423
3.United States Apex Legends419,014,880
4.Japan TIE Ru338,683,205
5.Japan 渋谷ハル303,734,866
6.United States Daily Apex Moments295,973,787
7. The Gaming Merchant263,769,874
8.Japan NIRU221,759,314
9.United Kingdom iTemp Plays221,521,806
10.United States MrBeast195,881,555

Latest Let's Plays For Apex Legends

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17 hours agoUnited States MythMyth Plays in OTK's $50,000 Apex Legends Tournament9:435,090
1 day agoUnited States Apex Legends Funny Moments - Gaming Curios*NEW* TOP VIRAL APEX MOMENTS! - Top Apex Plays, Funny & Epic Moments #84513:2116,176
1 day agoBrazil FacTruTa xXApex Legends: Profundezas Sombrias: PLAYSTATION 5 (APEXPS5) #1051 !twitch !DISCORD3:14:46191
1 day agoUnited Kingdom JUST_NASHY(Solo) Ranked life help lol #Arena #UkStreamer #LiveStream #FaceCam #Live #OopsGaming7:18:43152
1 day agoUnited Kingdom InT Maverick7 Tips that help ANYONE get Diamond solo in Apex Legends11:50310
1 day agoIndia LPwarriorLive🔴Live Apex Legends | Completed God Of War 4 ⚔ | It Was Awesome | LPwarriorLive7:45:39795
1 day agoUnited States BowowzzerI chased the kill! Send help! #apex #apexlegends #revenant #revenantheirloom #shorts0:38823
1 day ago HO̸LO̸ JAYApex Legends #1 Lifeline Main Plays Duos18:370
2 days agoJapan Alpha Azur【APEX】明日本番や!!チーム練習【AlphaAzur】8:51:2941,993
2 days agoBrazil Gabriel-camaraAPEX LEGENDS jogando 2 partidas arena ranqueadas (LENDA LIFELINE) - PlayStation 425:105
2 days ago KINO TO RAWWhen A “Cod Player “ Plays Apex This What Happens!4:206
2 days agoHong Kong FPS Gaming STBest Caustic Plays #17 | Apex Legends10:191,027
2 days agoUnited States Apex Legends Global SeriesHow the Top Seeded NA ALGS team plays Apex Legends ft. Sentinels vs NRG, Complexity, Liquid7:0221,342
3 days ago Bigfsi_SmitePotato Lifeline plays - Apex Legends0:312
3 days agoNetherlands IGN BeneluxApex Legends Next Gen PlayStation 5 versie lijkt dichtbij!2:31217
3 days ago Angelicious 7Lets Play Apex Legends Live41:362
3 days agoPhilippines PGM DudeApex Legends Live Wallpaper "King Kong" 4K1:007
3 days agoUnited States ApexicApex Legends- Caustic Main with LvL 1000 IQ plays daily and nightly. Drop a sub to see for yourself?3:09:4854
3 days ago Octane la LeyendaBatalla de Reconocedores con crypto será ÉPICO? (apex leyends) #gameplays #cryptoapex #apexclips17:2227
3 days ago killer.clown. entertainmentApex Legends never shoot the ones who help u1:013
3 days agoUnited States Apex Best MomentsShivfps - Bangalore enemy thinking they are Alpha | Apex Legends1:0069
3 days ago DreadGaaud LodgeApex Legends Mirage plays Bamboozled18:114
3 days ago MrBroke BabaBaba Plays as Revenant2:350
3 days agoUnited States wexxyI might be the worst Apex Legends player ever... send help4:2332
3 days agoFrance CLIPCLAPS AFFILIATEEgoun egoun 2021 | Revenant du BENIN | clipclpas | #shorts0:3067

Latest Reviews For Apex Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States Flamezero78I had 5 minutes left to make it to DIAMOND - Apex Game Commentary15:371
1 day agoUnited States ZeoCrysisBloodhound's Heirloom Skins Apex Legends (BEST-NON LEGENDARY SKINS TO USE WITH RAVEN'S. BITE)2:24253
3 days agoAustralia Bardiotech2022 TOYOTA CORROLA APEX XSE - BARDIOTECH REVIEW4:1359
3 days agoSpain Apploide TechRazer Huntsman V2 TKL 🔥 ¿El mejor TECLADO GAMING y más RÁPIDO de 2022? VS Apex Pro TKL12:423,359
5 days agoIndonesia NoName 19Gacha 10 X Dapat Modric Pemain S+ Legend Apex - Gacha And Review - Football Master 2 Indonesia10:242,418
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5 days agoUnited States Khaleel WardApex - Hack saves us21:268
6 days agoItaly HALCOMMENTO le PARTITE dei SUB - VOD REVIEW!30:398,871
6 days agoUnited States ᵀᴴᴱ Billeh🔴(LIVE) REVIEWING G FUEL LIVE!1:53:18229
6 days ago chris smithAsh review Apex legends35:412
6 days agoHong Kong Leones MarvellousItemsOctane Heirloom V3 Octane Balisong Replica Review From Cosplayer Fuchs Wolke3:00384
2022-01-12United States MavriqGGThe BEST Gaming Keyboard you AREN'T USING 😱1:01122
2022-01-11United States TimProVisionApex Legends Review (2022)10:469,548
2022-01-10Canada vybe playsIs Stormpoint the Future of Competitive Apex?9:4112
2022-01-10United States BlackRyu GamingApex Legends: DARK DEPTHS EVENT Trailer Review1:582,250
2022-01-08United States Dank GeorgeFUNNIEST APEX REVIEWS on STEAM!8:0664
2022-01-08Sri Lanka SHAMEEMAX GAMINGHide and Seek | 捉迷藏0:59249
2022-01-08United States IPhase4DayzReviewing/Unboxing Jakks Pacific Voidwalker Wraith Action Figure - Phase Reviews8:5194
2022-01-06India NFG INDIA🎮 Apex Legends Dark Depth Event Review 😮 #ApexLegendsEscape #ApexEscape #ApexLegends6:3323
2022-01-06Canada staycationDark Depths Event Reaction & Review5:3722,238
2022-01-06 Big75Husky75Apex Legends: Dark Depths Event Trailer – HUSKY REACTS & PATCH NOTE REVIEW8:3273
2022-01-04United States ElectricShockThe Smallest GFUEL Box EVER! - FaZe Apex's Strawberry Shortercake Review10:105,777
2021-12-31United States Eagle Builder AnimationEBAnimation Year in Review - 2021 (Apex Legends, Trailer Reactions, Shorts, and more!)29:5117
2021-12-30United Kingdom TheMadRoninThe Ronin, Nizzle and Goku! Say Hey! - Apex Legends stream || TheMadRonin1:48:2225
2021-12-30Indonesia Wedos Channel[APEX LEGENDS] REVIEW LOGITECH G435 LIVE - Wedos Channel3:00:5320