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Channels: 390401-2.74%
Views: 616,9822,650,084-76.72%
Videos: 907952-4.73%
Duration: 36:10:13:2935:02:46:393.73%

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Channels: 1,0031,021-1.76%
Views: 5,444,5923,706,75346.88%
Videos: 3,6923,961-6.79%
Duration: 136:08:56:40126:00:43:068.21%

Channels With The Most Views

1. Batman Arkham Videos155,521,988
2.United States theRadBrad104,378,531
3. Count Mute84,786,529
4.Brazil Consoles e Jogos Brasil52,943,569
5. H2ODelirious49,126,377
6. Batman Arkham48,222,046
7.United States RabidRetrospectGames44,736,146
8.United States lzuniy42,732,869
9. kNIGHTWING0135,092,290
10.United States calloftreyarch30,055,672

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States Advanced Gaming⚛️1,593
2. Agent E-NYGMA848
3. Little Kris10646
4.Spain FerEvolution624
5. Hec-x 000493
6. jb João Batista games479
7. Super Comics Nerds469
8.Spain Isaac_GG444
9.Spain otaconvic 3442
10. GamesTech Xpert433

Latest Let's Plays For Batman: Arkham Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
14 hours agoBrazil linotfzBatman: Arkham Knight - ''Dicas de como nao jogar'' Agora vai26:444
1 day ago Warded Games[2] Batman: Arkham Knight | Предотвращение | PlayStation 546:460
1 day ago Steviem0nBatman Arkham Knight! My first playthrough1:53:1295
2 days ago Lynx TV7/20/24 Lynx plays Batman: Arkham Knight (Pt 10) & More!3:11:132
3 days agoUnited States Comics LeagueThe Fall Of Batman? | Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay1:21:50105
4 days ago The Vault (imkataclysm)Batman: Arkham Knight | Part 2 | First Playthrough | Let's Play w/ imkataclysm3:17:23103
4 days agoUnited States Andy Plays GamesOut of the Shadows - Batman: Arkham Knight | Andy Plays - #1742:467
5 days ago 4k60fpsGamingArkham knight Batman Night Wing First Play-Through10:255
6 days ago stealthxknightstealthxknight presents: Arkham Batman Story Playthrough xD (Batman: Arkham Knight)3:52:28279
2024-07-15United Kingdom Action GameplayThe Dark Knight ASMR - BATMAN™ ARKHAM KNIGHT - Xbox One S32:092
2024-07-14Germany Kruemel2112Lets Play Batman: Arkham Knight | Das Ende einer Ära | #3733:3216
2024-07-14United States BlayneTheMayneStagg Airship Alpha/Beta All Riddlers Trophies, Riddles and Containers Batman: Arkham Knight How To19:470
2024-07-13United States PsychoGamerTonyBatman Arkham Knight Play Through Part 21:06:2012
2024-07-12United States Tyztir2My FIRST EVER Batman Arkham Knight Playthrough...3:44:51917
2024-07-12 ItsStelarStelar Plays Batman Arkham Knight For the 1st Time...59:2710
2024-07-12United States Santos_7318Batman Arkham Night Playthrough9:00:56150
2024-07-10Canada Cosmic ChelonianBatman: Arkham Knight - Let's Play Ep 47 - No Commentary -42:575
2024-07-10 Gamer Ace SquadTHE PLOT TWIST NOBODY EXPECTED! #batmanarkhamknight18:3413
2024-07-08United Kingdom HDRcadeCompleteRT 1.4 Off/On Comparison Batman Arkham Knight Benchmark Test 4K Max Settings. (07/2024)5:4387
2024-07-08 NoobGamingShowNIGHTWING HELPS BATMAN I PART 9 I NoobGamingShow25:391,604
2024-07-07United States The AtomsmithContinuing the Surprisingly Normal Arkham Knight Playthrough3:08:152,513
2024-07-04Germany BlackVandersBATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT #20: Final!!! Adeus Bruce Wayne | Gameplay Playthrough Português PT-BR2:10:4312
2024-07-03 Sayote HuggerBatman Arkham Knight | Playthrough0:59492
2024-07-03India BeatOGTHE NEW V8 BATSUIT Is Best In Batman Arkham Knight | Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay #37:43158
2024-06-30India TamilPCGamer Batman: I am Back to LIVE! TamilPCGamer3:02:351,164

Latest Reviews For Batman: Arkham Knight

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-06-28Pakistan K.D.A gamer pkAA Batman Arkham knight game trailer review shorts 41:00422
2024-06-20United Kingdom Vic RoseBATVIC : The Cark Knight Reburns #Arkham #VicRose53 #420 #Reaction #HipHopMundial #Review2:10:1919
2024-04-16Mexico Geroestalt Ch.Escribiendo analisis de los juegos que tengo en Steam【Reviews en corto】49:5138
2024-04-10Egypt EgyFigures Reviews Batman Arkham Knight Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review #videogame #sixthscale #shorts #reels0:34191
2024-04-08Brazil Spades GhostBatman: Arkham Knight - Review8:4019
2024-04-07United States Odd HourBatman Arkham Knight on Xbox! #gaming #review0:594,540
2024-04-04Germany Toy Studio 21HOT TOYS | Batman Arkham Knight | Harley Quinn #shorts #harleyfriday0:151,380
2024-04-02 Big Time Collector 01McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman Arkham Knight Prestige Suit Batman Action Figure Review7:19350
2024-03-30 TheOffenderBlogBatman Arkham Knight Review8:1138
2024-03-29Brazil GRALIENCIAÉ TUDO ISSO? Review da série BATMAN ARKHAM!5:5210
2024-03-26United States Arekkusu TMMy Short But Wild Experience with Rocksteady's Batman Arkham games #shorts #minireview0:55438
2024-03-23Australia Garrett LindsayBatman Arkham Knight Still Looks Incredible 9 Years Later!8:03292
2024-03-19United States FliptroniksBatman Arkham Knight Steam Deck Review - Very Impressive!11:26236
2024-03-04Canada BurrI Played the ENTIRE Batman Arkham Series | Series Review30:00654
2024-03-02India தமிழ் விளையாட்டரங்கம்Batman Arkham Knight Tamil Review - The Best Batman game? | Gaming Bharathi9:12911
2024-03-01United States Reviews 2 GoSteam Deck: Batman Arkham Knight4:21725
2024-02-27 IronZakuIronzaku Reviews/Ranked #14 Batman Arkham Games0:59486
2024-02-25United States OriszSecrets behind the Disappointing Batman Game7:0836
2024-02-18India RoaR aliveRTX 4050 + i5-13420H | Batman arkham knight | 1080p Max Setting | Gameplay Test #rtx4050 #benchmark16:12682
2024-02-15United States Mr BlueberryThis game is Awesome! #arkhamgames #batman #arkhamknight #review0:0910,524
2024-02-11United States Vexed EBatman Arkham Knight Review13:5536
2024-02-11Finland AvolaBatman: Arkham Knight in 2024...9:54129
2024-02-10United Kingdom GBMReviewsArkham Knight Quick Review3:1333
2024-02-03Morocco Makarmache✔Arkham Knight finiche...Test review1:08:555
2024-01-28 SpudikaRanking The Batman Arkham Games... #shorts #batman #arkham0:5927,989

Most Viewed Batman: Arkham Knight Video on YouTube

The most viewed Batman: Arkham Knight video on YouTube is Batman Arkham Knight - Ending, Joker's Fear, Batman Unmasked, Scarecrow Defeated with 16,687,062 views, published by United States calloftreyarch on June 27, 2015.

Most Liked Batman: Arkham Knight Video on YouTube

The most liked Batman: Arkham Knight video on YouTube is Joker Needs Batman 😔 with 706,111 likes, published by Count Mute on February 14, 2023.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Batman: Arkham Knight

On June 25, 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of Batman Arkham Knight - PC 05: Ha Ha Ha!!!! by lokisg3, which has 6 views and 0 likes.

100,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Batman: Arkham Knight

On February 19, 2018, Batman: Arkham Knight reaches 100,000 videos on YouTube with the release of Batman™ Arkham Knight Endless Combat challenge by Grumpy Alien, which has 78 views and 2 likes.