MrJAG is an Australian YouTube content creator with approximately 44.4 thousand subscribers, with his content totaling around 33.07 million views views across more than 1.17 thousand videos.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2024-03-31UPK; Batman; Arkham Origins; v8.04 Batsuit16:267,316Batman: Arkham Origins
2024-03-17UPK; Batman; Arkham Knight; Gotham Knights Batman17:441,214Batman: Arkham Knight
2024-02-28UPK; Batman; Arkham Knight; Gotham Knights Batgirl26:322,968Gotham Knights
2024-02-12UPK; Batman; Arkham Knight; SS;KTJL Batsuits15:327,070The Batman
2024-01-30UPK; Batman; Arkham City; Knightfall Batsuit7:232,013Batman: Arkham City
2024-01-14UPK; Batman; Arkham Knight; Origins Worst Nightmare Batman8:495,534Batman: Arkham Origins
2023-12-302024 Channel & Modding Update1:494,047Vlog
2021-10-28SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; T.M.N.D4:4812,551Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-10-22SKIN; Batman; Arkham Asylum; Batman Begins6:3332,492Batman: Arkham City
2021-10-14SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; Future State - Dark Detective3:299,514Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-10-08SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Red Hood 8.04 V15:1015,582Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-10-01MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Playable Robin with Moves5:1621,311Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-09-24SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Asylum v8.03 Metallic Skin3:2141,778Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-09-17SKIN; Batman; Arkham Asylum; White & Jokerized 8 04 Batsuits9:0011,314Batman: Arkham City
2021-09-10SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; ZSJL Armoured Batsuit4:0713,835Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-09-02MESH; Batman; Arkham Knight; Unmasked Batman7:4628,438Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-08-27MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Unmasked Batman9:3313,718Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-08-20COM; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batman Burns Goons5:256,369Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-08-12SKIN; Batman; Arkham Asylum; Skins Pack 337:2630,137Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-08-06SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; MGS 2 Raiden7:594,267Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-07-30COM; Batman; Arkham; Pause Mode Filter37:513,927Batman: Arkham City
2021-07-23SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Justice League Dark; A.W Harley10:116,617Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-07-16SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Willy Wonka Joker3:203,312Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-07-09SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Wonder Woman Classic Harley9:278,698Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-07-01FR MOD; Batman; Arkham Origins; Joker's Meeting Room3:293,854Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-06-25SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; Arkham City Joker10:048,549Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-06-18MISC; Batman; Arkham Knight; How It Should Have Ended - Hush4:106,572Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-06-11MESH; Batman; Arkham Knight; Joker Is The Arkham Knight5:213,738Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-06-04SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Jokerized Catwoman7:425,798Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-05-28SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Damaged Nightwing9:363,357Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-05-21SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; Joaquin Phoenix Joker6:514,734Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-05-14SKIN; Batman; Arkham Origins; Joe Kerr6:369,865Batman: Arkham Origins
2021-05-06FR MOD; Batman; Arkham Knight; Exploring Outside the WayneTech Underwater Loop14:333,531Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-04-30SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Super v8 Batsuit5:343,834Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-04-23TUTORIAL; Batman; Arkham City; How To Replay Catwoman's Mission On PC3:228,268TutorialBatman: Arkham City
2021-04-16SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Prototype Batmobile Colour Pack16:532,793Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-04-09SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; New 52 Classic Harley8:3716,898Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-04-02SKIN; Batman; Arkham City; Justice League Tactical Batsuit7:358,908Batman: Arkham City
2021-03-26SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; 90s Catwoman Colour Pack7:083,048Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-03-18SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Death Star Moon1:563,585Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-03-12SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; R Mika Classic Harley8:334,846Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-03-05MATERIAL; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batmobile Dune Buggy5:004,793Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-02-26MESH; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batman's New Suit7:175,893Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-02-19SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; A.M.O.F Joker in Story16:198,076Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-02-12SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batman from the Beautiful City of the Future6:1910,326Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-02-05SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Robin with Hair9:5010,025Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-01-29SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; The Grim Knight8:1626,250Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-01-22SKIN; Arkham Knight; Alexa Bliss Harley Quinn6:206,321Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-01-15SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Jason Todd Robin Suit on Tim Drake6:195,902Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-01-08SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batman Returns Batsuit6:3316,828Batman: Arkham Knight
2021-01-01SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Batman Returns Catwoman8:1622,902Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-12-25SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Christmas Joker and Harley8:307,375Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-12-18SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Clayface/Scarecrow Damage Suit5:4712,974Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-12-11SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; BVS Suit w/Underpants3:015,793Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-12-04COM; Batman; Arkham Knight; Unlock Upgrades/Gadgets/Showcase/Concept Art3:5217,305Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-11-27COM; Batman; Arkham Knight; Spawn Runaway Thugs5:114,701Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-11-20SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Uncle Bingo Joker4:285,153Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-11-13SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Red and Black - Red Hood6:326,731Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-11-06MISC; Batman; Arkham; Debug Menu7:2911,118Batman: Arkham City
2020-10-30SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Burnt Joker4:208,077Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-10-22SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; BTAS Realistic Edition5:5013,354Batman: Arkham City
2020-10-16SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Earth 2 Dark Knight Colour Pack28:585,755Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-10-09MESH; Batman; Arkham City; Playable Hush Victim6:5311,073Batman: Arkham City
2020-10-02MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Arkham City Joker & Two-Face Thugs5:015,823Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-09-25MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Playable Case File Figure5:328,828Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-09-18MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Playable Tyger Guard13:147,013Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-09-11MESH; Batman; Arkham Origins; Playable Calender Man6:196,135Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-09-04SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Gold Nightwing6:484,911Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-08-28EGG; Batman; Arkham Origins; Isley/Woodrue/Grundy Easter Egg1:274,882Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-08-21SKIN; Arkham Knight; Punchline Harley6:118,199Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-08-14CAM; Batman; Arkham Knight; Riddler Scenes At Different Angles6:144,088Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-08-07SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; White/Gold/Black New 52 Batsuit8:2810,743Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-07-31SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Gold & Black Robin5:103,282Batman: Arkham City
2020-07-24SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; v7.43 Burton Batsuit10:256,510Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-07-17SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Hatsune Miku Harley Quinn6:387,900Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-07-10SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Gold Catwoman11:085,808Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-07-03SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Jokerized Cosplay Keaton Batsuit5:286,811Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-06-26SKIN; Arkham Asylum; City Harley Quinn9:239,929Batman: Arkham City
2020-06-19SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Black/Gold New 52 Nightwing7:203,837Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-06-12SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Origins Robin/Nightwing13:4310,332Batman: Arkham Origins
2020-06-05SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Red X Robin5:4014,854Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-05-29MESH; Batman; Arkham Knight; Unmasked Batman Pack22:0210,928Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-05-22SKIN; Batman; Arkham City; Kazuma Kiryu3:175,862Batman: Arkham City
2020-05-15SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Black Canary 60's Catwoman8:357,989Batman: Arkham City
2020-05-08SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Captain America Batman6:348,074Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-05-01SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Cheetah Skin Catwoman8:227,662Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-04-24SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Arkham Batwoman12:0013,235Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-04-17SKIN; Arkham Knight; Arkham City Poison Ivy9:408,960Batman: Arkham City
2020-04-10SKIN; Batman; Arkham City; Batman Returns Batsuit8:3911,944Batman: Arkham City
2020-04-03MESH; Batman; Arkham Knight; 2039 Batsuit with Full Cape25:3019,867Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-03-27SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Justice Lords Batman5:469,105Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-03-20SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Arkham Knightmare4:5322,872Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-03-12SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Black & Gold Batgirl7:246,468Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-03-06SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; 90's Nightwing7:294,281Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-02-28SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Renegade Nightwing6:254,175Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-02-20SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; The Golden Dark Knight8:3350,554Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-02-13SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; The Arkham Knight-Wing6:045,757Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-02-07SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; White/Gold/Black 20395:3810,023Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-01-31SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; Classic Grey Batgirl15:1113,736Batman: Arkham Knight
2020-01-23SKIN; Batman; Arkham Knight; V8 Batsuit Colour Pack14:329,205Batman: Arkham Knight