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Welcome To My Gaming Channel! Do You Have A Mirror In Your Back Pocket? Because I Eat Booty. If you put your heart into something and stay dedicated to it, you can achieve that goal you desire. That's why I'm here. My dream is to become a big you tuber and I've given up on it so many times. Only because I was so impatient and just thought subscribers can come out of nowhere. But that's wrong. It takes hard work to get up there and I will get there

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OWARI DA!!! Jump Force: Dragon Ball Super (Jiren Mod) Gameplay {60fps}
Hey guys!! Just wanna say big shouts out to mastklo for making this amazing jiren mod!! The mod covers up toguro from yu yu hakusho!! Honestly...
2019-04-15 5:17:30 PM ● 84 views ● 6:24 100.00% liked
Watashi Ga Kita!!! Jump Force - All Might DLC Reveal Scan/Moveset
Hey guys!! Looks like we've received the scan for the almighty hero, All Might!! All might will be released sometime in may for jump force users!!...
2019-04-11 2:21:34 PM ● 562 views ● 3:46 88.24% liked
One Hundred Percent!!! Jump Force Izuku Midoriya/Deku Online Gameplay
Hey guys!! After doing deku's breakdown video awhile back I realized I never did an online video with jump force!! Crazy right!? So this was...
2019-04-09 9:24:42 PM ● 586 views ● 11:40 97.73% liked
ONLINE IS HECTIC!!! Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Online Gameplay #1
Hey guys!!! Today were going online for the first time and showing off the current team I'm using!! I will say going online is so crazy and anyone...
2019-04-08 3:46:32 PM ● 358 views ● 15:51 92.31% liked
Our Journey Begins!!! Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission - Walkthrough #1
Hey guys!!! Today's the first day dragon ball heroes was released and I decided to do a take on the game!! I can honestly say this game is extremely...
2019-04-05 3:37:34 PM ● 154 views ● 16:10 100.00% liked
Should You Buy Jump Force!? Jump Force Review
A month and some days have gone by and I decided to let you guys know how I feel about this game!! Nothing personal against it! Jump force is...
2019-04-01 12:05:25 PM ● 1,100 views ● 13:44 91.30% liked
Kabal's The Name Speeds My Game!! Mortal Kombat 11: Kabal Online Gameplay
Hey guys!! Today were playing kabal and showing off some of his moves!!! I enjoyed playing with kabal more than i expected and his combo setups...
2019-03-30 1:36:59 PM ● 122 views ● 10:31 100.00% liked
MMPR Red Ranger Moveset Breakdown And Character Mechanics - Power Rangers Battle For The Grid
BUTTON LAYOUTS IN THE DESCRIPTION!! Hey guys!! Were back with another power ranger breakdown!! Today we talk about jason lee. The original red...
2019-03-28 2:12:02 PM ● 218 views ● 7:16 100.00% liked
Out Here Pole Dancing!!!  Mortal Kombat 11: Jade Online Gameplay
Hey guys!! Back with another mortal kombat 11 video!! Today we are playing with Jade!! Jade makes a return in the new mortal kombat and she's...
2019-03-27 1:08:24 PM ● 598 views ● 9:34 86.96% liked
MMPR Green Ranger Moveset Breakdown And Character Mechanics - Power Rangers Battle For The Grid
BUTTON LAYOUTS IN THE DESCRIPTION Hey guys!! Today were playing Power Rangers: Power For The Grid!! Our first character breakdown is tommy as...
2019-03-26 2:23:19 PM ● 839 views ● 11:59 97.22% liked