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Welcome to my channel! ❤ If you've stumbled upon my little corner of the world and you're looking for a professional streamer, you will be disappointed. I stream to have fun with friends and my subs. If that's what you're wanting in a stream, you've come to the right place.❤
Some things you should know are, bullying, racial slurs, and obscene remarks are not tolerated in my stream chat. Please be kind to one another, and most of all have fun.
** You may not use my content without my permission**

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Surprise opening
PSA: NEVER leave a Chewy box unattended with your dogs. This is what happens.
2018-10-29 1:00:28 PM ● 148 views ● 0:20 100.00% liked
Say hello to Snow
After many months I have gained her trust. She has claimed me as her safe place. She is still a tad shy, but nothing like she once was. I wasn't...
2018-08-31 10:23:57 PM ● 177 views ● 0:12 100.00% liked
Belle exhausted herself, and passed out. I had to video her snoring because well, why not?! It's actually cute
2018-07-25 7:38:17 PM ● 129 views ● 0:17 89.47% liked
Chewy Delivery part 3
As I went to upload part 1 and 2, someone decided to get into the box. She's to smart for her own good sometimes
2018-07-16 3:49:33 PM ● 91 views ● 1:09 100.00% liked
Chewy Delivery part 2
They are so excited everytime they get a package
2018-07-16 3:26:50 PM ● 77 views ● 1:19 100.00% liked
Chewy Delivery Part 1
Do your dogs do this when they get a package? If you order things for your pets, please check out Chewy. They are a wonderful company, and so...
2018-07-16 3:24:14 PM ● 101 views ● 0:29 100.00% liked
Please follow me on Twitch for live streams Welcome to my channel! ❤ If you've stumbled upon my little...
2018-07-15 4:12:45 AM ● 137 views ● 1:14:26 76.92% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Mine mine mine
Who will win?!
2018-06-27 4:37:49 PM ● 95 views ● 0:26 100.00% liked
Belle taking on some watermelon
2018-06-27 4:34:28 PM ● 81 views ● 0:57 100.00% liked
How to garden 101 by Belle
While in the garden someone decided to show me how to properly dig a hole.
2018-06-22 1:10:29 PM ● 109 views ● 0:31 93.75% liked